Tens of thousands at Jerusalem funeral of influential rabbi
JERUSALEM (AP) Tens of thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews are attending the funeral of an influential rabbi in Jerusalem.
Feb 25 10:00AM AP

Marissa Brandt named honorary ambassador for Korea adoptees
GANGNEUNG, South Korea (AP) Marissa Brandt isn't quite sure what her new position will require, and she's only had a couple of days to start getting used to the idea of being an honorary ambassador.
Feb 25 9:56AM AP

Russian men win hockey; Bjoergen, Norway get gold again
PYEONGCHANG, South Korea (AP) The Russians won the gold in men's hockey without a flag to salute or a national anthem to listen to.
Feb 25 9:55AM AP

Democrats release memo rebutting GOP on Russia probe
WASHINGTON (AP) Two weeks after President Donald Trump blocked the full release of a classified Democratic memo, the House intelligence committee published a redacted version of the document that aims to counter a narrative that Republicans on the committee have promoted for months that the FBI and Justice Department conspired against Trump as they investigated his ties to Russia.
Feb 25 9:55AM AP

Winter Olympics 2018: day 16 from Pyeongchang - as it happened
Latest medal table | Full event schedule 8.02am GMT Well, that almost concludes the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, with just the closing ceremony to come. We'll have a separate liveblog of the closing ceremony, as well as final official results, so please do stick around for that, but here's a summary of the key events of the last day.
Feb 25 8:02AM Guardian-USNews

Voting in Rhodesia: 2 March 1980
Photographer Neil Libbert documented Zimbabwe's first election since the end of white minority rule for the Observer. Robert Mugabe won a landslide victory in the historic poll. Twelve black Rhodesian policemen last week moved, lightly armed and without flags or trumpets, into the Delta guerrilla assembly place, 130 miles north-east of Salisbury, led by their red-haired, liberally freckled section officer, Lance Lucas.
Feb 25 7:30AM Guardian-World

Don't worry about AI going bad - the minds behind it are the danger | John Naughton
Killer robots remain a thing of futuristic nightmare. The real threat from artificial intelligence is far more immediate. As the science fiction novelist William Gibson famously observed: The future is already here - it's just not very evenly distributed.
Feb 25 7:00AM Guardian-USNews

America's bump stock capital: can this tiny Texas town survive Trump's ban?
Moran has a population under 300 and is home to the first and best-known manufacturer of the controversial device When Don Boyett was asked if he believes that bump stocks should be banned, he gestured to the moss green SUV in his driveway. Let's take my Ford Expedition here. Let's say I get drunk and I run over 30 people out in the middle of the road.
Feb 25 7:00AM Guardian-World

Can a tourist ban save DiCaprio's coral paradise from destruction?
South-east Asian idylls - from Philippine islands to the Thai bay made famous in The Beach - plan to turn tourists away so that devastated coral reefs have some time to recover. Will it be enough? Our Thai tour guide, Spicey, takes a drag on her cigarette and gestures sadly towards the beach. The problem with people is that they are too greedy.
Feb 25 6:00AM Guardian-World

Mexico's President calls off a White House visit after a tense phone call with Trump, official says
Mexican President Enrique Pea Nieto has called off an official trip to Washington to meet with President Donald Trump after a tense phone call brought the two leaders to a policy-driven standstill.
Feb 25 5:26AM CNN News

Elijah Doughty protests: hundreds call for justice ahead of parole hearing
Grandmother of 14-year-old says '18 months is not enough' as man who ran over boy faces possible release Hundreds of people marched in Kalgoorlie on Saturday, protesting the possible parole of a man who ran over and killed a 14-year-old boy. Elijah Doughty died when he was run over by the man driving a Nissan Navara in August 2016. The man had pursued Doughty, believing the motorbike Doughty was riding had earlier been stolen from his home.
Feb 25 4:47AM Guardian-World

Democrats defend Russia inquiry in response to Republicans' Nunes memo
Long-awaited memo by Democrats on House intelligence committee condemns GOP document as 'effort to undermine' investigations In a long-awaited memo released on Saturday, Democrats on the House intelligence committee defended official investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Related: Mueller investigation: Manafort accused of secretly funding European pro-Russia group Continue reading..
Feb 25 1:36AM Guardian-USNews

Here are the key points where the Democratic and Republican memos clash. And one where they agree.
Was the application to obtain a FISA surveillance warrant on former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page a major FBI and Justice Department abuse that amounted to politically motivated surveillance? Or was it the proper extension of an FBI counterintelligence investigation into Trump and Russia?
Feb 25 1:03AM CNN News

Jennifer Lawrence's 'gaffe' and the fickle nature of public opinion | Rebecca Nicholson
Time was when the Hollywood star could do no wrong. But, oh dear, now..
Feb 25 12:01AM Guardian-USNews

Democratic intelligence memo released with redactions
The House Intelligence Committee has released the Democratic memo.
Feb 24 11:29PM CNN News

Read the Democratic memo here
President Donald Trump on Saturday agreed to release this redacted version of the Democratic memo that seeks to undercut Republican claims of FBI surveillance abuses.
Feb 24 9:23PM CNN News

Delta and United airlines join firms cutting NRA ties after Florida shooting
More than a dozen prominent businesses have ended discount and loyalty schemes for NRA membersOpinion: Young people could tip balance on gun laws. Two major airlines, Delta and United, announced on Saturday they would cut ties with the National Rifle Association (NRA), adding to the escalating fallout from the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school that left 17 people dead. Related: Florida students try to rebuild their lives - but they won't stop pushing for gun control Continue reading.
Feb 24 7:50PM Guardian-USPolitics

As Florida teens show us how it's done, my anger is turning to hope
Watching them take apart politicians with ease and turn grief into action - it's the first time in a long while that I've thought things will start to get better It's hard to imagine finding light and hope in the aftermath of a tragedy like the one that left 17 people dead in Parkland, Florida. Yet somehow we have, thanks to the sheer determination of student survivors. They're flooding cable television and social media, starting walkouts and marches.
Feb 24 4:05PM Guardian-USPolitics

Republicans eye compromise on guns - but most resist assault weapons ban
As Florida representative calls for banning AR-15 rifles, others in his party look toward more moderate concessions In the aftermath of the Parkland shooting, as American high school students stage walkouts to protest lawmakers' lack of action on gun control, some Republicans are beginning to offer concessions. But most are still resisting the major demand from young advocates: a renewed ban on assault weapons. On Friday, Donald Trump repeated his preferred responses to Parkland: new emphasis on background checks and arming teachers to create offensive capability in schools.
Feb 24 12:00PM Guardian-USPolitics

Fears grow as rightwing billionaires battle to erode US union rights
Supreme court hears arguments in case that could strip unions of major source of income - amid worries that the unions will lose A 20-year campaign by rightwing billionaire donors to undermine trade unions and strike a blow at the progressive movement in Americacomes to a climax on Monday, in a hearing at the US supreme court. The nine justices of the nation's highest court will hear arguments in Janus V AFSCME, a case that has the potential to strip unions of a major source of income. Should the court rule against the public sector unions - as many fear it will - they stand to suffer a decline in their 7.
Feb 24 6:00AM Guardian-USPolitics