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Feb 24 9:18AM BE Letters

Letter: Pay what for what?
To the editor:The irony of the attorney general asking for authorization to spend $150,000 on experts to contest a $175,000 rate increase in Sheffield ("Proposal: Water rate would surge 58 percent,"
Feb 24 9:18AM BE Letters

Letter: Journalistic culture leads to abusive acts
To the editor:I was initially surprised to learn from recent news stories of the prevalence of sexual harassment and abuse in the U.S. movie and entertainment businesses.
Feb 24 9:15AM BE Letters

Letter: 37 Interlaken critics are inaccurate, unfair
To the editor:The following is a response to the letters to the editor on Nov. 18 and 20 speaking against the proposed development of 37 Interlaken in Stockbridge. Based on presentations I've
Feb 24 9:12AM BE Letters

Our Opinion: A timely, eloquent message of thanks
To the editor:I woke up Thanksgiving morning and got The Berkshire Eagle, which was chock full of Black Friday shopping, shopping, shopping. But something made me turn to the editorial page and Rabbi
Feb 24 9:12AM BE Letters

Our Opinion: More can be done in state to combat distracted driving
What's the difference between a distracted driver and a drunk driver? Not much, especially if you're the person they run into because their attention wasn't focused on the serious business of
Feb 24 9:12AM BE Editorial

Alan Chartock | I, Publius: There's plenty in my life that deserves thanks
Here are a few of the reasons why I give thanks.I am thankful for a warm house in the winter. I just read about the hundreds of thousands of homeless people on the streets or in the shelters of New
Feb 24 9:12AM BE Columnists

Anne Horrigan Geary: Small businesses need our support today, every day
DALTON Black Friday and Small Business Saturday are relatively new terms in the lexicon of shopping. As I understand the term, "Black Friday" refers to the fact that retailers' balance sheets
Feb 24 9:06AM BE Columnists

Letter: Won't support gun rule that is unfair, ineffective
To the editor:In a letter to the editor posted on Feb. 19, David Anderegg laments the passing of legislation that would repeal an Obama-era rule related to utilizing the Social Security
Feb 23 10:18PM BE Letters

Letter: OK, you're clear
To the editor:To the White House: I would like an interim top-secret security clearance. In support of this application, I can provide copies of my driver's license and Stewart's Milk Club
Feb 23 10:15PM BE Letters

Our Opinion: State hacker defense is a model for others
With all the talk about Russian interference in U.S. elections being tantamount to a cyber-Pearl Harbor attack and an assault on our bedrock democratic system, it's easy to imagine that the problem
Feb 23 10:03PM BE Editorial

Chan Lowe: Make America think again
PITTSFIELD Those of us old enough to remember what life was like before the internet and social media existed wonder how we ever managed to maintain friendships by exchanging newsy holiday
Feb 23 9:57PM BE Columnists

Gene H. Bell-Villada: Weaponize the teachers. And arm the students while we're at it
This satire first appeared in The North Adams Transcript in 1995. Since then, at least nine states have approved legislation allowing teachers to carry guns on school campuses. The spoof, alas, has
Feb 23 9:57PM BE Columnists

Andrew Morehouse: Gutting SNAP program will hurt many in region
HATFIELD, Ma. Shortly after giving birth to her youngest child, Shannon, a teacher in Chicopee, found herself in a harrowing situation. Her husband moved out of state after being laid off from
Feb 23 9:48PM BE Columnists

Christopher Marcisz: On President George W. Bush Street
TBILISI, GEORGIA The fastest way to drive from the airport outside Tbilisi into the capital takes you along a stretch of highway called President George W. Bush Street. Having lived through
Feb 23 9:45PM BE Columnists

Alan Chartock | I, Publius: Nostalgic visit to Copake, N.Y., yields delights new and old
GREAT BARRINGTON I have always had a very special place in my heart for nearby Copake, N.Y., where I spent a lot of important learning years as a counselor at Camp Bronx House Emanuel.
Feb 23 6:36PM BE Columnists

Our Opinion: Pittsfield gets jump on pot businesses
In a clear-eyed acknowledgement that legal recreational marijuana production and sales will be a reality for Bay State residents in a few short months, the city of Pittsfield has already made timely
Feb 22 9:48PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: A well-earned celebration of Great Barrington's Du Bois
President Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 and the Reverend Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream Speech" in 1963 were in a sense bookends to a tumultuous century for
Feb 21 10:27PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Shameful, cynical attack on poor and elderly
It is difficult to imagine human needs more basic than food, housing and heat. It is equally difficult to imagine how any developed first-world government in the 21st century, regardless of its
Feb 20 10:39PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: A baby-step down track to Boston-Berkshire link
If only the machinery of lawmaking could move as swiftly as a bullet train connecting one end of the Commonwealth to the other. After years of waiting and a torrent of talking, the idea of a
Feb 18 8:03PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: So much is at stake in BHS negotiations
The decision of Moody's Investors Services to list the outlook of Berkshire Health Systems as "negative" instead of "stable" is worrisome, even though the impact is not immediate. It makes it even
Feb 16 8:54PM BE Editorial