Journalism Profession
There are hundreds of fact-checkers around the world. Here's what some of them look like.
The International Fact-Checking Network published a report that takes a look behind the curtain of several different fact-checking projects.
Jun 20 3:00PM Poynter Institute

Globally, internet, smartphone, and social media use is ?, but there are big age, education, wealth, and gender gaps
Here are just a few of the global disparities surfaced in a new Pew Research Center report published on Tuesday and covering 39 countries around the world. In South Korea, nearly all of its population 96 percent access the internet at least occasionally, or own a smartphone. In the sub-Saharan African region, median internet use.
Jun 19 7:48PM Nieman Journalism Lab

As Greenpoint's Polish community fades, one family newspaper thrives
When Zofia Doktorowicz-Klopotowska moved from Warsaw to New York in 1987, Brooklyn's Greenpoint neighborhood was saturated with local Polish newspapers. She immediately joined the ranks of Kurier Plus, which had only begun publishing that year, and then bought the paper in 1994. Today she and her son run the weekly, which is one of just []
Jun 19 6:03PM Columbia Journalism Review

Family life is changing in different ways across urban, suburban and rural communities in the U.S.
Changes in marriage and childbearing have reshaped the American family. These shifts are playing out somewhat differently across urban, suburban and rural counties.
Jun 19 5:01PM Pew Research

Journalists' resources for reporting on immigration
Immigration has been a contentious topic for much of U.S. history, but Donald Trump's presidential policies have led to fierce debate since his inauguration.
Jun 19 4:15PM Poynter Institute

Western Europeans vary in their nationalist, anti-immigrant and anti-religious minority attitudes
Nationalist and anti-immigrant attitudes in Western Europe have been an issue in a number of recent national elections around the region. But Western Europeans vary by country when it comes to having positive or negative views about immigrants and religious minorities.
Jun 19 4:01PM Pew Research

Could Google's new podcast app change the way we understand the Average Podcast Listener?
Welcome to Hot Pod, a newsletter about podcasts. This is issue 165, published June 19, 2018. In play.
Jun 19 4:00PM Nieman Journalism Lab

The history of The New York Times stylebook
The Associated Press didn't call its advice a stylebook until 1950. As we saw in the past couple of weeks, the AP's early iterations of guidelines concentrated on the mechanics of typesetting and transmission rather than language and usage. The New York Times, though, was an early adopter.
Jun 19 3:36PM Columbia Journalism Review

Florida Times-Union is the third GateHouse paper in Florida to move toward unionization
The Sarasota Herald-Tribune and the Lakeland Ledger unionized in 2016.
Jun 19 3:15PM Poynter Institute

Explore global rates of internet use, smartphone ownership and social media use over time
This sortable table provides data for levels of internet use, smartphone ownership and social media usage from 2013 to 2017 by country.
Jun 19 2:00PM Pew Research

Social Media Use Continues to Rise in Developing Countries but Plateaus Across Developed Ones
As people in advanced economies reach the upper bounds of internet penetration, the digital divide continues to narrow between wealthy and developing countries.
Jun 19 1:59PM Pew Research

How the New York Times tried to spoil its own dramatic narrative
Dead or alive? That question serves as the engine for countless narratives in every story form we can think of, from fiction to nonfiction, from bo
Jun 19 12:28PM Poynter Institute

Breaking through the administration's lies on immigration
After weeks of slow-burning coverage, the crisis over family separations at the US border exploded over the weekend, and reporting on the issue dominated the national conversation on Monday. Network and cable news programs broadcast live from the southern border, and journalists pressed administration officials at a heated White House press briefing. .
Jun 19 11:55AM Columbia Journalism Review

EU copyright proposal has free speech advocates worried
It hasnt been that long since the European Union caused upheaval on the internet with the launch of the GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation, which brought in a host of cumbersome rules on how consumer data should be protected. Now, some internet activists and free-speech advocates are warning that the EU could take an []
Jun 19 11:00AM Columbia Journalism Review

How to end misogyny in the news industry: An open letter to the international journalism community
The World Association of News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) annual Congress in early June is one of the media world's major industry events a networking opportunity for close to a thousand attendees from international news publishing, with keynote speakers and panel discussions addressing the future of journalism and the news business in a time of convergent...
Jun 19 5:00AM Nieman Journalism Lab

A look at how foundations are helping the journalism industry stand up straight
Foundations across the U.S. are helping journalists watchdog the powerful but whos watching the foundations? The state of the journalism industry might be much more tattered right now if not for philanthropic dollars helping to sustain national and local news outlets like ProPublica, the Center for Investigative Reporting, the Voice of San Diego, Texas.
Jun 18 4:01PM Nieman Journalism Lab

Making it easier for small publishers to bolster their subscriber base
As an RJI institutional fellow, WhereBy.Us is partnering with the Institute for Non-Profit News and the Information Experience Lab at the University of Missouri to build-out an open source app that helps small publishers grow our subscriber lists.
Jun 14 2:05PM Reynolds Journalism Institute

Humera Lodhi: Creating a tool to uncover stories that aren't being discussed or reported
To me, journalism was and is about so much more than writing articles that get lost in oblivion. It's about cutting through all that noise and finding a way to elevate the stories and people that are forgotten or ignored by the rest of society.
Jun 13 2:13PM Reynolds Journalism Institute

The four P's of sponsorship sales: price, promotion, package and placement
Are you a small, independent news site or a news entrepreneur seeking to connect with your local bank or hospital for sponsorship? If so, keep the four Ps in mind when developing relationships with sponsors.
Jun 12 1:16PM Reynolds Journalism Institute

Data-driven storytelling: Bridges of Missouri
Missouri has the fourth highest number of structurally deficient bridges. Megan Smith investigates this number to learn why this week for Innovation in Focus.
Jun 12 12:17PM Reynolds Journalism Institute

Trump Uses Flags, Military Troops to Make a Political Point
President Donald Trump speaks at a "Celebration of America" event at the White House that replaced an event with the NFL Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles and returned to one of his favorite topics: the national anthem. (Sarah Silbiger/CQ Roll Call) President Donald Trump on Tuesday brought his feud with the NFL and some of its players over national anthem protests to his backdoor literally.
Jun 5 10:23PM Roll Call

Media Only Hold Bill Clinton Accountable When It No Longer Matters
If Hillary were president today, which would make Bill Clinton First Gentleman, no one in the media would be asking him about any of this. No.
Jun 5 9:14PM Breitbart

Background Checking Candidates with Social Media
June 5, 2018 - Increasing numbers of search firms and employers are using social media and Internet searches to screen candidates before hiring, according to a recent poll. While drug testing and credit checks used to be the biggest factors that could disqualify an otherwise great candidate, formal social media evaluations are now being added to the list, according to the 2018 MRINetwork 'Reputation Management Study.
Jun 5 5:35PM Hunt Scanlon Media

Kim Dotcom asks Snowden, Assange to help create secure social media platform
Get short URL Kim Dotcom has invited Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and members of Europe's largest association of hackers to create a secure social media platform to replace "deep state conspirators" Twitter and Facebook. On Monday the internet entrepreneur put the concept to the WikiLeaks founder and famous whistleblower on Twitter, writing: After years of betrayal it's time for something better.
Jun 5 4:25PM RT International