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How to get the most from YouTube Premium: Top tips and tricks
If you're a hardcore YouTube user, chances are you're thinking about or already have subscribed to YouTube Premium. YouTube Premium offers an enhanced version of the YouTube you know and love for just $11.
May 26 12:00PM Android Central

Blockchain Mainnet Madness Begins
About Ken Burridge Blockchain Tech Climate Change Research Cryptocurrency Fav Food & Recipes Fossil Fuel Facts Green Living Ideas Worth Sharing Jokes & Laughs Occupy Politics Reviews The Wine biz Uncategorized Stephen Hawking Quotes on Climate Change and Global Warming Climate Change Creates South Florida 51st State? Six Degrees Could Change the World Film Review Discovery Channel - Global Warming What You Myers-Briggs ENTJ, INFJ etc it is a Great Tool! Hungry for Hungarian Merlot? Solar Shingles Can Replace Old Roof Shingles 2011 Old Vine Zinfandel by Bota Box Taste Notes BBC Documentary: Can We Save Planet Earth? Climate Change The Facts Book Review Blockchain Mainnet Madness Begins Ken's Cryptocurrency News 1-liners 014 Ken's Cryptocurrency News 1-liners 013 Ken's Cryptocurrency News 1-liners 012 Ken's Cryptocurrency News 1-liners 011 Ken's Cryptocurrency News 1-liners 010 Big Business Jumps on the Blockchain Bandwagon Ken's Cryptocurrency News 1-liners 009 Big Japanese Cryptocurrency Company List Ken's Cryptocurrency News 1-liners 008 Several notable/important mainnet project launches will soon be taking place. These blockchain projects will be moving off their testnets to their own networks: Oyster Pearls (May 29): Is attempting to fix internet advertising and cloud storage Tron (May 31): Wants to decentralized content, entertainment and gaming EOS (June 2): With billions in funding EOS is poised to create a faster, scaleable, and more efficient versions of smart contracts and Dapps, while at the same time increasing network capacity and doing so with no fees to end users.
May 25 11:44PM

Orwell's Nightmare: Articles About Tommy Robinson's Arrest Rapidly Scrubbed From the Internet
Articles about the arrest and subsequent imprisonment of independent journalist and activist Tommy Robinson are being rapidly scrubbed from the internet after the British government put restrictions in place banning any reporting on the matter. Robinson, 35, was arrested on Friday for suspicion of 'breaching the peace' while livestreaming to report on the trial of a child grooming gang.
May 25 6:52PM The Gateway Pundit

MoviePass CEO Says Despite Money Woes, Service Still Adds 90,000 Subscribers Per Week
MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe doesn't want to talk about the tanking stock price of his parent company. He's excited about the June 1 release of American Animals, a joint venture between MoviePass Ventures and The Orchard, and how his discount ticket service is still growing fast.
May 25 5:20PM IndieWire

Growth of Volumetric Video Market Driven By VR and AR
According to a new market research report delivered by MarketsandMarkets titled 'Volumetric Video Market by Volumetric Capture & Content Creation (Hardware (Camera & Processing Unit), Software, and Services), Application (Sports & Entertainment, Medical, Signage, Education & Training), and Geography - Global Forecast to 2023', the market for volumetric video is growing considerably, driven by demand from virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and 360-degree video. Volumetric video technology allows for the capturing of images of real people using multiple cameras simultaneously to create realistic 3D models that can move in a natural way.
May 25 3:20PM VRFocus

Facebook's latest on fake news, misinformation campaigns & user privacy
Following Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's appearance before the EU Parliament on Tuesday to address the company's mishandling of user data, Facebook published three separate announcements covering its current efforts to stop the spread of fake news, fight misinformation campaigns and protect user safety. The overlap between these three issues has been a focus for Facebook since the company announced in March that it had suspended Cambridge Analytica for exploiting user data.
May 24 8:23PM Marketing Land

Gina From Siberia. Jane Bernstein; Charlotte Glynn
5 of 5 stars Due out in the Fall, Gina From Siberia is an adorable book of delightful cartoon illustrations of the tale of Gina. She is an intelligent Wire Haired Terrier and she knows how to communicate well with others.
May 24 7:01PM

Michelle Obama is teasing her new book on Instagram with never-before-seen photos
Home has always been where our family is. .
May 24 5:52PM CNBC

