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17 STEM-focused gifts to inspire kids to learn coding and love robotics
View All Gallery View 0/ More Galleries Skip View All Gallery View This is the third year weve run a STEM-focused gift guide and if youre intending to buy a child something fun and quasi-educational in holiday season 2017 its fair to say there has never been so many programmable bots and kits to choose from, all pledging to spark or sustain an interest in coding and electronics. This years guide reflects this boom in educational techie toys featuring programmable and controllable robots of all stripes and shapes, as well as some fully fledged learn-to-code computers and a few lower tech alternatives for variety (and those not wanting to give yet another gadget). Gadget makers are piling into this space because of the ability to charge top dollar for toys that can claim a few STEM smarts.
Nov 19, 2017 7:01PM - TechCrunch (techcrunch.com)
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Two-thirds of school leaders believe teacher recruitment crisis will deepen over next two years
Martin George Findings come despite government plans to reimburse student loan repayments for new teachers Two-thirds of school leaders believe teacher recruitment at their schools will get worse over the next two years, a survey has found. And when asked to name the five biggest challenges facing the education sector, 70 per cent chose teacher recruitment and retention second only to funding and almost double the number that cited government policy, in third place. The findings come in a surveyconducted bythe Academies Showwith support and analysis by an independent research consultant, Mark Gill.
Nov 13, 2017 6:35AM - Tes (tes.com)
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Twitter fixes another important problem with support for 50-character usernames
Twitter has followed up its move to double the character limit of tweets to 280 by increasing the length of a username to 50 characters. This is far less impacting that the 280 character expansion, and certainly less controversial, but it may be useful for people with longer names or those who like to add emojis or change their name to witty statements regularly. The name function doesnt change a users Twitter handle, which remains the same.
Nov 10, 2017 4:52AM - TechCrunch (techcrunch.com)
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Uber adds LA to flying taxi test cities, demo flights slated for 2020
Uber has inked a partnership with Nasa over its flying taxi plans and says now its aiming to get demo flights up and running in Los Angeles by 2020. Specifically its signed an agreement to work with the federal government agency over the development of unmanned traffic management at a low altitude. Which makes a change from being investigated by federal agencies.
Nov 8, 2017 12:34PM - TechCrunch (techcrunch.com)
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What"s holding back VR?
When it comes to virtual reality, were in a classic tech-industry moment: lots of chatter but seemingly little movement. We hear future-focused cheerleading from all corners about VRs incredible potential, yet the 6.3 million headsetsshipped last yearis hardly cause for a ticker-tape parade.
Nov 5, 2017 7:01PM - TechCrunch (techcrunch.com)
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How gamification is used to motivate workers
When Gartners Brian Burke wrote a book on gamification in 2014 Gamify: how gamification motivates people to do extraordinary things the analyst firm had placed the concept on its hype cycle graph as sliding down from inflated expectations to the trough of disillusionment. It had previously been used in scattershot fashion, says Burke, and some things worked a lot didnt. By submitting your personal information, you agree that TechTarget and its partners may contact you regarding relevant content, products and special offers.
Nov 3, 2017 3:24PM - ComputerWeekly.com (computerweekly.com)
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Ofsted 'does more harm than good', warns top academic
Jonathan Owen A new approach to inspecting schools is needed, based on our knowledge of how students, teachers and inspectors best learn, says Frank Coffield A leading academic has accusedOfsted of doing "more harm than good ina blistering attack on the inspectorate. Frank Coffield, emeritus professor of education at the UCL Institute of Education, publishedhis blunt conclusion in a blog posted today, following a review of research about the impact of Ofsted. The blog, for the British Educational Research Association, says hehas carefully reviewed the evidence for the benefits of inspection as well as for any undesirable consequences.
Nov 2, 2017 6:15PM - Tes (tes.com)
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Standards For Digital Citizenship In Graphic Form
Standards For Digital Citizenship In Graphic Form by TeachThought Staff ISTE has long had available technology standards to help promote informed use of technology by students. These standards are broken down into 5 categories for students, teachers, administrators, coaches, and computer science educators. According to wikipedia (dont judge us), this process started in earnest in the late 1990s, and the result today is comprehensivewhich leads us to the above graphic from thesimplycurious wiki.
Nov 2, 2017 9:11AM - TeachThought (teachthought.com)
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Mobile phone companies appear to be providing your number and location to anyone who pays
You may remember that last year, Verizon (which owns Oath, which owns TechCrunch) was punished by the FCC for injecting information into its subscribers traffic that allowed them to be tracked without their consent. That practice appears to be alive and well despite being disallowed in a ruling last March: companies appear to be able to request your number, location, and other details from your mobile provider quite easily. The possibility was discovered by Philip Neustrom, co-founder of Shotwell Labs, who documented it in a blog post earlier this week.
Oct 15, 2017 8:04PM - TechCrunch (techcrunch.com)
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New research shows that apps can help combat screen addictions
Any human advancement has been fraught with the opportunity for misuse and abuse, and the internet, with its avenues for diversion and entertainment, is no different. In recent years, psychologists and society at large has begun wrestling with the problems of screen addiction and its corollaries in online pornography addiction, gambling addiction, and gaming addiction more broadly. And just as mobile technology and the apps that have been built for the new communication platform have created these problems with its omnipresence, a few technology companies are also looking to leverage that same omnipresence and messaging functionality to solve them.
Oct 5, 2017 8:04PM - TechCrunch (techcrunch.com)