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Farming & Ranching
Melinda Gates: How I learned to see agriculture (and everything else) as a gender issue
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Apr 25 9:06AM Farming and Farm News

California Dairy Farmers Are Switching to Almonds: Faced with declining milk sales, California dairy farmers are "diversifying" with almond groves as vegan milk sales continue to climb.
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Apr 25 9:06AM Farming and Farm News

New Modules for Teaching Undergraduate Students about Organic Agriculture
Join eOrganic for a webinar by Randa Jabbour of the University of Wyoming on new modules she developed for teaching undergraduate students about organic agriculture. The webinar is free and open to the public, and advance registration is required. .
Apr 25 9:03AM Best of Extension Services

Planning Your Organic Farm for Profit Webinar
. Planning to grow only what you plan to sell eliminates wasted time and effort, and tracking income and expenses will show you your profit centers. In this workshop, Richard Wiswall will provide a step by step guide to achieve a healthy bottom line, assessing markets and developing a production plan, a roadmap of how to grow what you plan to sell.
Apr 25 9:03AM Best of Extension Services

Weather & Trade Deal No Match to Fund Selling
Weather, Trade Deal No Match to Fund Selling
Apr 25 8:36AM Agweb

March milk production falls despite more per cow milk output, while ch
March milk production falls despite more per cow milk output, while cheese exports are on the rise.
Apr 25 3:42AM Agweb

R-CALF sues Big 4 U.S meat packers over conspiring to depress prices
Four major meat packing businesses in the Unites States are facing a lawsuit from the Ranchers Cattlemen Action Legal Fund, United Stockgrowers of America (R-CALF). The companies include Tyson Foods, Inc., JBS S.
Apr 24 11:23PM RealAgriculture

RealAg Radio, April 24: Seeding intentions, canola shipments to China, and PIC announces $40M in funding
Wednesdays RealAg Radio show with host Shaun Haney features: Jessika Guse with the top ag news stories of the day; Ward Toma, of Alberta Canola, discusses whats being done with canola shipments to China; and, Bill Greuel, CEO of Proteins Industries Canada, talks about the challenges and opportunities in expanding plant protein processing here in...
Apr 24 9:45PM RealAgriculture

U.S. gains new market access in Tunisia
And begins negotiations with Japan, wins WTO dispute with China
Apr 24 3:57PM Cattle Business Weekly

Cattle flood losses won't top 1 million
The Nebraska Department of Agriculture says cattle losses in Nebraska from devastating March floods will be much lower than previously reported.
Apr 24 3:55PM Cattle Business Weekly

Follow the National Organic Standards Board Meeting in Seattle, WA #NOSB
Join The Cornucopia Institute as we keep you informed via live tweet and web updates from the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) meeting in Seattle, WA April 24-26. We will be sharing the play by play both below and with our Twitter followers, at #NOSB or by simply following our stream. For background on issues up for discussion at the meeting, see: Cornucopias formal written comments on oversight improvements to deter fraud, Control Union Certifications, and petitioned .
Apr 24 3:40PM Cornucopia Institute

Federal Shutdown Affected Probe Into Unique Bovine Tuberculosis Case
The longest federal government shutdown in U.S. history affected an investigation into a strain of bovine tuberculosis in a North Dakota beef cattle herd, say state officials who have so far have shouldered most of the probe into the strain similar to cases in Mexican cattle and not previously seen in the U.
Apr 24 9:05AM drovers.com

CRISPR Chickens and Other Gene-Editing News
Gene editing technology offers potential for dramatically accelerating genetic improvement in livestock. While more research is needed, these technologies eventually could allow introduction of novel traits such as resistance to specific diseases in cattle. Gene editing alters an organism's genome by substituting genes from within that species, in contrast with genetic engineering, using genetic material from other species.
Apr 24 9:05AM drovers.com

McCormick-Deering Tractor Disc Harrow No. 10-A
Small to mid-sized disc-harrows are a most useful tillage implement. Some farmers consider them indispensable. Discs such as the McD 10-A may be used with either tractors or big hitches of work horses.
Apr 24 7:00AM Small Farmer's Journal

CME: Red Meat, Poultry Report Likely Construed as Bullish
US - The total inventory of beef, pork, chicken and turkey at the end of March was 2.373 billion pounds, 1.5 percent lower than a year ago but still 7.
Apr 24 12:00AM The Cattle Site

Extended performance of 200-day implant delivers opportunity for grazing cattle
Operating as an extension of their customers ranches and taking a pure investor approach to the cattle business makes the decision to implant cattle on grass a no-brainer for Maurice Janda, the feedyard manager at Graham Land & Cattle Co.
Apr 24 12:00AM The Cattle Site

University of Toronto is planning a net-zero vertical farm
Sprouting up in what used to be horizontal farmland, this is wrong on so many levels.
Apr 23 6:04PM Farming from TreeHugger.com

Small Ruminant Herd Health Class
Beginning Farmers Beginning Farmers - Practical Tools for Successful Family Farming . Small Ruminant Herd Health and Animal Husbandry Class - Saturday, May 18, 2019, 8:30 am- 4:30 pm at Shepherd's Cross in Oklahoma Hands on experience & resources provided. Shepherd's Cross is a working sheep farm, operated by Mr.
Apr 23 9:47AM Beginning Farmers

Horse Farming and Holistic Management
Holistic Management was developed by Allan Savory who was a wildlife and ranch biologist in Africa who was concerned that the advice he could give farmers didn't work in the real environment and even when the advice was good it wouldn't get implemented. He developed a program which helps farms create a clear Holistic Goal and then use the farms resources to move toward the goal while being ecologically sustainable.
Apr 23 7:00AM Small Farmer's Journal

Agriculture Research and Education Grants and More
Beginning Farmers Beginning Farmers - Practical Tools for Successful Family Farming . Here are just a few recent agriculture research and education grants that have been listed. For more information about farm financing, loans, and grants, check out our funding resources page.
Apr 22 9:12AM Beginning Farmers

Spring 2019 NOSB Meeting - Webinars: April 17 & 18
Cornucopia policy staff members attended the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) pre-meeting webinars on April 17 and 18, where the NOSB heard comments from the public. Our notes from this meeting are below. Wednesday, April 17 Fourteen NOSB members present: Source: Alan Clark, Flickr Harriet Behar (January 2016 January 2020) - NOSB Chair Steve Ela (January 2017 January 2022) - Vice Chair Scott Rice (January 2016 January 2021) Sue Baird (January 2017 January .
Apr 18 11:37PM Cornucopia Institute

Musings from the Office of Partnership Development
. By Lola Dannehl-Schickman, Development and Partnerships Manager, OFRFTwo weeks into January, while madly preparing for our 22nd annual all organic benefit luncheon at EXPO West, I heard the perky ping of my phone's text message appbreaking my concentration and pulling me out of the spreadsheet of budgets and tracking that so desperately needed my attention. I dove for my pursethe noise had to stopwhat could be this important?
Apr 17 11:19PM Organic Farming Research

OFRF Awards First Soil Health Research Grant of 2019
. April 16, 2019 - OFRF announced the first of five grants the organization will award this year focused on the most pressing challenges facing organic farmers and ranchers today. The grant is funded in part by a match from the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) aimed at funding research related to improving soil health and reducing the environmental impacts of agriculture.
Apr 16 6:59PM Organic Farming Research

Lake Erie's new Bill of Rights has angered Ohio farmers
But others consider it a good opportunity to reevaluate agricultural practices.
Apr 12 1:00PM Farming from TreeHugger.com