Kids film Show Dogs sparks outrage for including scenes featuring 'unwanted genital touching'
New family film Show Dogs is being re-edited following outrage from an advocacy group that claimed a scene suggested sexual abuse. Global Road Entertainment will remove two whole scenes from the PG-rated film that are said to have normalised unwanted genital touching to its young audience.
May 24 5:44PM The Independent

3 Types of Cinematic Movement That Will Make Your Film More Dynamic
In filmmaking, movement equals energy, giving you more opportunities to woo your audience with your visual storytelling. When you think of cinematic movement, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Camera movement maybetracking shots, panning shots, dolly moves, stuff like that? Or maybe you think of characters and objects moving within the frame.
May 24 2:17AM No Film School

Avengers: Infinity War Drops the Population Bomb
Spoiler alert: This review contains plot details for Avengers: Infinity War. Controversy has ensnared the public discussion over Avengers: Infinity War and the bickering among Marvel Comics fans seems to have overshadowed the essential plot driver: In a world of finite resources, people need to die.
May 23 11:03PM The Beacon

Netflix Secret Codes List: How to Hack the Site's Hidden Categories
If you've ever found yourself struggling to navigate Netflix's interface while browsing for something to stream, you're not alone. But the browse endlessly plan needn't be your M.
May 23 10:35PM Inverse

Idrissa Ouedraogo's Masterwork Tila (The Law), Reviewed
Streaming video has turned distribution on its head: two superhero movies may now be in more than four thousand theatres nationwide, but a movie that's screening only once at It's something of a modern, West African version of a Greek tragedy, made in villages in Burkina Faso but set in an indeterminate, mythic past that offers some of the trappings of the modern world (notably, a rifle) but not others (such as electricity and automobiles) while also hinting at a clash in mores provoked by the impingement of modernity. Saga (Rasman Oudraogo), a youngish man whose youth seems behind him, returns to his village after an unexplained two-year absence and is greeted by his brother, Kougri (Assane Ouedraogo), who informs him that, while he was away, Nogma (Ina Ciss), the woman who was going to marry Saga, has in fact married their elderly father, Nomenaba (Seydou Oudraogo).
May 23 9:00PM The New Yorker

Facing Facts: Facebook's Fight Against Misinformation
By John Hegeman, Head of News Feed Over the last couple of years, we have been working hard to reduce the spread of false news on Facebook through a combination of technology and human review. Today, we have three announcements to share related to this work.
May 23 8:42PM Facebook Newsroom

HBO's 'The Tale': Director Jennifer Fox on Why 'There is Nothing in Documentary Like Directing Fiction
Jennifer Fox reveals how her doc film career didand didn'tprepare her for her feature debut. Jennifer Fox, director of the much-buzzed about The Tale, is used to taking risks.
May 23 7:32PM No Film School

My Top 5 Photography Documentaries on YouTube
Surrounding yourself with inspiration is one of the best ways to jump-start your creativity. By viewing the works of others, we connect with our own photographic practice.
May 23 7:16PM Digital Photography School

Netflix's 'Explained' offers clear, sound information for chaotic timelines
As the value-added portion of its growing brand, Vox Entertainment's Netflix series, Explained, is a no-brainer. With documentaries thriving in the streaming age, editor-at-large and Vox co-founder Ezra Klein finds himself in an ideal positionwith a built-in, receptive audienceto present bite-sized documentaries.
May 23 3:32PM The Daily Dot

6 Filmmaking Tips From John Cameron Mitchell
I don't have to do anything I don't want to, John Cameron Mitchell told DP/30 in 2013. That's my lucky situation.
May 23 4:25AM Film School Rejects

What's Tone? It's Basically the Difference Between 1978 Superman and 2013 Superman
We know it when we see it, but what is "tone" exactly and how do we use it to tell better stories? How many times have your parents told you to watch your tone? If you were as boneheaded as I was when I was an adolescent troublemaker, 1.) it was probably a lot, and 2.
May 23 4:05AM No Film School

Michael Avenatti's law firm ordered by judge to pay $10M to ex-colleague
A law firm managed by Michael Avenatti, the attorney representing adult-film star Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against President Trump and his personal attorney, was ordered to pay $10 million Tuesday to a lawyer who claimed that the firm had misstated its profits and that he was owed millions. The Los Angeles Times reported the judgment by a U.
May 22 10:52PM Fox News