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Food & Drink
Brewbies Festival at Faction Brewing
We are honored to announce Brewbies Festival will be returning to the Bay Area for the 4th year in a...
May 4 7:00PM The Full Pint

Fordham & Dominion's R2Hop2 Beer & Music Festival
Welcome to Fordham & Dominions 2019 R2Hop2 Beer and Music Festival! April 27th will be a fun-filled day, bringing people...
Apr 27 7:00PM The Full Pint

What to use in place of celery in a recipe?
. Whenever a recipe calls for celery, I wanted up wasting 90% of the boot since I don't cook dishes with celery often + don't eat it raw. Could I not use it in the recipe, or is there any other vegetable that can replace it? submitted by /u/LessSpot [link] [comments]
Apr 25 9:05AM Culinary Institue of America

Baking steel got olive oil on it and now my smoke alarm hates me.
. I have a baking steel that I usually just store on the bottom of my oven. Recently a bit of olive oil dripped from a pan above (focaccia) onto the steel and now when it gets above 450 degrees it smokes like crazy and sets off all the alarms in my house. (Side note, those damn things are hardwired and it takes forever to get them to turn off.
Apr 25 9:05AM Culinary Institue of America

The Tech Bros Are Hungry
Silicon Valley diet culture and other thoughts from Healthyish editor Amanda Shapiro.
Apr 25 8:00AM Bon Appetit

Por Qu Deberas Conocer El Cacao Fino De Togo?
Probaste alguna vez el chocolate togols? Deberas. Quizs Togo no sea lo primero que te viene a la mente cuando piensas en pases productores ..
Apr 25 5:00AM Perfect Daily Grind

Sex Talk Realness: What It's Like to Fall in Love With Your Prison Pen Pal
Three anonymous women open up.
Apr 24 9:22PM Cosmo

13 Creative Swiss Chard Recipes
Swiss chard is one of our favorite greens. Let these 13 recipes prove it.
Apr 24 8:26PM Bon Appetit

Ally Coffee Joins Traceable Chain Program for Cerrado Mineiro Coffees
Green coffee trading company Ally Coffee has become the first importer accredited within an ongoing Designation of Origin program designed to propel the trade of coffees from Brazils renowned Cerrado...
Apr 24 6:52PM Daily Coffee News

Secretos para vencer al monstruo: Deseo Caf de Especialidad
Por: Thania Aguilar Las opciones para saborear una deliciosa taza de caf en la Ciudad de Mxico son casi tan monstruosas como su nmero de habitantes. Segn datos del INEGI, esta inagotable urbe..
Apr 24 4:37PM Daily Coffee News

Don't Chaff Your Churn: This Coffee Chaff-Topped Ice Cream Sounds Delicious
Coffee chaff-topped ice cream by New Zealand's Kokako. . The post Dont Chaff Your Churn: This Coffee Chaff-Topped Ice Cream Sounds Delicious appeared first on Sprudge.
Apr 24 4:00PM Sprudge

This post is sponsored by The Little Potato Co. All opinions and text are my own. THE BEST INSTANT POT MEATLOAF This really is The Best Instant Pot Meatloaf and Garlic Parmesan Potatoes.
Apr 24 12:00PM The Country Cook

Sam Keck: The Sprudge Twenty Interview
An interview with Sam Keck of Commonfolk Coffee. . The post Sam Keck: The Sprudge Twenty Interview appeared first on Sprudge.
Apr 24 12:00PM Sprudge

Las Tiendas De Caf Especial De Berln: Un Recorrido Alternativo
La escena cafetera de Berln est creciendo rpidamente. Aqu, hay una cantidad arrolladora de sitios donde puedes encontrar una excelente taza de caf y, ..
Apr 24 5:00AM Perfect Daily Grind

5 Signs You Might Wanna Switch Your Birth Control
Most people try at least three methods in their lifetimeis it time for you to change it up?
Apr 23 9:41PM Cosmo

