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Food fight begins over meat and dairy labels
U.S. Cattlemen's Association has filed a petition to USDA arguing that lab-grown and plant-based meat startups shouldn't be able to call their products meat.
Jun 19 9:24PM Healthy Eating

Why vanilla prices have gone nuts
The vanilla crop is getting hammered by low yields, climate change, speculation and theft.
Jun 18 6:09PM Healthy Eating

Another Scary Superbug Has Been Found on an American Hog Farm
Researchers went looking for one type of antibiotic-resistant bacteria only to find one that had no reason to be there.
Jun 16 9:19AM Food news feed

Trump's Pick for Labor Secretary Is No Friend of Fast-Food Workers
Andrew Pudzer, the CEO of Hardee's and Carl's Jr., is a vocal critic of the Fight for $15.
Jun 14 8:22PM Food news feed

Obesity and Hunger Are Twin Crises
There's been progress fighting hunger, but many serious health problems persist even when countries have enough to eat. Solutions aren't obvious.
Jun 14 8:22PM Food news feed

Mediterranean diet could add years to your life
The secret lies in the antioxidants.
Jun 14 2:09PM Healthy Eating

Instant Pot Spaghetti
My amazing Instant Pot spaghetti is an easy and delicious no-fuss family dinner. This is the best pressure cooker spaghetti recipe ever! When it comes to feeding my family of four, I often turn to my trusty pressure cooker spaghetti with meat sauce recipe.
Jun 6 6:08PM Dear Crissy

Aboriginal ?Hakka??? Villages in ??Taiwan
Aboriginal ?Hakka?? Villages in ?Taiwan Aboriginal ?Hakka? Villages are a breath of fresh air in Northern Taiwan. This Hakka Village, is nestled on the side of a lush mountain.
Jun 6 5:59AM Steemit

Genetically-modified salmon is now in Canada, but no one will say where
Perched on the coast of Prince Edward Island, in Bay Fortune, a biotechnology company breeds the world's first genetically modified fishan Atlantic salmon containing a fish gene that allows it to grow twice as fast as its non-GM cousins. In the past year, without knowing it, Canadians ate 4.
Jun 5 8:21PM

TGI Friday's AI-powered marketing drives $150 million (with virtual bartenders and more)
Restaurant chain TGI Fridays has used AI to double its off-premise business over the last year and is seeing such fast growth that the company has struggled to keep up. Sherif Mityas, TGI Fridays' chief experience officer, said the company's off-premise business or business that comes from customers that engage with it outside of its restaurants, such as ordering food through the TGI Fridays bot on Messenger has doubled over the past year to 10 percent of sales, from just 5 percent.
Jun 5 8:08PM VentureBeat

4 very basic skills you might not have (and how to get them)
Can you shuck an oyster or defrost a roast? Rumor has it that most Millennials are lagging in some basic skills. A study by Google in 2015 explained that many 20 and 30-somethings cooked with digital inspiration and a phone or tablet nearby for inspiration.
Jun 5 7:15PM Ladders | Business News & Career Advice

2018 Craft Beer Branding and Packaging Trends
Craft beer in 2018 is off to a fun start: 6,000+ breweries, major trademark infringement lawsuits, more acquisitions and closings, more mixed culture beer, glitter beer(?), and the continued craze that is hazy-juicy-milkshaky-New Englandy IPAs. Along with a host of new branding trends, there are several major currents that are impacting the industry and driving these aesthetics themselves.
Jun 5 7:05AM CODO

a dark, delicious night of the soul
Something you should know before playing Vampyr: this is not a joyful game. Even games about hipster-coiffed bloodsuckers like Doctor Jonathan Reid, the newly undead surgeon star of Dontnod's follow up to Life is Strange, come burdened with an expectation of fun.
Jun 4 9:30PM VentureBeat

The SUB Home Beer Dispenser is currently on sale at Crate and Barrel
Getting to and from the hottest bar in town no longer requires you to enlist the help of a designated driver. That's because said bar is now located inside your own home.
Jun 4 9:29PM Digital Trends

Healthcare RoundupTrump promises 'massive' drug price cuts are coming 'soon
Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis.
Jun 4 9:05PM FierceHealthcare

