Let's Eat! A Guide to Engaging Students in Smarter Lunchrooms
Let's Eat! Engaging Students in Smarter Lunchrooms is a guide to involving middle and high school students in making their own decisions towards healthful eating, learning to try new foods, and decreasing food waste in school cafeterias. This webinar discusses WHY the lunchroom creates a perfect opportunity for students to engage in decision making and positive change in their school lunch program, HOW to start the process of engaging students by using one or more of the six hands-on Let's Eat lesson plans, and WHAT the benefits of this collaborative process are for students and school food service programs. LEARNING OBJECTIVES: At the end of this webinar, participants will: .
Jun 20 9:06AM Best of Extension Services

Scientists are fighting to save the banana
Don't take those cheap yellow fruits for granted! They're at the center of a great agricultural turmoil.
Jun 19 4:56PM Farming from

Considerations for the use of Manure Irrigation Practices
In response to concerns about this practice, University of Wisconsin Extension convened a workgroup to examine the issues related to manure irrigation. This webinar shares their results and implications.This presentation was originally broadcast on June 15, 2018.
Jun 19 3:51AM Best of Extension Services

Looking at Fraud: Industry Watchdog Releases Comprehensive Report Documenting Suspicious Organic Grain Imports
[Read Cornucopias letter to Sec. Perdue and the white paper, The Turkish Infiltration of the U.S.
Jun 19 2:33AM Cornucopia Institute

Handsome Brook and Humane Farm Animal Care Settle
Cornucopia's Take: After two years of litigation, Handsome Brook, a marketer of certified organic and conventional eggs, and Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) have reached an out-of-court settlement, agreeing to pay their own court costs. HFAC had sent emails to Handsome Brook's retail outlets, claiming Handsome Brook's certifications for organic and pasture-raised were not current. At the time of these allegations in 2016, Cornucopia had become aware that Handsome Brook had purchased several large orders .
Jun 16 3:35PM Cornucopia Institute

Dairy Video Archive
Contents Recent Videos Business and Labor Management Calf and Heifer Management Facilities Genetics Health and Diseases Heat Stress Mastitis and Milking Management Nutrient Management on Dairy Farms Nutrition of Milking and Dry Cows Reproduction . Recent Videos . Foot Rot and Digital Dermatitis .
Jun 16 4:09AM Best of Extension Services

FY17 SNAP-Ed and EFNEP State Impact Reports
. . We have received the following states FY17 impact reports on their SNAP-Ed and EFNEP work during the 2017 fiscal year.
Jun 16 4:09AM Best of Extension Services

Senate Agriculture Committee Passes Farm Bill with Big Wins for Organic
. June 13, 2018 - Today the Senate Agriculture Committee voted to favorably report the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (S. 3042), the Senate Farm Bill, out of Committee by a vote of 20-1.
Jun 13 9:28PM Organic Farming Research

Industry Watchdog Asks DOJ Regulators to Examine Organic Poultry Acquisition
Tyson Foods Announces Plans to Acquire Smart Chicken Brand [Read Cornucopias letter to the DOJ and FTC.] Last week, U.S.
Jun 13 1:20PM Cornucopia Institute

Gut Health Improved by Local, Organic Eating
Cornucopia's Take: The importance of the human microbiome is poorly understood. Studies underway indicate ties to immune system and mental health and further indicate that the individual microbiota in the gut are encouraged or starved by the food we ingest. Consumers can help promote the health of the microbiome with a diverse and organic diet.
Jun 13 12:31PM Cornucopia Institute

Farm Bill Draft Includes Much Needed Investment in Organic Research and Education
. June 8, 2018We are extremely excited to share the news that the Senate Agriculture Committee's Farm Bill draft, released today, includes a much needed increased investment in organic research and education.
Jun 12 7:06PM Organic Farming Research

UK parliament debated ban on fur imports this week
Fur farming was banned on UK soil in 2000, but imports are still allowed, which activists say simply 'outsources' the cruelty.
Jun 8 10:52AM Farming from

Urge Your Senator to Include Key Organic Provisions in the Senate Farm Bill Proposal
. The Senate Committee on Agriculture is finalizing their draft version of the 2018 Farm Bill right now, and they need to hear about your organic priorities. Your phone call can help get organic priorities into the Senate version of the Farm Bill.
Jun 7 5:30PM Organic Farming Research

A new generation of Indian farmers rejects industrial food production
Supported by the Amrita Bhoomi Agroecology Centre, young farmers are experimenting with natural farming methods, while saving money and lives in the process.
Jun 6 9:38AM Farming from

Farming: There's an App for That
As agriculture becomes more high tech, a growing number of farmers are using GPS-equipped machinery supported by platforms that collect data on plants, soil, and weather. Termed precision agriculture, these technologies help them identify and manage variability within fields.
Jun 6 2:18AM

Women Lead the Way in Sustainable Agriculture
Development experts believe gender equity will be critical to global food security in the coming decades, as the world's farmers struggle to produce food for a rapidly growing population on a shrinking area of arable land. In Latin America, one in five farmworkers is a woman, and in East Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, half of all agricultural laborers are women.
Jun 5 8:36PM Rainforest Alliance

Only 17 massive new problems with Brexit discovered today
ONLY 17 immense Brexit problems have emerged in the last 24 hours, an upbeat Theresa May has confirmed. The prime minister is upbeat because the latest daily batch of seemingly insurmountable difficulties - including a lack of qualified opticians, the closure of garden centres and severe toilet paper shortages - is the smallest yet.
Jun 5 1:10PM The Daily Mash

Who should feed the world: real people or faceless multinationals?
Unless there is a major hiccup in the next few days, an incredibly powerful company will shortly be given a licence to dominate world farming. Following a nod from Donald Trump, powerful lobbying in Europe and a lot of political arm-twisting on several continents, the path has been cleared for Monsanto, the world's largest seed company, to be taken over by Bayer, the second-largest pesticide group, for an estimated $66bn (50bn).
Jun 5 7:41AM the Guardian

Cutting out meat and dairy is the best thing you can do for the planet
Huge new study reveals that going vegan offers far greater benefits than quitting flying or driving an electric car.
Jun 1 2:03PM Farming from