2018 Bordeaux Wine Futures Prices and Analysis (Wine Spectator)
The starting gun for the 2018 Bordeaux futures campaign officially sounded last week with the release of Chteau Anglus, one of St.-Emilion's most recognizable names. With the VinExpo convention in Bordeaux arriving earlier this year, and the crystal ball on market perception on the wines looking slightly murky, producers are likely to try and strike fast.
Apr 23 8:30PM Wine Spectator

The surprising truth about meal kits
Meal kits aren't as bad for the environment as a trip to the grocery store for the same ingredients in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.
Apr 23 5:57PM Healthy Eating

My Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies
I am not one to really repeat recipes in my kitchen and rarely here on MBA. However, sometimes a recipe is so incredibly..
Apr 23 2:00PM My Baking Addition

THE BEST BANANA PUDDING The Best Banana Pudding is a super easy, no-cook pudding recipe made with sweetened condensed milk, cream cheese and pudding, fresh bananas and Nilla wafers! YUM! I think Banana Pudding (Nanner Puddin as we call it) is just one of those things that has to be homemade. And by homemade, I..
Apr 23 12:00PM The Country Cook

First CSWC Qualification event to ever happen in the Middle East
The first CSWC Qualification event to ever happen in the Middle East was held in Beirut at Eau De Vie Phoenicia Hotel on Saturday April 13. Lebanon's top 5-star hotel and one of it's best lounges. Hand Rolled SAL brought the event to Lebanon and the region for the first time with over 70 cigar competitors and 20 spectators having a great night full of excitement starting with a Macanudo Fuma Tasting and Cigar Journal Magazine Blind Cigar Review in a very relaxed and friendly environment.
Apr 23 10:43AM Cigar Journal

How to Make DIY Food Gifts for the Holidays
From herb-flecked butter to versatile spice blends, you can whip up great presents in the kitchen.
Apr 23 4:01AM TakePart.com Food news feed

How to Fight Food Waste With Food Waste
Apeel Sciences uses what might otherwise be trash to make a second skin for fragile fruit and vegetable products.
Apr 23 4:01AM TakePart.com Food news feed

Dangerous Spring Frost Hits Burgundy (Wine Spectator)
The aerial photos look pretty, but there was nothing pleasurable for Burgundy vintners during the long nights of April 4 and 5 and again over the weekend of April 13 as they banded together to fight a potentially damaging spring frost. In some vineyards, countermeasures or good luck prevented extensive harm. In others, young tender buds were badly damaged.
Apr 22 7:30PM Wine Spectator

How to stock a pantry
Keep these ingredients on hand so you can throw together a meal without having to run to the grocery store.
Apr 20 2:33PM Healthy Eating

J. Alexander's Carrot Cake
This copycat version of J. Alexander's Carrot Cake is every bit as perfect as the original: full of carrots, pineapple and coconut, and soaked with a buttermilk syrup for a melt-in-your-mouth slice of cake. I don't throw out the word best in front of many of my recipe titles, but I almost did for this [] .
Apr 19 5:26PM My Baking Addition

The CSWC Top 20 List Preliminary Report | April 19, 2019
In a preliminary report, the Cigar Smoking World Championship organization released the current Top 20 list as of April 19, 2019.
Apr 19 9:15AM Cigar Journal

How to Safely Have Sex During Pregnancy
In most cases, there's no reason not to have sex when you're expecting in fact, it's encouraged.
Apr 18 8:11PM WomansDay

Here's What Mom Wants to See In Her Mother's Day Card
Bring the tissues she's gonna need them.
Apr 16 8:49PM WomansDay

New Cooking Terms for Home Cooks
Im Finding a Lot Of New Culinary Terms I was looking at my April 19, 2019 issue of Food & Wine and noticed there were some culinary terms in articles that are new to me and I had to look up. Most of them had to do with ingredients, especially international ingredients but there were [] . The post New Cooking Terms for Home Cooks appeared first on The Reluctant Gourmet.
Apr 12 7:56PM Reluctant Gourmet