Boring is 'amazing' for steady returns: Epoch's Van Valen
The gains of internet-related stocks in recent years have cast a shadow over what a dull but steady income stream from dividends can do for investors.
Nov 14 1:00AM Reuters Wealth

Can Tesla Stock Keep Climbing, Even In an Economic Downturn?
Market experts consider Tesla stock a 'buy.
Nov 13 11:15PM Entrepreneur Latest Articles entrepreneur

U.S. recession unlikely before 2020, and then 'wok' shaped
U.S. President Donald Trump may just escape having to grapple with a recession before the U.
Nov 13 8:54PM Reuters Wealth

Even after sell-off, Blackstone's Wien avoids gloom on U.S. stocks
U.S. stocks have been battered over the last few weeks but a senior executive at Blackstone Group LP, one of the world's most influential asset managers, said there is no cause to be overly worried.
Nov 13 8:27PM Reuters Wealth

More pain in store for Italian bonds: NN IP CIO
Italian assets have further to fall before prices start to look attractive but the selloff will not trigger 2012-style contagion across the euro zone or require the ECB to step in, NN Investment...
Nov 13 8:06PM Reuters Wealth

Emerging debt, unlike most fixed income, not expensive: TCW's Foley
Emerging market debt is a rare fixed-income class that does not look too expensive, and could be an even more attractive investment if the U.S. dollar weakens, according to Penny Foley, portfolio.
Nov 13 8:04PM Reuters Wealth

How Entrepreneurs Create Connection in the Age of Isolation
Here are three ways to build human connection with your teammates.
Nov 13 8:00PM Entrepreneur Latest Articles entrepreneur

The Best Marketing Material Is Something Your Audience Would Miss If They Stopped Receiving It
How many people would reach out and wonder (or complain) if you didn't send out that next email blast?
Nov 13 7:00PM Entrepreneur Latest Articles entrepreneur

10 Cannabis Executives Predict How AG Jeff Sessions' Retirement Will Affect the Marijuana Industry
The future of the marijuana industry could change with anti-cannabis Jeff Sessions out as Attorney General
Nov 13 6:30PM Entrepreneur Latest Articles entrepreneur

Why Recording and Sharing Your Dreams Should Be Part of Your Morning Routine
Learn how to set up your brain for a successful day.
Nov 13 6:30PM Entrepreneur Latest Articles entrepreneur

Revive the Fire In Your Office and in Your Employees
Transparency is key.
Nov 13 2:00PM Entrepreneur

Think You're Ready for a New Venture? Answer These 5 Questions First.
Don't go into this blindly. It won't end well.
Nov 13 1:30PM Entrepreneur

If Your Customers Are Only 99 Percent Satisfied, You Need to Do Better
Customers aren't going to come back or refer your business if they aren't 100 percent satisfied.
Nov 13 1:30PM Entrepreneur

3 Things Franchises Should Know About Hiring a PR Firm
Be honest about your expectations, explore multiple firms and above all, trust your gut.
Nov 13 1:00PM Entrepreneur

#1675 This founder built a profitable bot company from Siberia
Today I have a guest for you who has managed to build a chat bot company from Siberia! Alex Kistenev is the co-founder of Standuply which is a bot that runs meetings for you within Slack. I want to find out how hes built this company without any funding and the clever way hes getting users to sign up for it. .
Nov 12 2:00PM Mixergy

10 Food and Beverage Startups That PepsiCo Sees as the Next Big Thing
These companies have been named the inaugural class of PepsiCo's Nutrition Greenhouse Program in North America.
Nov 12 1:30PM Entrepreneur

#1674 How to manufacture virality for your brand (without gimmicks)
I usually focus on revenue in these interviews but I do care about other indicators of size. So when I heard that Michael Krivicka from Thinkmodo was available to do an interview I wanted to get him on here. What Michael does is create viral videos.
Nov 9 3:00PM Mixergy

#1673 How to build your business through relationships and social sales
When you're building a business it's easier to grow faster if you connect with larger businesses that already exist. Today's guest did that. Jon Ferrara is the founder of Nimble which is a social sales, and marketing CRM for individuals and teams.
Nov 7 2:00PM Mixergy

#1672 How to make your content site addictive
There was a while where content sites were becoming less successful than SaaS and other platforms. Well, todays guest created an addictive experience with a content site and turned it into a real business. Evan Varsamis is the founder of The Gadget Flow which is a product discovery platform that helps you discover, save, and buy awesome products.
Nov 5 2:00PM Mixergy

#1671 Case Study: How to launch a successful music startup
Joining me today is a former music industry executive who said, The world is changing. Artists are starting to record in their bedrooms and find their audiences on YouTube and Spotify. He knew the music industry had to understand how to work with them in a new way and he came up with that way.
Nov 2 12:43PM Mixergy