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Cigar City Brewing presents the 10th anniversary of Hunahpu's Day
About The Festival: One of the premier craft beer events in the United States, Hunahpu's Day is an annual one-day...
Mar 9 7:00PM The Full Pint

SF Beer Week 2019 Opening Gala
The Bay Area Brewers Guild today announced that the SF Beer Week Opening Gala, California's premier craft beer community celebration,...
Feb 2 2:00AM The Full Pint

Is there a good herbs & spices cheat book that you'd recommend?
. I'm not a beginner cook, but I'm by no means that good. I can follow recipes, but want to understand the process behind a good meal a bit more, and specifically understand herbs and spices. So the question: Is there a book about using herbs and spices, what foods to pair them with and when to put them into a dish? I've seen a few questions about comprehensive books covering spices, but I'd rather a concise book, with the common herbs and spices (in Europe), and how to utilise them best to start me off.
Jan 20 9:04PM Culinary Institue of America

Filling options for roll cakes -- is pudding one of them?
. I get the impression most roll cakes are made with flavoured whipped cream. I'd like to try using pudding to fill a roll cake but I haven't seen it used anywhere and am wondering if the interior rolls of the cake will hold up to pudding? ETA: I was thinking of using homemade pudding (rather than boxed pudding, pudding mix, or Jello pudding cups), but after reading through the comments it seems mousse or pastry cream would be a better option. Thank you! submitted by /u/crowdchatter [link] [comments]
Jan 20 9:04PM Culinary Institue of America

Simple Ribollita
This (vegetarian!) Italian classic is about as comforting as it gets, packed with greens, beans, and plenty of rich olive oil and umami-packed Parm.
Jan 20 9:00AM Bon Appetit

Coffee Sprudgecast Episode 65: Live From US Coffee Champs Nashville
Episode 065: The One From Nashville. . The post Coffee Sprudgecast Episode 65: Live From US Coffee Champs Nashville appeared first on Sprudge.
Jan 19 3:10PM Sprudge

Has the Queen of England Ever Eaten Pizza?
A question we may never know the answer to, and more updates from the week at Bon Apptit.
Jan 19 11:00AM Bon Appetit

1,500+ Pieces of Coffee Roasting and Production Equipment Heading to Auction
Looking to move up from that 1-kilo or 5-kilo machine to something somewhat larger? How about 10 roasters that combined can crank out about 108,000 pounds of roasted coffee per...
Jan 18 7:39PM Daily Coffee News

Wine Talk: Country-Music Star Carly Pearce Doesn't Hide Her Love of Wine (Wine Spectator)
With chart-topping songs and a network of devoted fans across the United States, Carly Pearce, 28, is one of the leading ladies of country music right now. After nearly a decade of trying to "make it" in Nashville, the singer-songwriter notched a breakout hit in 2017 with her emotional ballad "Every Little Thing," leading to a record deal, touring gigs with Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan, and an appearance in last year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. She followed her debut success with "Hide the Wine," a tune that introduced fans to her real-life love of wine.
Jan 18 7:00PM Wine Spectator

The New Modbar Steam Rounds Out The Espresso AV Family
This is the second collaboration between Modbar and La Marzocco. . The post The New Modbar Steam Rounds Out The Espresso AV Family appeared first on Sprudge.
Jan 18 5:00PM Sprudge

The Extraction is Flame-Retardant and Visible From Space
Scientists from Nanyang Polytechnic in Singapore have figured out a way to turn spent grinds into a fire-retardant material. Today Online had more: The material, a composite resin made up..
Jan 18 4:15PM Daily Coffee News

How to celebrate the New Year for Trees
One Israeli winery wants to highlight Tu Bishvat, an environmentally focused holiday, so everyone can celebrate.
Jan 18 3:14PM Healthy Eating

Entendiendo El Caf De Especialidad En Filipinas
Filipinas es un pas productor de caf. Su variada topografa y diversidad de climas lo hacen apto para el cultivo no solamente de Robusta, ..
Jan 18 6:00AM Perfect Daily Grind

It's Harvesttime for Wine in Tahiti?! (Wine Spectator)
In the Northern Hemisphere right about now, winemakers are trimming, pruning and frost-proofing their vines, and hibernating their selves; south of the equator, veraison and the pesky birds and bugs that come with it are here, or will be soon. But in one most unusual vineyard, the Carignan and Muscat grapes have reached peak ripeness, the pickers have pulled on their gloves and grabbed their shears, and the cellar hands have fired up their skiffs to transport the grape bins down the shore to the winery. It's mid-January, and harvest is just finishing up for Vin de Tahiti on the Rangiroa atoll in Tahiti, 3,100 miles from the nearest continent.
Jan 17 10:00PM Wine Spectator

