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The Competitive Landscape of AI Startups
Big tech companies are pouring tens of billions of dollars into research on artificial intelligence (AI). Can small startups hope to enter AI markets and compete effectively? A recent survey we did of commercial AI startups provides some intriguing insights into how they work, and how and where they compete with larger and more established firms.
Dec 21 3:49PM Harvard Business Review

Help TechCrunch find the best lawyers for startups
TechCrunch is working on a new project to help you build a better company. We're looking for the great service providers in the startup world: the lawyers, accountants, recruiters, human resource managers, project managers and other experts you need to help you succeed.
Dec 19 7:08PM TechCrunch

IoT Startups to Watch in 2019
It's fair to say the world's economy is being altered as a result of startups that are discovering new and exciting ways to innovate with the IoT (Internet of Things) and digital transformation. We are seeing it every day in the form of new and exciting new products, processes, and business.
Dec 19 5:15PM Connected World

Angel tax haunts startups again despite govt pledge
BENGALURU: Angel tax is haunting startups again. Over the past few weeks, several early-stage startups have received notices from the tax department to clear taxes on the angel funding raised by them.
Dec 19 4:55AM The Times of India

20+ Fintech Startups Focused On The Elderly
From healthcare platforms to estate planning, startups are creating financial technologies designed specifically for Baby Boomers and retirees. Forget millennials.
Dec 18 9:49PM CB Insights Research