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A recent uptick in impact events on the Moon and on Earth
Data from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter indicate the number of impact events on the Moon nearly tripled over the past 290 million years.
Jan 20 5:16PM Astronomy Now

Here's where the axon is
Protecting those that protect the wiring of the nervous system.
Jan 20 1:06PM Cosmos

A clearer picture of how massive stars die
An international study has revealed why some hypernovae do not emit GRBs. Nick Carne reports.
Jan 20 1:05PM Cosmos

Look up this Monday, Americans
Lunar eclipse to offer a visual feast for those in the right place.
Jan 20 1:04PM Cosmos

Here's the Weather Forecast for the Super Blood Wolf Moon of 2019 Tonight!
It's time for the total lunar eclipse of 2019and if you're hoping to catch the amazing event, you better check your weather first. The National Weather Forecast for the lunar eclipse tonight (Jan. 20) is basically a coin toss.
Jan 20 12:00PM

Super Blood Wolf Moon of 2019! Visibility Maps for the Total Lunar Eclipse
On Jan. 20, 2019, the moon passes through Earth's shadow in a total lunar eclipse during the Full Wolf Moon, which is also a "supermoon." See visibility maps for the Super Blood Wolf Moon eclipse of 2019 here!
Jan 20 9:05AM

Trump Unveils Missile Defense Review, Promises Funding for Space Sensors in 2020
President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence visited the Pentagon on Thursday to roll out the 2019 Missile Defense Review.
Jan 20 8:28AM

Delta 4-Heavy rocket launches U.S. spy satellite into unusual orbit
A top secret surveillance payload owned by the National Reconnaissance Office soared into space Saturday from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on top of a United Launch Alliance Delta 4-Heavy rocket, entering an unusual orbit not previously used by the U.S. government's spy satellite fleet.
Jan 19 11:19PM Space Flight Now

Blue Origin aims to launch delayed New Shepard flight Monday
Blue Origin plans to launch the next test flight of its New Shepard suborbital booster Monday from West Texas as the commercial space company moves closer to flying people to the edge of space.
Jan 19 1:52PM Space Flight Now

Live coverage: Delta 4-Heavy readied for launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base
United Launch Alliance's Delta 4-Heavy rocket is set for liftoff at 11:05 a.m. PST (2:05 p.
Jan 19 9:22AM Space Flight Now

Juno captures Jupiter's Great Red Spot and a smaller rival
NASA's Juno spacecraft continues capturing stunning view of Jupiter and its turbulent atmosphere, including this spectacular shot of the Great Red Spot and a small companion storm in the planet's southern hemisphere.
Jan 18 3:52PM Astronomy Now

Cassini data shows Saturn's rings likely a recent phenomenon
Analysis of data collected near the end of the Cassini spacecraft's mission to Saturn indicate the planet's spectacular rings are a relatively recent phenomenon.
Jan 18 3:29PM Astronomy Now

Ancient lunar craters reveal Earth's own impact history
Can studying pockmarks on the Moon teach us about the hits Earth has taken?
Jan 18 12:00PM Astronomy

Hot Jupiters may form close to their stars
Giant planets circling their suns in a matter of days could form in place, rather than migrating inward, as previously thought.
Jan 18 12:00PM Astronomy

The Sky This Week from January 18 to January 27
A total eclipse of the Moon Sunday night highlights a week that also boasts a stunning predawn conjunction between Venus and Jupiter.
Jan 18 12:00PM Astronomy

Heads-Up For Sunday, A Super 'Blood Moon' Is On The Way
Not only will the moon be particularly close to Earth, but it will also be bathed in a reddish light just before midnight Eastern time.
Jan 17 11:05PM NPR-Space

China Tried To Grow Cotton On The Moon, But It Didn't Work
The cotton seeds aboard a lunar lander had encouraged hopes that plants could grow on the moon. But days after China boasted of the experiment's success, the tender shoots died.
Jan 17 10:03PM NPR-Space

Trump Unveils Ambitious Missile Defense Plans
The strategy, reminiscent of the Cold War-era Star Wars program, calls for new sensors in space, updated missile interceptors and advanced weapons, including lasers.
Jan 17 8:53PM NPR-Space

Saturn is ancient, but its rings are only as old as the dinosaurs
Space . How the gas giant got its rings. Saturn's rings are one of the most gorgeous sights to behold in the solar system, but we've never quite understood their origin story.
Jan 17 7:24PM PopSci Outer Space

The Arctic Security and Space Podcast
. Most Canadians have little concept of how vast the arctic really is, think of an area larger than Europe and youll start to get an appreciation of the scale of the area Canada needs to protect. My guest for this weeks SpaceQ podcast is Colonel (Retired) Pierre Leblanc, principal at Arctic Security Consultants. Colonel Leblanc .
Jan 17 6:32PM

The Canadian Space Agency Opens Registration for InvestmentSpace 2019
. The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has opened up registration for the inaugural InvestmentSpace 2019 one day event being held in Toronto on February 22. The event is being organized with the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) and the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL). CDL is currently in the midst of its inaugural space stream and InvestmentSpace 2019 will .
Jan 17 5:07PM

Canadian Space Agency Awards Deep Space Health Technology Concept Contracts
. As part of its ongoing preparations for a possible contribution to the NASA led Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has awarded four health technology concept contracts. The contracts are from the CSA Request For Proposals (RFP) titled Technology Concept Studies and Prototyping of Health Technologies for Deep Space Missions Decision Support Systems . The post Canadian Space Agency Awards Deep Space Health Technology Concept Contracts appeared first on SpaceQ.
Jan 17 4:27PM

How to watch the super blood wolf moon this weekend
Space . Okay, it's really just an eclipse. Sunday's eclipse will be visible throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Africa.
Jan 15 7:41PM PopSci Outer Space

Earth's magnetic pole is moving faster than expected
Space . But we won't know where it's going until the government shutdown ends. Feeling a little off-kilter in the early weeks of 2019? Well, so's the Earth's magnetic poleand it's been feeling like that for a while.
Jan 14 10:24PM PopSci Outer Space