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President lauds Ayushman Bharat insurance scheme
KARIMNAGAR: President Ram Nath Kovind on Saturday lauded the NDA government's flagship health insurance programme Ayushman Bharat, saying it was aimed at ensuring none were deprived of healthcare due to lack of financial resources. Kovind stressed the need for strengthening public, municipal and charitable hospitals and primary health and wellness clinics across the country for better healthcare.
Dec 23 6:41AM The Times of India

5 Mindful Ways to Create a Healthy Workplace Culture
In the age of increasing work and life separation, how do we reconcile human needs for care and support within workplace cultures of fast-paced productivity? Vocations vary far too widely in operations to standardize mental health supports or provision of resources. Unlike schools or courts, places of work (even within the same sector) are differentiate in functioning and mission, effectively excluding the ability to legislate on such affairs.
Dec 18 9:00AM World of Psychology

6 Exciting Trends in Health and Wellness for 2019
Trends in health and wellness over the past year have brought us an increased focus on healthy fats like ghee and coconut oil and an explosion in plant-based food options. And the future looks just as bright for 2019, with trends that show an increasing focus on full-body wellness and holistic health.
Dec 17 9:45PM Organic Authority

New Trends in Health and Wellness Benefits
This past year we've reported on many aspects surrounding employee benefits, from the shifting retirement landscape to workplace stress and beyond. As we approach 2019, several employee-benefits experts shared with Workforce what trends they're expecting next year.
Dec 17 3:55PM Workforce

Top 10 Spas & Wellness Centers in Koh Samui to Relax and Enjoy
Koh Samui is a destination that has it all, and that includes several options for simply relaxing and enjoying We are talking about spas and wellness centers, and you should know that this island has some of the best in the entire country. We have included them here because: They have a wide myriad of services They have a solid and clean reputation Clients can vouch for them.
Dec 15 10:01PM Boutique Yachting Koh Samui