Breakthrough Ideas
AI Makes Room for Innovation by Automating IT Tasks
While much of the interest around artificial intelligence lies in how it might change pedagogy, AI also holds promise for IT staff, who have increasing opportunities to leverage AI to revamp their workflow. Using AI to automate tedious, repetitive tasks such as facilitating a rollout of new iPads is a major time-saver, which ultimately could liberate teams to focus on big-picture projects and innovative initiatives.
Apr 17 6:30PM Technology Solutions That Drive Education

The next level of insurance fintech: gamification and design
Insurance - arguably one of the most traditional and established sectors in the finance world - is recognising the need for modernisation in its customer communications. A recent FIS survey reveals 80 per cent of insurers feel the need to incorporate digital innovation into their business to meet key challenges such as improving customer satisfaction and maintaining market position.
Apr 17 4:06PM IT Pro Portal

5 Rewards Of Investing In Custom eLearning Development
Every day brings a new learning experience, and that's probably one of the main reasons successful organizations like to promote a continuous learning culture. Investing in custom eLearning development is not only the coolest but also the most sensible strategy to include in the training strategy of your organization.
Apr 17 3:59PM eLearning Industry

ICMI's Top 50 Thought Leaders of 2017
By | Published: December 12, 2017 | It's that time again! Time to recognize the shining lights in the contact center industry. We continue to feel incredibly grateful for the thought leaders who help educate, inspire, and motivate other customer service professionals.
Apr 17 3:17PM

Apple Expands Its Machine Learning Hub in Downtown Seattle
Apple has expanded its office space at Two Union Square, a 56-story office tower in Downtown Seattle, according to GeekWire. The report claims Apple will soon occupy five floors inside the skyscraper, up from a floor-and-a-half of space it originally leased, based on permits filed with the city and the publication's own visits to the building.
Apr 17 2:11PM IT Security News

The EU Is Trying to Decide Whether to Grant Robots Personhood
In 2015, an A.I.
Apr 17 1:36PM Slate Magazine

How Retailers Are Incorporating AR Technology Into Products and Packaging
There's little doubt that augmented reality (AR) is changing the retail industry. AR technology is enhancing the in-store experience, allowing brick-and-mortars to expand their reach, and helping marketers build buzz.
Apr 17 1:15PM Retail Marketing Blog

Be Smart and Revolutionize the Future
As technology develops in leaps and bounds, so has our way of thinking. Only a few years ago most people could not imagine that they would be able to watch a film, consult the internet, control their banking and household appliances from a telephone.
Apr 17 12:52PM Medium

New research from Tile, the world's leading smart location trackers, has revealed that time-wasting is the UK's number one greatest bug bear. The top five time-wasting gripes are: Being kept on hold on the phone Being stuck in traffic or waiting for delayed public transport Queuing Waiting for friends and family who are running late Looking for lost or misplaced items The average person spends 10 minutes a day looking for their misplaced items, and Brits have admitted that they resent that wasted time.
Apr 17 11:36AM RealWire

Moneyhub integrates with Monzo and Starling; Yolt reaches customer milestone
Financial management platform Moneyhub has integrated with the APIs of UK challenger banks Monzo and Starling, providing customers of these banks with an holistic overview of all their financial assets through Moneyhub's platform. Integration enables Monzo and Starling customers using the Moneyhub app to choose to link up current and savings accounts, credit cards, pensions, loans, mortgages, SIPPs, ISAs and investments.
Apr 17 10:19AM FinTech Futures

Training With Chatbots: The Rebirth Of Performance Support
At Learning Pool, we're particularly excited about the development of chatbots, which have the power to extend the search tools and apps we use. Forbes magazine even called them our new best friend[1].
Apr 17 8:10AM eLearning Industry

Teen Keeps Playing Fortnite As Real Tornado Closes In
As a terrible tornado ripped through parts of Greensboro, North Carolina this week--bringing trees down and uprooting entire houses--a teenager just kept playing Fortnite trying to get a win. Teenager Anton Williams spoke to local news outlet WXII 12 about the scary event.
Apr 17 1:30AM GameSpot

What It Was Like to Run the Boston Marathon in a Freezing Deluge
Still, I rose at 5:54 Monday morning in my cousin's apartment in the South End to the sound of birds chirping. My hopes rose, too.
Apr 17 1:08AM

George Soros Judge Demands All Cohen Records Placed In Federal, Searchable, Database
The Federal Judge, Kimba Wood, who is making decisions in the case against President Trump's attorney Michael Cohen, is the same person who officiated George Soros wedding. Go figure.
Apr 17 12:08AM The Last Refuge

Auxiliary Force of Malaysian Police integrates facial recognition technology with body-worn cameras
Implemented since February 2018, the body-worn cameras are currently in use by auxiliary police officers of AFSB at various critical infrastructure. Going forward, there are plans to expand the roll-out to more locations across Malaysia in the near future.
Apr 16 10:48PM OpenGovAsia

In The Next Version
It's that time of year where analysts gaze into our crystal balls and make predictions about the trends we expect to see in the upcoming months. My thoughts about 2013 are based on the hundreds of conversations I've had with social business product vendors and customers over the last twelve months.
Apr 16 9:42PM Social Business 2013: Less Talking. More Doing.

Why do smart people do stupid things?
The quality of your decisions today will determine the quality of your life tomorrow. Our decisions influence how well we make use of our talents, efforts and resources.
Apr 16 8:00PM Ladders | Business News & Career Advice

Comey MAJORLY Slipped Up and Proved Mueller's 'Russia Probe' is a SCAM
There's a million dollar Russia question hanging out there, that has conservatives smirking, and liberals cringing. According to James Comey, President Trump asked him to investigate the Trump-Russia dossier.
Apr 16 6:52PM

Divided We Fail: The Irrational Insanity of Crypto Tribalism
Let's start with a simple and powerful premise: distributed computing has the potential to make the world a better and freer place. Can this fast-evolving technology actually fulfill that grand promise? While early indicators are good, we also face a mortal enemy: ourselves.
Apr 16 5:59PM Medium

At SAPPHIRE NOW, Connected Mobility Is A Snap
Connected cars and autonomous vehicles made a big splash at this year's Consumer Electronics Show and for good reason. It's a rapidly growing market with expectations to surpass $219 billion by 2025.
Apr 16 4:43PM Medium