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At least someone is enjoying the snow
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Jan 20 9:00PM Farming and Farm News

I'm get a little tired of the fear of food that seems to be growing. I appreciate pesticide articles like this.
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Jan 20 9:00PM Farming and Farm News

Let it snow let it snow let it snow
Jan 20 6:39PM Agweb

Urban Farm Assistant Position
Beginning Farmers Beginning Farmers - Practical Tools for Successful Family Farming . Urban Farm Assistant Wanted in Troy, New York for the 2019 Growing Season . Looking for more from a seasonal farm position? Join us at the Produce Project, a two acre organically managed farm in downtown Troy, NY.
Jan 20 6:11PM Beginning Farmers

Final 199A Regulations - Good News and Bad News
The IRS issued final 199A regulations on Friday. We recap the major changes regarding farm rental income. There is both good news and bad news.
Jan 20 5:23PM Agweb

Soil Born Farms Urban Ag and Ed Project Farmer Job
Beginning Farmers Beginning Farmers - Practical Tools for Successful Family Farming . Farmer Wanted at Soil Born Farms Urban Agriculture and Education Project in Sacramento, CA - 2019 . Position: Farmer .
Jan 20 10:14AM Beginning Farmers

Global Regions Report Beef-Sustainability Progress
When the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) formed in 2012, participants quickly realized sustainability goals, practices and measurements would need to reflect regional differences in beef-production environments. Practices deemed sustainable in tropical environments could differ significantly from those in colder regions, and vice-versa. Even within a country such as the United States, production environments vary widely between regions, such as the subtropical Southeast versus the arid West.
Jan 19 4:48AM

RealAg Radio, Jan 18: An Ontario farmer panel, a beef market update, and five takeaways from this week's ag shows
To round out the week, RealAg Radio host Shaun Haney invites well-known Ontario agronomist Paul Sullivan, along with producers Bruce Hudson and Colin Kelly on the show to talk about issues that are impacting their farm or agronomy businesses, and what theyre looking forward to for the upcoming 2019 season. In this episode of RealAg..
Jan 18 10:51PM RealAgriculture

Swirling weather, trade deals, and grain prices This week in the grain markets
Grain markets performed well on Friday, January 18th, to help them recover some losses from earlier in the week. Oats, corn, soybeans, and canola all made positive gains compared to the previous Friday, while wheat prices ultimately closed 0.5% lower for the week, despite gaining a few cents this Friday.
Jan 18 10:18PM RealAgriculture

USDA Plans Wildlife Fencing in Fight Against Fever Ticks
USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is publishing a record of decision for the final environmental impact statement (EIS) on cattle fever tick fencing in South Texas.On May 31, 2018, USDA published the final environmental impact statement that discussed how to continue to protect U.S.
Jan 18 4:50PM

Research in Organic Farming Systems
Adoption Potential and Perceptions of Reduced Tillage among Organic Farmers in the Maritime Pacific Northwest Breaking Bad Habits: Integrating Crop Diversity into High Tunnel Production Systems CalCORE Research: Controlling Soilborne Diseases in California's Strawberry Industry with Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation (ASD) CalCORE Research: Improving Biological Control of Lygus Bug and Cabbage Aphid CalCORE: Connecting California Farmers and Scientists to Improve Rotational Strawberry and Vegetable Systems Comparing Tomato Varieties under Organic High Tunnel and Open Field Management in the North Central Region Current and Future Prospects For Biodegradable Plastic Mulch in Certified Organic Production Systems Effects of Climate Change on Insect Communities in Organic Farming Systems Webinar eOrganic Webinar and Broadcast Recordings by Topic Incorporating Pasture-Raised Organic Poultry and Naked Oats into an Organic Rotation Organic Agriculture Research Symposium: Selected Live Broadcasts and Recordings Organic Blueberry Production Research Project Organic Eprints: An Information Resource for Organic Agriculture Organic Fire Blight Management in the Western U.S. Organic No-Till Grain Production in the Midwest Organic Research and Outreach in the North Central Region Participatory On-Farm Research Webinar Tak
Jan 18 4:48PM Best of Extension Services

