Olympians Are Using Non-Alcoholic Beer As Recovery Drinks. Here's The Science
In greek mythology, the Olympians were said to drink ambrosia, which bestowed upon them immortality. Occasionally, athletic heroes like Heracles were also gifted a sip.
Feb 24 12:05PM NPR.org

The Essential Things to Know Before You Visit Las Vegas
By and large, Las Vegas may be a tourist town, but this guide will help you tackle Sin City like a local. Got gambling questions? We have the answers (hint: don't cheat).
Feb 24 12:23AM Cond Nast Traveler

German Olympians Swear By Non-Alcoholic Beer
Leave it to the Germans to view beer as a performance-enhancing food. Krombacher, a brewery near Cologne, shipped about 1,000 gallons of non-alcoholic suds to South Korea as part of its contribution to Team Deutschland, according to the New York Times.
Feb 23 9:24PM Tonic

The Bear's Lair: The untold story of systemic gender discrimination inside UC Berkeley's IT Department
Vanessa Kaskiris was born in Hollywood and has blond hair, but she's not what you are probably picturing right now. Hers was a different version of the California dream.
Feb 23 5:43PM Pando

The One Item That Will Change Your Weeknight Cooking
I can fit four in my oven all at once, which makes them highly flexible when you want to cook several things at the same time. Then I can toss them into the dishwasher, where they scarcely take up more room than my plates.
Feb 23 5:06PM nytimes.com

Weekend reading: Effects of Industrial agriculture on health and the environment
I reviewed an earlier draft of this report, and was impressed by its comprehensiveness and attention to detail. If you are interested in understanding how our current agricultural system came about, what problems it causes, and what to do about them, this report is an excellent place to start.
Feb 23 2:41PM Food Politics by Marion Nestle

Alcohol and coffee can help you live past 90, study says
Readers, we are honored and privileged to bring you the single greatest piece of news you've heard in your entire life. A study out of the University of California-Irvine has revealed that consumption of moderate amounts of alcohol and coffee is linked to living a longer life.
Feb 23 2:08PM Indianapolis Star

Three Different Models Of Our Readers' Favorite Toaster Ovens Are On Sale
Breville's excellent Smart Ovens don't go on sale often, but Amazon's currently offering solid discounts on several different models today. You can take your pick of the space-saving Smart Oven Mini, the mid-sized 650XL, or the massive and convection-equipped 800XL.
Feb 23 1:16PM Kinja Deals

Jim Hightower: What Essential Social Program Will the Trump Mob Try to Kill Next?
Presidential budgets aren't just numbers, they're statements of a president's moral principles. Breaking news: Trump & Company are a murderous mob! From the start of his White House tenure, the Trumpsters have plotted, stalked and serially killed vibrant members of the English Language.
Feb 23 11:48AM Alternet

What It Takes: Please Repeat Your Message
My husband and I walked in on a wedding. We wanted a drink and some downtime, but instead we got flower girls, sequins, staresand a polite request to leave.
Feb 23 9:04AM stevenpressfield.com

Review of W. J. Rorabaugh, 'Prohibition: A Concise History
Print This opinion Almost a century after Prohibition went into effect, we remember it as Puritanism run amok. Scott McLemee looks into a book taking a different view.
Feb 23 8:09AM Inside Higher Ed

Locally grown and brewed: Foraged beer reconnects brewing with the land
(Natural News) What makes a craft beer truly locally-made? For small brewers, it's using natural ingredients harvested from the immediate surroundings to make foraged beer, reported a Civil Eats article. More than 5,000 American breweries offer locally-crafted beer, but they obtain many of their ingredients from industrialized farms in other states or outside the U.
Feb 23 3:46AM NaturalNews.com

Team Work. Yaya and Emir cooking breakfast together. COCINANDO desayuno juntos
Just another Saturday cooking breakfast together. Otro sbado cocinando desayuno juntos.
Feb 22 11:14PM YouTube

