*** Thu Apr 25 6:18 AM
Tesla Posts Big Quarterly Loss as Its Electric-Car Sales Lag
The $702 million loss exceeded expectations, but the company reaffirmed its guidance on the year's deliveries. It said it was open to raising capital.
Apr 25 1:13AM NYTimes

Facebook Expects to Be Fined Up to $5 Billion by F.T.C. Over Privacy Issues
Facebook and the agency have been in negotiations over a financial penalty for claims that the company violated a 2011 consent decree.
Apr 24 11:47PM NYTimes

Stock Market Retreats Off Record Highs as Facebook Prepares to Report Financial Results
Chipotle and O'Reilly Auto Parts will also report after the market closes today.
Apr 24 9:15PM Entrepreneur

Scientists Create Speech From Brain Signals
A prosthetic voice decodes what the brain intends to say and generates (mostly) understandable speech, no muscle movement needed.
Apr 24 6:34PM NYTimes

This Entrepreneur Wants Us to See and Record the World in a Whole New Way
The cofounder and CEO of OPKIX explains the birth of his social-first wearable cameras.
Apr 24 6:12PM Entrepreneur

Nissan Warns Investors of a 45 Percent Drop in Profit
The company, facing weaker U.S. sales, issued its second downward revision in two months as it attempts to move on since Carlos Ghosn's arrest.
Apr 24 6:04PM NYTimes

For the Cannasieur, Pre-rolls in a Humidor
Introducing the glass-tipped, hemp-wrapped El Blunto -- the Cuban cigar of cannabis.
Apr 24 5:56PM Entrepreneur

6 Common Lies People Believe About Investing
Jeff Rose breaks down some misleading ideas people have about investing money.
Apr 24 5:30PM Entrepreneur

Why America May Already Have Its Highest Minimum Wage
Because of a string of moves by states and cities in recent years, the effective average is almost at $12 an hour.
Apr 24 3:35PM NYTimes

Apple CEO Tim Cook Made One Simple Change to Help Him Avoid iPhone Addiction
He says he doesn't want people to use their phones so much.
Apr 24 1:57PM Entrepreneur Latest Articles entrepreneur

President Trump Meets With Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey After Blasting Platform for Bias
They don't treat me well as a Republican,' Trump said in tweet on Tuesday morning. 'Very discriminatory.
Apr 24 1:45PM Entrepreneur Latest Articles entrepreneur

#1747 A pain point for Etsy sellers inspired Isaac Oates to create JustWorks
Do you dread the process of hiring people because managing the payment process is such a huge headache? Isaac Oates recognized that paint point and as a result he created JustWorks to help entrepreneurs and businesses by giving them access to big-company benefits, automated payroll, HR tools and compliance support in an easy-to-use platform. Six years later, JustWorks is one of the fastest growing HR technology platforms with revenue in the tens of millions. .
Apr 24 1:00PM Mixergy

After A Family Tragedy, I Finally Learned How To Balance My Work Life
Jung Lee, founder of events production-and-design firm Fte, writes about the moment she learned to create a stronger support system.
Apr 24 1:00PM Entrepreneur Latest Articles entrepreneur

This CEO Breaks Down Why Working for Yourself Is Just as Great as You'd Hope
This entrepreneur has the freedom to do what she wants, how she wants.
Apr 24 12:30PM Entrepreneur Latest Articles entrepreneur

Fewer Americans seeing crucial Social Security document due to budget cuts
(The opinions expressed here are those of the author, a columnist for Reuters.)
Apr 24 10:39AM Reuters Wealth

Hollywood Writers Trace Friction With Agents to Wall Street
As private-equity funds take big stakes in talent firms, the clients feel shortchanged, pointing to conflicts of interest in the packaging of deals.
Apr 23 11:52PM NYTimes

#1746 How innovation is the 'Secret Sauce' behind the success of Sylvain Labs
How does a company overcome innovation stagnation to bring a new product to the marketplace? Alain Sylvain is the Founder of Sylvain Labs which is an innovation and brand design consultancy. Companies are able to outsource their innovation issues to Sylvain Labs where they help businesses to identify unmet consumer needs and in turn, create new products to meet those needs. .
Apr 22 1:00PM Mixergy

#1745 How did SixthContinent experience massive revenue growth from $7M to $60M in one year?
How do you react when you are told you cant do something? Do you rise to the occasion and prove the haters wrong or pack up your toys and go home? Francesca Roveda is Co-Founder of SixthContinent which is an e-commerce platform. Francesca was told she couldnt break into the male-dominated finance industry so she set out to prove she could and SixthContinent was born to give people more purchasing power. .
Apr 19 1:00PM Mixergy

UBS Wealth closes U.S. equity overweight, favors emerging stocks
UBS Global Wealth Management has closed its overweight position in U.S. equities and shifted to an overweight in emerging market and Japanese stocks, it said on Thursday.
Apr 18 2:20PM Reuters Wealth

Collapsed hedge fund Columna sues Permira-backed former managers
The new managers of Columna Commodities Fund, a Luxembourg hedge fund which went into liquidation in early 2017, have said they are suing its former managers Alter Domus for $56 million in lost...
Apr 18 11:51AM Reuters Wealth

Exclusive: Advent readies new $2.2 billion Latam private equity fund - sources
U.S. private equity firm Advent International Corp is preparing to launch a $2.
Apr 18 5:04AM Reuters Wealth

Monica Crowley, a Fox News Fixture, Is Said to Get a Top Treasury Job
The choice of Ms. Crowley for the Treasury's top communications role comes about two years after she withdrew as a candidate for other administration jobs in the face of plagiarism accusations.
Apr 17 7:09PM NYTimes

#1744 How Erik Bergman's passion for online gambling turned into a public company
How does an entrepreneur overcome insecurities and complete failure to refocus and launch a successful company? Erik Bergman is the founder of Catena Media, which is a high-quality lead generation company. If February 2016, Catena Media went public on the Swedish stock exchange and is valued at $400M USD. .
Apr 17 1:00PM Mixergy

The 2008 Financial Crisis as Seen From the Top
In Firefighting, Ben S. Bernanke, Timothy F. Geithner and Henry M.
Apr 16 9:00AM NYTimes