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Heart Open, Wallet Shut: Avoiding Romance Scams in Online Dating
Online Romance Scams Bel, a newly divorced mother of twins in Toronto, had a close call with romance scams. Her husband had run off with a fresh-out-of-college intern. Bel felt old, dumped, unwanted and desperately lonely.
Jan 20 10:18AM Love in 90 Days

Should I Get Back With My Ex? 7 Signs to Help You Know
Many of you have written to me recently with the same question as Maryanne: I still love my ex and I think he still loves me. Should I get back with my ex or should I just try to forget him? -Maryanne, Baltimore When my expert dating coaches and relationship experts have delved into the should [] . The post Should I Get Back With My Ex? 7 Signs to Help You Know appeared first on Love in 90 Days.
Jan 19 9:26AM Love in 90 Days

I Am a Sexually Dominant Woman
. Hi Te-Erika, I know where youre coming from with your concern for men abusing women and manipulating them into being dominant. I have the same concerns and feel sad for women who do not feel that they can speak up and say No when a man is being aggressive.
Jan 19 3:56AM Loving FLR

20 Adorable Unisex Names for Baby Boys and Girls
Calling all parents who aren't finding out the gender ahead of time.
Jan 19 12:23AM WomansDay

I Love My Stupid Stuff Too Much to Ever "Tidy Up
I come from a long line of sentimental women who love their clutter.
Jan 18 10:25PM Cosmo

4 Guys Get Real About Being Uncircumcised
I always wondered why porn penises looked different.
Jan 18 9:26PM Cosmo

FYI: Tons of Sex Toys Are on Sale at Lovehoney RTFN
We've never seen a pegging kit or stainless steel toy this cheap before.
Jan 18 8:33PM Cosmo

I Lost Her Because I Wanted Her to Focus On Me
. With the right Gentleman by her side a Powerful Woman can expand her power exponentially because he will add his power to hers. A Powerful Woman is attracted to power in a man, not meekness or neediness.
Jan 18 3:37PM Loving FLR

Is Marriage The Fountain of Youth?
Does Research Show that Marriage is the Fountain of Youth? Before we launch into Part Three of this series I want to address the concern that many of my single readers have expressed. That somehow I am condemning them to Hell if they don't get married. No! No! And No! First, there has been a [] .
Jan 18 10:53AM Love in 90 Days

Readers HATE The Enlightened Submissive -Book Review
. My latest book- The Enlightened Submissive has only been out for ONE DAY and the very first feedback I received was that the reader found it to be untrue and unnecessary. She reached out to me via social media to share her opinions and I welcomed the conversation out of sincere appreciation for someone who+ Read More .
Jan 17 7:03PM Loving FLR

10 Ways Your Marriage Should Evolve With Age
Change isn't always a bad thing!
Jan 16 9:05PM WomansDay

25 Non-Lame Valentine's Day Gifts Your Boyfriend Will *Actually* Love
These gifts are even bae-er than bae.
Jan 16 7:45PM Seventeen

15 Surprising Traits That Make Couples More Likely to Divorce
It's crucial to avoid #3.
Jan 15 10:18PM WomansDay

25 Brilliant Ways to Start a Conversation with Your Crush
Killer ways to up your text game, all bae every bae.
Jan 15 5:20PM Seventeen

Being in a Relationship with an Adult Child of an Alcoholic
Amy Eden, an adult child of alcoholics and long time writer and teacher on the subject, offers insight into navigating the waters of being in love with an ACA. Have you heard the one about the confused man whose girlfriend of a year and a half suddenly got mad and left him? Just up and left. Theyd []
Jan 15 6:27AM LoveAndLifeToolbox

11 Reasons Being Single on Valentine's Day Is Actually the Best
For one, your wallet won't take a hit.
Jan 14 10:55PM Seventeen

How to Be a Better Friend
Human connection can be powerful, meaningful and is much needed. We are wired to connect with others yet there are different types of connections, some seeking closer proximity and others surface level. Consider the differences between your needs from intimate partnerships and work colleagues, for example.
Jan 12 4:54PM LoveAndLifeToolbox

80+ Pieces of Perfect Marriage advice
We are living in a materialistic age. People are busier than before and they have lesser time for their home and family. In such a situation, keeping the marriage healthy and perfect has become a difficult task for the couples.
Jan 8 9:02AM Lets Millo

Resilience and the 6 C's of Coping
People have different abilities to recover from adversity, called resilience. If you dont feel particularly resilient, the good news is you can learn to be. In the book, Bouncing Back: The Neuroscience of Resilience and Well-Being, Linda Graham, MFT explores the ways in which you can do just that.
Jan 8 5:00AM LoveAndLifeToolbox

Can a Man Like You After One or Two Dates?
Dating Can a man like you after one or two dates? This is the question that I am pondering right now. Im back in the dating world and these men either are really needy or really scary? So Im going to answer my own question, from my perspective, can a man like you after one Read More . The post Can a Man Like You After One or Two Dates? appeared first on Cracks to Carats: My Journey to Inner Radiance.
Jan 4 2:13AM Cracks to carats

Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts That Aren't Cheesy
These are bridesmaid gifts they'll actually use after your wedding
Jan 1 5:00PM Weddings