Mindful Living
The One Question You Must Answer for a Life Full of Happiness and Fulfillment
When you see very passionate people in business, education, or religious life you may wonder where that level of passion comes from. They can rant across the stage and we all, in rapt attention, follow their every movement and take notes on every word they say.
Jun 5 9:48PM addicted2success.com

7 pieces of wisdom ancient philosophies share that can help you be happier
Buddhism and Stoicism may be ancient philosophies, but many of their timeless teachings can provide us with wisdom today to help us live happier lives. Both philosophies believe the world is what it is and everything that happens is up to our interpretation we can change our feelings if we so choose.
Jun 5 9:14PM Business Insider

Expert Advice for Entrepreneurs Who Need More Happiness in Life
As an entrepreneur, you've likely had a conversation with yourself or with a partner that sounds something like this: "Why am I doing this? The ambiguity is killing me." We all wrestle with some version of these questions.
Jun 5 5:25PM Inc.com

The Bold New Face of Textiles
<< BackArash Kasebi and his classmates at NC State's College of Textiles have heard the questions. Why would anyone go to college to study textiles? Isn't that industry dead? Haven't the jobs moved overseas? Kasebi's mom wondered why he wanted to make jeans for a living.
Jun 5 5:01PM alumni.ncsu.edu