The superhero phenolic compounds of wine
It's no surprise that a new study claiming wine is good for your teeth points to polyphenols.
Feb 22 10:28PM Healthy Eating

Why German Olympians have ditched sports drinks for non-alcoholic beer
Studies suggest that drinking alcohol-free beer, in moderation, can help athletes rehydrate and recover. Team Germany is showing the way.
Feb 22 4:55PM Healthy Eating

New York Today: Our City's Rosa Parks
When Ms. Jennings tried to hop on, the conductor stopped her and told her to wait for a car with her people in it.
Feb 22 12:48PM nytimes.com

7 ancient recipes translated for modern cooks
Thanks to the work of scholars and home cooks, the often challenging work of translating very old recipes has been done for you. This is the Recipes Project.
Feb 21 9:51PM Healthy Eating

Jos Andrs Named 2018 Humanitarian of the Year
The James Beard Foundation is thrilled to announce Jos Andrs, multiple James Beard Award-winning chef, owner of ThinkFoodGroup, food and anti-hunger advocate, and founder of World Central Kitchen as the recipient of its 2018 Humanitarian of the Year award. Andrs will accept the Beard medallion at the James Beard Awards on Monday, May 7, at Lyric Opera of Chicago.
Feb 21 4:04PM jamesbeard.org

Why Comparing Trump's Food Stamp Harvest Boxes to Blue Apron Is so Unappetizing
Last week, the Trump administration proposed an overhaul to the food stamps program so miserly that it made Scrooge's aversion to the poor seem positively cuddly. Currently, food stamp recipients have their monthly benefit deposited on an EBT card that functions as a debit card, but with restrictionsfor example, you can't use it to buy prepared food like rotisserie chicken or nonfood items like vitamins.
Feb 21 3:57PM Slate Magazine

Trump's Blue Apron plan for SNAP: real or a smokescreen?
I vote for smokescreen. Let's take this one step at a time, starting with the FY 2019 Budget announced last week.
Feb 20 2:02PM Food Politics by Marion Nestle

Trump's Fast-Food Engorged World Is Petty, Small, Miserable, Anxious and Angry
Our president's only religion is self-worship. Many academic disciplines can be consulted to explain the on-going tragedy of the Trump administration.
Feb 20 8:28AM Alternet

President Trump's Hunger Games
This week, as part of its 2019 budget request, the Trump administration put forward a radical new policy proposal. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance ProgramSNAP, commonly known as food stampswould reduce the amount of money given to lower-income families to help them buy groceries and would instead send food directly to them.
Feb 18 10:49PM The Atlantic

Free trade: A corporate scam
By Dr Vandana Shiva - The Asian Age, 1 February 2017 Source In spite of all the knowledge we have of the link between industrially processed food or junk food and disease, it is the junk food industry that gets government subsidies, while our artisanal, healthy food systems are banned through laws, or shut down through the Washington inspired war on cash also called demonetisation (and the digital economy). Freedom has become such a contested term.
Feb 18 4:46PM Seed Freedom

How Do We Feed a Growing World?
Less meat, higher yields, open minds, and the right incentives are among the realistic solutions experts see.
Feb 18 10:48AM TakePart.com Food news feed

How to Fight Food Waste With Food Waste
Apeel Sciences uses what might otherwise be trash to make a second skin for fragile fruit and vegetable products.
Feb 18 10:48AM TakePart.com Food news feed

How to Make DIY Food Gifts for the Holidays
From herb-flecked butter to versatile spice blends, you can whip up great presents in the kitchen.
Feb 18 10:48AM TakePart.com Food news feed

ADBA Scottish National Conference 2018
The ADBA Scottish National Conference will demonstrate the potential of AD in Scotland. Delegates and speakers will discuss AD's contribution to decarbonising the Scottish energy system, the best use of biogas, the impact of Brexit on investment, food waste AD capacity as well as opportunities to grow AD for the benefit of the Scottish business and farming communities.
Feb 16 4:45PM ADBA Scottish National Conference 2018