FLSA Amendments Prohibit Employers from Taking Employees' Tips
Now that weather is heating up, the idea of taking a refreshing dip in the pool seems very appealing. Due to recent changes to the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), however, employers in the bar and restaurant industries should avoid taking a dip into any tip pools that have been established for their employees' benefit.
Jun 4 7:03PM JD Supra

Global lawmakers should follow Australia's lead on cigarette packaging
Lawmakers in South East Asia should follow Australia's lead and stomp out glamorous cigarette packaging, says a QUT law academic, Professor Matthew Rimmer, following World No Tobacco Day. In 2012, Australia became the first country in the world to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes a move that aimed to kill the glamour, make smoking less appealing to all ages, limit misleading packaging, and provide more obvious health warnings.
Jun 4 3:19AM Michael West

The Rewards of Building a Niche Law Practice
Printer-friendly Email this Article Download PDF REPRINTS & PERMISSIONS In this month's issue of the ABA Journal, there is a wonderful article that features several attorneys who have built a successful niche law practice for themselves. Some came through serendipity and some were planned for and pursued.
Jun 2 4:25PM The National Law Review

Time alone won't fix gender imbalances
The Irish agri-food industry needs to embrace diversity, particularly at board level, a meeting of agri-business professionals in Naas this week, heard. The panel discussion was organised by Ceres, the new women in agri-food leadership network.
Jun 2 12:37PM Agriland

Sweets to be BANNED from the checkout, in crackdown on child obesity
Sweets and chocolates will be removed from supermarket check-outs and stores will be banned from offering two-for-one deals on junk food, it was reported last night. So-called 'guilt lanes' are set to be axed over concerns that they provoke children to pester parents for sweets as they prepare to pay.
Jun 2 7:26AM Mail Online

Consumers will see minimal price effects from tariffs
Consumers are unlikely to see big price increases on six-packs of beer or new cars as a result of the Trump administration's decision Thursday to enact tariffs on imported steel and aluminum from certain countries, analysts said. Part of the reason is the manufacturing process of goods as raw materials move downstream and are processed into finished products, dramatic cost increases of the original materials begin to get filtered out of the final product price.
Jun 2 12:05AM

How are millennials' preferences changing the food industry?
Millennials are dramatically disrupting the way food is produced, packaged, marketed and served. As a highly vocal group, millennials have given food producers little option but to listen to their demands, resulting in changes to not only food choices, but farming techniques and restaurant services as well.
Jun 1 11:07PM

Food Waste Enough to Feed World's Hungry Four Times Over
Reportfrom Inter Press Service Published on View Original By Thalif Deen STOCKHOLM, Sweden, May 28 2018 (IPS) - The United Nations is continuing to fight a relentless battle to eradicate extreme hunger - particularly in the world's poorest nationsby 2030. But it is battling against severe odds: an estimated 800 million people still live in hunger amidst a warning that the world needs to produce at least 50 percent more food to feed the growing 9.
Jun 1 2:06PM ReliefWeb

FDA unveils guidance that aims to make it easier for generics to enter the drug market
The Food and Drug Administration has officially unveiled new guidance that aims to increase competition in drug markets. The agency released a pair of draft guidance documents that could allow generic drugmakers to apply for a waiver to the single, shared-system Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) requirement, which could help ease delays caused by prolonged negotiations between generic and branded drug companies.
Jun 1 1:27PM FierceHealthcare

Jeremy Corbyn rebukes Chuka Umunna over unpaid student internship advert
Jeremy Corbyn has reminded Labour MPs that they cannot offer unpaid internships after Chuka Umunna prompted criticism with an advert posted to students. The Streatham MP received an angry response on social media after he sought an unpaid intern from a "sandwich" degree course at Leeds University, where students take a year out to work in politics.
Jun 1 8:00AM

Twisted Roots, Open in Midtown, Wants to Be Your Neighborhood Bar
click to enlarge First things first: Do not approach Twisted Roots Brewing Co. (3690 Forest Park Avenue, 314-449-6363) expecting craft beer snobbery.
May 31 4:25PM Riverfront Times

Craft Breweries Along 5 U.S. Hiking Trails
May 31, 2018Very few things are better after a long day on the trail than a well-made craft beer. It's almost like beer was made for hiking.
May 31 2:34PM