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Kenneth Nicholson Men's Spring 2019
The designer wants to expand the boundaries of men's wear.
Jul 12 6:35PM Fashion Shows

Death to Tennis Men's Spring 2019
Summertime was the prevailing theme for William Watson and Vincent Oshin, the duo behind Death to Tennis. The designers, who are both British, were feeling nostalgic and a bit homesick so they looked to old beachside photographs to inform their lineup, which they said is one of their most colorful collections to date. They leaned into []
Jul 12 3:47PM Fashion Shows

Romeo Hunte Men's Spring 2019
This was the designer's first men's runway show in New York.
Jul 12 3:46PM Fashion Shows

Borgo de Nor Resort 2019
For its latest resort offering the brand has taken a new direction, sprinkling some equally desirable separates to its offer and reworking some of its dresses for fall.
Jul 12 4:00AM Fashion Shows

Todd Snyder Men's Spring 2019
The collection had an American roadshow theme.
Jul 12 1:56AM Fashion Shows

Public School Men's Spring 2019
The brand is opening its first retail store on Howard Street this month.
Jul 12 1:03AM Fashion Shows

Reconstruct Collective Men's Spring 2019
This all-girl collective from Amsterdam imagined Planet Re-4 and designed for the fictional characters who live there.
Jul 12 12:27AM Fashion Shows

Ricardo Seco Men's Spring 2019
The Mexico City Olympics of 1968 were the inspiration for the collection.
Jul 12 12:23AM Fashion Shows

Bode Men's Spring 2019
Emily Bode referenced Aaron Aujla's Indian heritage for this collection.
Jul 11 9:39PM Fashion Shows

Head of State Men's Spring 2019
The line is part of Groupe, a collective formed by the Seize sur Vingt founders.
Jul 11 9:31PM Fashion Shows

Abasi Rosborough Men's Spring 2019
The collection was inspired by desert cultures.
Jul 11 9:28PM Fashion Shows

N. Hoolywood Men's Spring 2019
Designer Daisuke Obana was inspired by Arizona.
Jul 11 6:05PM Fashion Shows

Jahnkoy Men's Spring 2019
With more support from Puma and Swarovski, Jahnkoy's Maria Kazakova is able to expand on her goal of preserving traditional craftsmanship.
Jul 11 3:58PM Fashion Shows

Nihl Men's Spring 2019
The designer broke the rules of authority figures.
Jul 11 3:57PM Fashion Shows

Nick Graham Men's Spring 2019
The designer used a Cadillac concept car from 1959 as a centerpiece.
Jul 11 3:52PM Fashion Shows

Gustav von Aschenbach Men's Spring 2019
The collection showcased graphic design elements.
Jul 11 12:18AM Fashion Shows

Sundae School Men's Spring 2019
Dae Lim imagined a world where scholars explored the possibilities of weed.
Jul 10 11:07PM Fashion Shows

Parke & Ronen Men's Spring 2019
The brand was inspired by the California coast.
Jul 10 9:39PM Fashion Shows

Feng Chen Wang Men's Spring 2019
Feng Chen Wang was guided by the word half and what that means for human connection.
Jul 10 8:45PM Fashion Shows

Wood House Army Men's Spring 2019
The collection blended athleticism with spirituality.
Jul 10 8:43PM Fashion Shows