Scientists discover 60% wild coffee species are under threat of extinction
The world's most popular type, Arabica, is now listed as endangered.
Jan 17 5:14PM Healthy Eating

Trinidad Cigar Divan Lounge Opens in Langkawi, Malaysia
Cigar lovers visiting Langkawi, Malaysia's tropical resort island, now have a relaxed cigar lounge to enjoy during their stay.
Jan 17 9:50AM Cigar Journal

Royal Agio Cigars USA and Avanti Cigar Ending Distribution Agreement
Royal Agio Cigars USA and Avanti Cigar Company recently made the joint decision to end their exclusive distribution agreement for the U.S. market effective February 1, 2019.
Jan 17 9:21AM Cigar Journal

Third Wave Meets Arabic Coffee in Kuwait
Coffee has long been part of the social fabric of Kuwaiti culture. For centuries, people have drunk traditional Arabic coffee to welcome people into ..
Jan 17 6:00AM Perfect Daily Grind

Another Scary Superbug Has Been Found on an American Hog Farm
Researchers went looking for one type of antibiotic-resistant bacteria only to find one that had no reason to be there.
Jan 17 5:31AM Food news feed

Obesity and Hunger Are Twin Crises
There's been progress fighting hunger, but many serious health problems persist even when countries have enough to eat. Solutions aren't obvious.
Jan 15 10:14AM Food news feed

Homemade Cherry Pie Filling
Homemade Cherry Pie Filling comes together in just a few minutes. Try a spoonful with your morning yogurt or spooned over a stack of fresh, crispy waffles for a delicious treat! . The post Homemade Cherry Pie Filling appeared first on My Baking Addiction.
Jan 14 5:00PM My Baking Addition

Instant Pot Korean BBQ Country-Style Ribs
Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Iowa Pork Producers Association. All text and opinions are my own. Instant Pot Korean BBQ Country-Style Ribs Yall, I went outside my usual comfort zone with this one.
Jan 14 3:45PM The Country Cook

Cigar Review - Cohiba Robusto Reserva (Cosecha 2014)
Origin : Cuba Format : Robusto Size : 5" x 50 ring gauge (124mm)Hand-Made Price : ~ 100 / $ 120More info about purchasing Cohiba cigars...
Jan 13 8:04PM Cigar Inspector

Chicken Pot Pie ~ Meal Plan Sunday #102
Chicken Pot Pie One of my favorite recipes on this blog is the recipe for Chicken Pot Pie (under Sundays meal plan.) It has a creamy, thick homemade filling. So good! The crust is made with a puff pastry but you can also use a refrigerated pie crust.
Jan 13 1:00PM The Country Cook

How NOT to Start a Recipe - Kitchen Equipment
The Importance of Good Kitchen Equipment Before You Start a Recipe Mistake #6 - Not Having the Right Equipment As part of reading the recipe and getting your mise en place together, you should also have inventoried your cooking equipment. While it is acceptable to make some substitutions with equipment using a saut pan [] . The post How NOT to Start a Recipe Kitchen Equipment appeared first on The Reluctant Gourmet.
Jan 12 5:22PM Reluctant Gourmet

Homemade Oatmeal Cream Pies
Forget Little Debbie, fresh, homemade Oatmeal Cream Pies are where it's at! . The post Homemade Oatmeal Cream Pies appeared first on My Baking Addiction. CommentsSo happy to hear you enjoyed the cookies, Karla! Thanks so much .
Jan 9 5:00PM My Baking Addition

Chocolate Covered Cherry Hot Chocolate
This Chocolate Covered Cherry Hot Chocolate is super easy to make with maraschino cherry juice and Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Flavor Hot Cocoa Mix. It will be your new favorite way to drink hot chocolate! I am proud to be partnering with Mirum to bring you this recipe. As always, all opinions are 100% myRead More .
Jan 9 12:00PM 365 Days of Baking

Oreo Pudding Dream Bars
These Oreo Pudding Dream Bars are a cookies and cream dessert. They have an Oreo cookie crust covered with layers of cream cheese, Oreo pudding, Cool Whip, and are topped with the crushed Oreos. Youll love this NO BAKE dessert because these cookies and cream bars are ones youll be dreaming about for nights to come! Read More .
Jan 9 1:27AM 365 Days of Baking

How NOT to Start a Recipe - Mise en Place
More Mistakes Home Cooks Make When Starting a Recipe Mistake #4 - Not Prepping Your Ingredients Almost as important as making sure you have all your ingredients is making sure that your ingredients are cooking ready. How many times have you started a recipe only to realize you need a chopped onion or diced carrot [] . The post How NOT to Start a Recipe Mise en Place appeared first on The Reluctant Gourmet.
Jan 6 4:58PM Reluctant Gourmet