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US leaving UN's Human Rights Council, cites anti-Israel bias
WASHINGTON (AP) The United States is leaving the United Nations' Human Rights Council, which Ambassador Nikki Haley called "an organization that is not worthy of its name." It's the latest withdrawal by the Trump administration from an international institution.
Jun 20 9:15AM AP

Yemeni forces say they seized Hodeida airport runway
SANAA, Yemen (AP) Yemeni government forces backed by the United Arab Emirates say they have seized the southern runway of the international airport near the Yemeni city of Hodeida.
Jun 20 9:12AM AP

Gabriel Jesus or Firmino? Brazil's dilemma vs Costa Rica
ST. PETERSBURG, Russia (AP) The liveliest selection debate swirling around Brazil's national team heading into the World Cup has become more intense one game into the tournament.
Jun 20 9:10AM AP

Asylum claims up in US , migration down in developed world
PARIS (AP) Asylum claims rose sharply in the United States last year but migration declined overall in the developed world for the first time since 2011, according to a new report from an economic organization representing the world's wealthiest countries.
Jun 20 9:09AM AP

Germany: Merkel's Bavarian allies critical on euro budget
BERLIN (AP) Chancellor Angela Merkel's Bavarian allies responded skeptically Wednesday to the German leader's agreement to a future eurozone budget, adding to a conflict over migration that has shaken the government.
Jun 20 9:00AM AP

The entire habitat is gone': Hawaii's natural wonders claimed by lava
The Kilauea eruption has wiped out rare sites and whole ecosystems. As the island mourns a tragedy, it also accepts the brutal cycle of nature In Puna, the area of Hawaii island that's been hardest hit by the Kilauea volcano eruption, those who lived nearest to the lava flows watched the forest around their homes begin to die first. They said the fruit trees, flowers and ferns began turning brown, languishing in the noxious, sulfur-dioxide-filled air.
Jun 20 8:00AM Guardian-World

The risk for the President is that he is increasingly isolated amid criticism of the separation of families, especially after audio of wailing children emerged
It will take more than the cries of babies to make President Donald Trump back down on immigration, an issue that has animated his most ardent political supporters since he first stepped into politics.
Jun 20 5:02AM CNN News

Most vulnerable Republicans in 2018 are taking renewed heat
While President Donald Trump doubles down on the incendiary immigration rhetoric that excited his base in 2016, the most vulnerable Republicans in 2018 find themselves under renewed attack from Democrats over the administration's "zero tolerance" policy at the border.
Jun 20 3:47AM CNN News

Trump's lack of a clear endorsement for either House immigration bill quiets his party's hope for momentum
Congressional Republicans, keen to secure an end to a policy separating children from their parents at the US border, received unclear marching orders from President Donald Trump on Tuesday after a meeting on Capitol Hill.
Jun 20 3:36AM CNN News

What Trump supporters think of family separations
As the Trump administration has ramped up the practice of separating children from their parents at the border with no clear plan for reuniting them, critics have been unsparing, calling it "government-sanctioned child abuse."
Jun 20 3:22AM CNN News

Lewandowski on undocumented child with Down syndrome separated from mother: 'Womp womp
Corey Lewandowski dismissed the story of a 10-year-old girl with Down syndrome who was reportedly separated from her mother after crossing the border illegally.
Jun 20 2:45AM CNN News

Stock markets roiled as US-China trade dispute escalates
Markets dropped across the world after Trump threatened to impose $200bn more in levies on Chinese goodsBusiness live: trade war fears escalate. The trade dispute between the US and China escalated on Tuesday, with a senior Trump official accusing China of theft and Beijing accusing the US of blackmail. The news roiled global stock markets as investors feared that escalating tensions could trigger an international trade war.
Jun 20 2:41AM Guardian-World

Labour to propose Bank of England remit to boost productivity
John McDonnell will call for major changes to UK's financial system based on broad review The Bank of England could be given a mandate to boost productivity growth under a Labour government as part of opposition plans to overhaul the country's economic architecture. Revealing the findings from a review of the UK financial system, the shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, will on Wednesday make the case for a fundamental transformation that could include a revamp of the Bank's remit in order to help drive economic growth. Continue reading.
Jun 19 9:00PM Guardian-World

