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Our Opinion: Trump's abhorrent policy runs counter to who we are
Ever since January of last year, the nation has endured President Donald Trump's debasement of the highest office in the land. Through it all, his base wooed by his careful nurturing of its
Jun 19 9:57PM BE Editorial

Letter: Western Mass. needs aggressive new representative
To the editor:I have to take issue with the fact that Chan Lowe has "no problem with the incumbent, Richard Neal" (Eagle oped, June 17). I have lots of problems with Congressman Neal. If Mr.
Jun 19 9:39PM BE Letters

Letter: A special place awaits Trump, policymakers
To the editor:To borrow from Peter Navarro, there will be "a special place in hell" for Trump and all those who are allowing the zero-tolerance policy to continue separating children from their
Jun 19 9:33PM BE Letters

Letter: Surprised by complex new rules at DMV
To the editor:Last year, when my driver's license was due for renewal, I simply went to the Pittsfield Registry of Motor Vehicles and there was no hassle or problem and I came away with a temporary
Jun 19 9:33PM BE Letters

Letter: Do Trump, supporters have no sense of decency?
To the editor:On more than one occasion since Donald Trump took office, various sound bites from American history have come to my mind. The most recent "recording" began its replay the other day when
Jun 19 9:30PM BE Letters

Letter: Lincoln must be weeping at his party's decline
To the editor:A new national poll shows that 55 percent of Republicans approve of the Donald Trump-Steven Miller policy of ripping children away from their asylum-seeking parents along the Mexican
Jun 19 9:00PM BE Letters

Berkshire Museum drama is a complete sell-out
STOCKBRIDGE With summer bearing down, the Berkshire theater scene is underway. But the drama that has been most closely followed is one that continues to play out at a non-theater venue; the
Jun 19 8:27PM BE Columnists

Francis Moriarty: An important vote in Malaysia
WILLIAMSTOWN Amid the blizzard of media coverage surrounding the Trump-Kim meeting, the confiscation and incarceration of immigrant children from their parents on the Mexican border, and the
Jun 19 8:24PM BE Columnists

Podcast | Don Morrison commentary: Foreign policy for dummies
Don Morrison searches for the goal of current U.S. foreign policy.
Jun 19 4:04PM BE Columnists

Letter: Sessions shamefully quotes Bible out of context
To the editor:Attorney General Sessions turned to St. Paul's letter to the church in Rome to defend the Justice Department's prosecution of immigrants and refugees. He may have U.
Jun 18 8:21PM BE Letters

Letter: Help provide legal aid to separated children
To the editor:Here's a letter I never imagined writing, in response to a crime I never imagined my own government would commit. The children who have been taken from their parents at the border since
Jun 18 8:18PM BE Letters

Our Opinion: BIC''s work is needed now more than ever
This is not a happy time to be an immigrant in the self-described "nation of immigrants." Our current administration and a significant portion of our Congress have decided that developing and
Jun 18 7:42PM BE Editorial

Robert F. Jakubowicz: No competition for world's biggest liar
PITTSFIELD The world's biggest liar competition is an annual event in Cumbria, England. Judging by the ingrained mendacity of President Donald Trump, I would rate him a clear odds-on favorite
Jun 18 7:15PM BE Columnists

Our Opinion: Confronting state- federal marijuana dispute
As a testament to legalized marijuana's newfound clout, the substance and the industry it has engendered have already inspired proposed federal legislation that would seek to correct the current
Jun 17 4:57PM BE Editorial

Clarence Fanto: Teens shouldn't be afraid to roll up sleeves for summer work
LENOX Back in the day in my case, about 21,000 days ago mid-June meant school is out and a summer job is in, along with a modest paycheck good for some evenings at the local
Jun 16 4:15PM BE Columnists

Our Opinion: A critical component of Brien Center's work
Remedies to the problem of drug addiction are as complex as its causes. They're also expensive; to be effective, they need to include counseling, prevention, education, assessment, therapy and myriad
Jun 15 9:42PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: A good compromise for BMC and nurses
The reaching of a tentative contract agreement Friday morning between Berkshire Medical Center and its nurses is great news for both parties, and for the Berkshire community they serve.The agreement,
Jun 15 9:00PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Let's help our turtles keep inching forward
The Massachusetts Audubon Society website refers to turtles as the "ultimate survivors." The photograph on A-1 of the June 14 Eagle of a snapping turtle crossing Route 183 in Stockbridge attests to
Jun 15 8:51PM BE Editorial

Letter: Thanks to community from Berkshire Baby Box
To the editor:On May 12, we held our inaugural fundraiser for Berkshire Baby Box, a nonprofit organization that provides a safe-sleeping space for newborns and many items to help ease the transition
Jun 15 8:30PM BE Editorial

Imari Paris Jeffries: A big Father's Day gift: Paid time with family
SOMERVILLE, Ma. As Father's Day approaches, it's important to reflect on the sometimes-overlooked contributions fathers and father figures make to their families - and to recognize how much
Jun 15 5:36PM BE Columnists

Bernard A. Drew | Our Berkshires: Zion's poetess was born in Becket
GREAT BARRINGTON Eliza Roxcy Snow's verses were several times set to music. "O My Father," for example, penned in 1845, still appears in the Latter Day Saints Hymnal. "How Great the Wisdom
Jun 15 5:27PM BE Columnists