Politics of Food
As we finally sow seeds and plant potatoes in the belated spring sunshine, it's a good moment to reflect on a not so surprising fact - that producing good food needs people, their knowledge and seeds suitable for local soils and tastes. And that's what provides most people in the world with their food.
Apr 17 10:03AM Food Ethics Council

Venezuela has started importing oil for the first time in its history. Now its industry is on the verge of collapse
Despite having the greatest oil reserves in the world, Venezuela's government is being forced to spend millions of dollars a day importing crude to prop up its ailing industry. Petrol remains the only cheap commodity left in Venezuela amid the collapse of most of its economy, but the oil industry is now also struggling to meet basic domestic demands.
Apr 17 9:31AM The Independent

Some remain skeptical the proposed Cannabis Act (Bill C-45) will achieve one of its primary objectives: protecting youth from cannabis-related harms. Some feel the minimum age should be higher than the minimum age for alcohol, worried that those under 25 seem more vulnerable to dependence and health problems linked to long-term, heavy use.
Apr 17 12:21AM thestar.com

What's Really in McDonald's Happy Meals? Here's the Awful Truth
The fast-food chain is misleading the public by claiming to care about the millions of animals killed for its menu. We have a responsibility to care for the millions of animals in our supply chain We understand and acknowledge the significant responsibility we have to help ensure these animals experience good welfare throughout their lives.
Apr 16 9:43PM Alternet

Do wage theft laws in Ohio harm or help workers?
Cleveland, Ohio -- Matthew J. Grassi got to savor victory for only a few minutes.
Apr 15 8:32PM cleveland.com

Starbucks CEO apologizes after employee calls police on black men waiting at a table
The chief executive of Starbucks apologized Saturday to two black men arrested at a Philadelphia store in an incident that has led to accusations of racial profiling by the company and police. In a statement to Starbucks customers and employees Saturday, CEO Kevin Johnson acknowledged a disheartening situation in one of our Philadelphia-area stores this past Thursday, that led to a reprehensible outcome.
Apr 15 6:22AM Washington Post

Pesticides Are Making Children Aggressive
Pesticides cause a multitude of adverse effects on humans. However, they are especially harmful to children.
Apr 14 5:39PM Common Dreams

With War Looming, the Voices of Syrians Are Being Suppressed Once Again
GHOUTA, SYRIA (War report) With the danger of a new artificial war in the Middle East looming, the whole world is talking about Syria. People in Damascus rejoice in the long-desired cessation of the heavy indiscriminate shelling of the capital, with the liberation of Douma, the last Eastern Ghouta town under control of the armed opposition, completed.
Apr 14 3:38PM MintPress News

The effects of cash transfers on adult labor market outcomes (English)
Author Baird, Sarah Jane; Mckenzie, David J.; Ozler, Berk; Document Date 2018/04/12 14:02:05 Document Type Policy Research Working Paper Report Number WPS8404 Volume No Total Volume(s) Country World; Region The World Region; Disclosure Date 2018/04/12 13:59:21 Disclosure Status Disclosed Doc Name The effects of cash transfers on adult labor market outcomes Keywords Cash Transfer; labor supply; labor market outcome; cash transfer program; Food Security and Nutrition; School of Public Health; Orphans and Vulnerable Children; participatory .
Apr 13 5:50PM The World Bank

Yemen's unseen economic war is killing children by stealth
In an overcrowded nutrition clinic at Alsalkhana hospital in Hodeidah, one of Yemen's largest cities, around 30 anxious mothers wait with resigned patience to have their children weighed and measured. The first thing you notice about Ayesha*, aged seven months, is her stick-thin legs and distended tummy.
Apr 13 12:00PM the Guardian

Republican Farm Bill Calls On Many SNAP Recipients To Work Or Go To School
If Republicans in Congress have their way, millions of people who get food aid through the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) will have to find a job or attend job training classes for about 20 hours each week, or lose their benefits. That's the biggest and most controversial part of a Republican-drafted Farm Bill unveiled this week by Michael Conaway, R-Texas, chairman of the Agriculture Committee in the House of Representatives.
Apr 12 11:38PM NPR.org

The Republican Poverty Agenda: More Job Training, More Pee
Apr 12 7:35PM HuffPost

GOP plan: To get SNAP benefits, get training or get to work
The Republican chairman of the House Agriculture Committee proposed a dramatic change in SNAP today that would tighten eligibility rules and require some 6 million work-capable adults to work at least 20 hours a week or attend job-training classes for an equal amount of time in order to receive monthly benefits that now average $123 Read More FERN's Ag Insider gives you the reporting you need every day to navigate the difficult terrain of food and agriculture policy. Editor Chuck Abbott has been covering this beat for nearly three decades few journalists have the connections in the halls of power and the understanding of the issues that Chuck does.
Apr 12 7:26PM Food and Environment Reporting Network

Spotting student hunger
Spotting student hunger Education Voice of the Educator Watershed moments usually make me feel proud, but this one was horrible. One morning last October one of my students was having a bad day.
Apr 12 2:46PM SmartBrief

Prohibition All Over Again This Time, for Cigarettes
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Apr 12 1:09PM RealClearHealth

Orthodox Rabbis Tell New York Jews To 'Stick To Budweiser'
Better put down that pint of Guinness, and don't even think about cracking a Corona. This month, some Orthodox rabbis are telling New York Jews they should stick to Budweiser or not drink beer at all.
Apr 12 10:02AM The Forward

Scott Gottlieb keeps FDA office hours while growing star power
The Wall Street Journal's May 22 Health Forum at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington D.C.
Apr 11 10:40AM Food Safety News

Marfrig buys National Beef, becoming world's No. 2 beef company
Marfrig Global Foods, a Brazilian meat processor, has acquired National Beef for $969 million, becoming the second-largest beef processor in the world, after Brazil's JBS. Marfrig says it will pay for the deal by selling off its Keystone Foods division, which it bought in 2010 for $1.
Apr 10 6:00PM Food and Environment Reporting Network

State solutions to bring down drug prices face steep resistance from drug industry
There are plenty of ways to tackle rising drug prices, experts sayif they aren't blocked by industry first. Even as states increasingly take legislative action on drug prices, they have been blocked by pharmaceutical companies in court, said Jane Horvath, senior policy fellow at the National Academy for State Health Policy, at a forum hosted in D.
Apr 9 6:15PM FierceHealthcare

Opposing 'Golden Rice' Is Anti-Human
Wouldn't it be wonderful if half a million destitute children could be saved each year from blindness and/or death from Vitamin A deficiency? Well, they can be by adding a simple GMO food to their diets known as golden rice. Golden rice is not toxic.
Apr 9 1:20PM National Review