Plowing in the Rain: Too Wet to do Anything Else
They advertise "rain or shine" for the Rock Creek Plowing Exhibition and this year they were put to the test. I'm happy to tell you that the horses and teamsters and spectators passed the test with flying, if soaked, colors. But I had forgotten that folks west of the Cascade Mountain range are accustomed to this sort of weather.
Jan 18 8:00AM Small Farmer's Journal

Farmer Loans On Hold Until the Federal Government Re-Opens
Cornucopia's Take: Many farmers have lost opportunities or remain uncertain as to how they will get needed loans for the upcoming growing season with USDA FSA offices closed during the shutdown. Secretary Perdue announced that offices will be open January 17, 18, and 22 to producers with existing loans only. Farm Country Stood by Trump.
Jan 17 10:01PM Cornucopia Institute

USDA FSA Offices Open Temporarily During Shutdown on January 17, 18, and 22
Cornucopia's Take: Producers with existing farm loans who need assistance or 1099s for taxes have three days to get help during the federal government shutdown. Share this story with farmers you know! USDA FSA offices temporarily reopen during government shutdown Offices will be open Jan.
Jan 17 6:33PM Cornucopia Institute

Ag Safety and Health Upcoming Events
. Agricultural safety and health (ASH) events allow you to meet other ASH professionals, learn about current research projects, and explore ways to collaborate with others. The following is a list of upcoming national or regional ASH events: .
Jan 17 10:03AM Best of Extension Services

Potato Storage and Storage Houses
The primary object of storage is to hold a more or less perishable product in a salable and edible condition throughout as long a period as may be economically desirable. In the case of the potato, the storage of the late or main crop and of second- crop potatoes intended for winter or spring consumption or for seed purposes is of primary concern. The early or truck crop is usually sold as harvested, but there may be seasons when, owing to low prices, it might be found profitable to store the crop for a short period, or until such time as market conditions justify its disposal.
Jan 17 8:00AM Small Farmer's Journal

Beef Healthier, More Sustainable than Ever Before
US - Recent reports question beef's role in a healthy, sustainable diet. Beef is healthier and more sustainable today than at any point in time.
Jan 17 12:00AM The Cattle Site

Trump reassures farmers on trade
At the American Farm Bureau Federations 100th annual convention President Trump gave the closing session remarks on Monday. Regarding trade tariffs and wars, he reassured farmers in attendance that his administration is working on Trade deals that get you so much business youre not even going to believe it. Your problem will be What do we do? We need more acreage immediately.
Jan 16 4:23PM Cattle Business Weekly

PETA makes plea to go vegan in the heart of beef country
PETA has erected a billboard in the heart of beef country, urging Nebraskans to go vegan.
Jan 16 4:07PM Cattle Business Weekly

IFA: Irish Beef Farmers Facing Armageddon from Brexit
IRELAND - IFA President Joe Healy said that Irish farmers are already bearing the brunt of the impending Brexit through disastrous beef prices.
Jan 11 12:00AM The Cattle Site

New Guidebooks and Webinars from OFRF Help Manage On-Farm Risk
. Responding to the needs of farmers and ranchers across the country, OFRF in cooperation with USDA-Risk Management Agency, has developed two informative new guidebooks and webinars on how organic and transitioning growers can manage on-farm risk through crop insurance programs and sound soil health management. . .
Jan 10 7:58PM Organic Farming Research

Join Us for the 2019 Organic Agriculture Research Forum
. Register now for this day-long forum, which takes place on Saturday, February 16, 2019 in Portland, Oregon. The forum will feature innovative presentations from researchers across all disciplines related to organic farming and food systems. Oral and poster presentations will cover topics ranging from assessing the impact of organic agriculture on climate change to organic farmer economics, marketing, and consumer behavior.
Jan 8 11:18PM Organic Farming Research