Child separations: Trump faces extreme backlash from public and his own party
Reaction to policy disquiets Republicans facing re-electionFamilies divided: 'The most horrific policy I've ever seen'. Donald Trump heads to Capitol Hill on Tuesday afternoon facing an extraordinary backlash from his own party - and the American public - over his policy of separating children from their parents at the southern US border. Related: Image of sobbing toddler at US border: 'It was hard for me to photograph' Continue reading.
Jun 19 6:23PM Guardian-USNews

Urgent need to prepare for manmade virus attacks, says US government report
Report warns that swift progress in our ability to manufacture viruses is making us vulnerable to biological attacks The rapid rise of synthetic biology, a futuristic field of science that seeks to master the machinery of life, has raised the risk of a new generation of bioweapons, according a major US report into the state of the art. Advances in the area mean that scientists now have the capability to recreate dangerous viruses from scratch; make harmful bacteria more deadly; and modify common microbes so that they churn out lethal toxins once they enter the body. Continue reading.
Jun 19 4:26PM Guardian-USNews

Rogue beekeepers and dirty tricks blamed for rise in Belgian hive heists
150,000 bees stolen near Tessenderlo in latest incident, as interest in hobby grows Dirty tricks by rival beekeepers have been blamed for a rise in hive thefts in Belgium after huge growth in interest in the hobby. Following the disappearance of 150,000 bees from hives near the Flemish town of Tessenderlo, keepers have been advised to keep a keen eye on their insects and alert the police to suspicious activity. Continue reading.
Jun 19 4:26PM Guardian-World

Commie cadet' who wore Che Guevara T-shirt kicked out of US army
West Point graduate Spenser Rapone's views raised red flags after he posted the message 'communism will win' on Twitter A West Point cadet who wore a Che Guevara T-shirt to his graduation and posted a message online saying communism will win has been discharged from the US army. The images Spenser Rapone posted on Twitter from his May 2016 West Point graduation were meant to shock: in one, he opens his dress uniform to expose a T-shirt with a red image of the socialist icon Che Guevara. In another, he raises his fist and flips over his cap to reveal the hand-scrawled message: Communism will win.
Jun 19 12:15PM Guardian-USNews

Edible coating allows avocados to stay ripe for twice as long
The tasteless coating's formulation can be modified for strawberries, mangoes, apples, bananas, kumquats and asparagus Avocados that stay ripe for twice as long as usual thanks to an edible barrier made from plant materials will be sold in the US for the first time this week. The tasteless coating, developed by Santa Barbara company Apeel Sciences, controls the two main factors that cause fresh produce to go bad: the rate at which water escapes the surface of fruit and vegetables and the rate at which oxygen enters. This allows treated produce to stay fresh for longer.
Jun 19 12:00PM Guardian-USNews

Families divided at the border: 'The most horrific immigration policy I've ever seen
As immigration advocates struggle to help more than 1,600 children taken from their parents, Trump refuses to back down One month before Donald Trump's administration enacted a policy that allowed the government to take thousands of migrant children from their parents, the president twice told crowds at his rallies that immigrant gang members were not people. These are animals, he said in May. Over the weekend, video and photos emerged of the cage-like detention centers where children, separated from their parents, are housed.
Jun 19 10:00AM Guardian-World

Not as ironic as I imagined': the incels spokesman on why he is renouncing them
In the wake of the Toronto van murders, Jack Peterson was the most prominent defender of the anti-feminist 'incels' - until the community turned on him When news broke in April that a rental van had plowed through throngs of pedestrians in Toronto, killing 10 people, Jack Peterson never imagined that it would have anything to do with him. The 19-year-old Chicago native was single, a college dropout and a self-identified incel. Short for involuntary celibate, the term was originally coined for a website support forum for singles.
Jun 19 6:30AM Guardian-USNews