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Global Regions Report Beef-Sustainability Progress
When the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) formed in 2012, participants quickly realized sustainability goals, practices and measurements would need to reflect regional differences in beef-production environments. Practices deemed sustainable in tropical environments could differ significantly from those in colder regions, and vice-versa. Even within a country such as the United States, production environments vary widely between regions, such as the subtropical Southeast versus the arid West.
Nov 16 10:05AM

Now let's hope it doesn't HARP off....
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Nov 16 10:00AM Farming and Farm News

Frank and Alison Howey have grown their diversified operation from 19
Frank and Alison Howey have grown their diversified operation from 19 acres to 30,500.
Nov 16 9:00AM Agweb

Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Center Contents
Live Webinar November 16 . Waste to Worth Presentation Proposals Due November 15 . Previous Waste to Worth Recordings/Proceedings .
Nov 16 5:37AM Best of Extension Services

Construction of High Tunnels: Resources for Organic Farmers
eOrganic authors: Kristin Pool, Oregon State University Alex Stone, Oregon State University Introduction . High tunnels, also called high hoops or hoop houses, are temporary structures that extend the growing season. These covered structures are constructed in the field in order to protect crops from the weather (rain, wind, cool or warm temperatures) and, in some cases, pests.
Nov 16 5:37AM Best of Extension Services

Just trying to get this damn corn finished but Mother Nature had other plans
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Rebuild or Replace?
There's a lot to consider when deciding to rebuild or replace ag equipment components.
Nov 16 12:51AM Agweb

IFA Demands Strong, Immediate Beef Price Increase for Farmers
IRELAND - IFA President Joe Healy said farmers are demanding a strong and immediate increase in beef prices.
Nov 16 12:00AM The Cattle Site

Beef Prices Hold Higher than Last Year
UK - The latest market commentary from Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) released last week (9 November) shows that although cattle prices have cooled recently over the past month, they are expected to rise as demand for beef increases in the run up to Christmas.
Nov 16 12:00AM The Cattle Site

RealAg Radio, Nov 15: Food waste, dinner bells, and feeling good about food
Its been awhile since RealAg Radio host Shaun Haney had a co-host, but when in the Ottawa area, you can be sure that field editor Lyndsey Smith will don that headset and get the job done. On todays show: Dara Gurau, from, about feeling good about food Anita Stewart, the inaugural Dinner Bell award.
Nov 15 10:48PM RealAgriculture

Federal government supports two agriculture public trust initiatives
The news Parliamentary secretary Jean-Claude Poissant, on behalf of Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Lawrence MacAulay, was in Gatineau, Quebec, this week to announce funding for two projects focused on food safety and public trust in Canadas food system. Announced at the Food Safety Forum, held following the Canadian Centre for Food Integritys Public Trust Summit,..
Nov 15 8:41PM RealAgriculture

Local Food System Fellowship Opportunity
Beginning Farmers Beginning Farmers - Practical Tools for Successful Family Farming . Local Food System Fellowship - Fully Sponsored Farm and Food Education Fellowship . Applications due February 1, 2019 .
Nov 15 10:12AM Beginning Farmers

The Water Buffalo
It is in the rice fields, however, that the buffalo excels. Rice is not sown broadcast; it is first planted in nurseries, and when about 12 inches high is transplanted a spear at a time into the soft mud of the fields which has been prepared by ploughing. In preparing the ground for the rice, no animal is equal to the buffalo, for in the mud and water of the field it is in its element.
Nov 15 8:00AM Small Farmer's Journal

Arkansas Reapproves Dicamba Use Through 2020
Cornucopia's Take: Two critics of dicamba use on the Arkansas Plant Board have been replaced by appointees who favor the use of dicamba later into the growing season. Even so, agreement has been hard to reach. While the board has decided that dicamba will be allowed for use through 2020, they appear to be working toward enforcing existing regulations that prohibit dicamba application during the growing season.
Nov 14 6:33PM Cornucopia Institute

Huvepharma Announces New Moraxella bovoculi Vaccine
Huvepharma, a fast-growing global pharmaceutical company focused on developing, manufacturing, and marketing human and animal health products, announces the release of a conditional licensed vaccine for the prevention of pinkeye caused by Moraxella bovoculi in cattle. The new Moraxella bovoculi Bacterin provides superior protection with eight specific isolates and an easily syringeable adjuvant. Pairing this bacterin with AgriLabs' well-known vaccine, I-Site XP, for the prevention of pinkeye caused by M.
Nov 14 4:51PM

Barn Talk: Factors to consider for confinement facilities
Beth Doran, an Iowa State University Extension beef program specialist has worked with producers to plan and procure hoop barn and monoslope facilities. She shares that producers cite several reasons for investing in a confinement barn. These include controlling manure runoff and protecting water resources; improving animal comfort, improving animal performance, reducing animal sickness; and capturing more value from manure.
Nov 14 4:27PM Cattle Business Weekly

Saddle & Sirloin honors R.A. Brown
Brown built R. A. Brown Ranch into one of the substantial ranches in the country that encompassed a Quarter Horse band, multiple seedstockbreeds, commercial cow-calf herds, stocker operations, cattle feeding, and farming.
Nov 14 4:25PM Cattle Business Weekly

Farmland Access and Transfer Conference
Beginning Farmers Beginning Farmers - Practical Tools for Successful Family Farming . Maine Farmland Access and Transfer Conference . 4th Annual Farmland Access & Transfer Conference hosted byMaine Farmland Trust & Land For Good .
Nov 14 10:36AM Beginning Farmers

Can't You See the Ox is in the Ditch?
The long winter finally ended and our hill became green again. This time the old man had got a head start on his farming. Although he and the hands had hauled many loads of rocks and had built dams about thirty feet apart all the way up the slope, he had found time to do other things.
Nov 14 8:00AM Small Farmer's Journal

Will Wisconsin's New Governor Address the Dairy Crisis?
Cornucopias Take: As a national farm policy group, we dont universally track state and local political issues. But in the prime organic agricultural production states, like California and Wisconsin, we do pay attention. As an example, the green-light for organic factory dairies in Texas has just six operations in the Longhorn State producing 1.
Nov 12 11:15PM Cornucopia Institute

2019 Organic Agriculture Research Forum
. OFRF is pleased to announce the 2019 Organic Agriculture Research Forum, presented in partnership with Organicology on February 16, 2019 in Portland, Oregon.The day-long forum will feature innovative presentations from researchers across all disciplines related to organic farming and food systems.
Nov 9 5:35PM Organic Farming Research

Taxing red meat would save lives and slow global warming
But many people still don't like the idea of paying more for their steak.
Nov 9 11:00AM Farming from

How Can You Help Organic Farmers?
. Submitted by Lola Dannehl-Schickman, Development Associate, OFRF . It's hard to believe fall is in full swing! I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like they blinked in June and suddenly found themselves in November. That being said, it's a critically busy time here at OFRF as we continue to rollout our webinars on building soil health and prepare to go to press with several new publications we'll be sharing this winter conference season.
Nov 9 12:36AM Organic Farming Research

There's not enough fresh produce for everyone in the world to eat well
Scientists say we're growing too many bad foods and too few good ones.
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