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Patients and industry fret over drug supplies, if no Brexit deal
Consumers and the pharmaceuticals industry alike are anxious about medicine supplies, if there is no deal on Britain's departure from the European Union.
Nov 14 12:14AM Reuters Health News

Fighting heroin addiction: Bobby's story
Bobby was injecting heroin and crack cocaine up to six times a day. He's spoken to the BBC about what made him turn his life around.
Nov 14 12:10AM BBC Health

U.S. physicians urge FDA to bolster labeling on high-sugar foods
The American Medical Association (AMA) is urging the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ramp up labeling of high-sugar foods, it said in a statement on Tuesday.
Nov 13 11:34PM Reuters Health News

Green Thumb Industries Acquires Nevada's Top Cannabis Company
Green Thumb's acquisition of Integral Associates includes Desert Grow Farms, Cannabiotix NV and three Essence brand dispensaries. . The post Green Thumb Industries Acquires Nevadas Top Cannabis Company appeared first on High Times.
Nov 13 11:07PM High Times

Weed May Play a Role in Weight Loss
Studies have shown that cannabis users are less obese than non-users. Scientists are trying to figure out why. The day cannabis became legal in Canada, media coverage included jokes about grocery stores selling out of Doritos and tales about a plucky Girl Guide selling out of cookies outside of a dispensary.
Nov 13 10:48PM Cannibus Culture

Health dangers of undercooking a Thanksgiving turkey
Know the health dangers of under-cooking a turkey ahead of Thanksgiving dinner this year.
Nov 13 10:20PM FoxNews health

The Weekly Spin: on Landis, Cannabis, and Navigating Sponsorship Law
On October 4, Floyd Landis announced that his Colorado-based cannabis business, Floyd's of Leadville, was taking on the title sponsorship of Silber Pro Cycling, a Canadian Continental team. On October 17, Canada enacted Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act, legalizing recreational cannabis use with caveats on how it can be promoted. As it turns out, these two events may prove to be incompatible.
Nov 13 10:05PM Cannibus Culture

UMass Amherst Launches Campaign Warning Students Pot Won't Be Tolerated
UMass Amherst is making it clear that weed is not allowed. . The post UMass Amherst Launches Campaign Warning Students Pot Wont Be Tolerated appeared first on High Times.
Nov 13 9:33PM High Times

Judge Rules in Favor of California Cannabis Home Growers
Fontana, CA. homegrowers don't need a background check, home inspections, or high fees. .
Nov 13 8:26PM Leafy

How Does Law Enforcement Know Your Cannabis Is Legal? Keep Your Receipt
How Does Law Enforcement Know if Your Cannabis Is Legal? . The post How Does Law Enforcement Know Your Cannabis Is Legal? Keep Your Receipt appeared first on Leafly.
Nov 13 7:30PM Leafy

Mom criticized for breastfeeding 9-year-old says daughter 'naturally self-weaned
A mom has revealed how she will miss breastfeeding her daughter after the youngster finally weaned at age 9.
Nov 13 7:08PM FoxNews health

Deena Kastor's Tips For First-Time Marathoners
American marathon record holder Deena Kastor offers tips on marathon recovery and getting through the difficult moments in a tricky race. . Read the full article at Deena Kastor's Tips For First-Time Marathoners on Women's Running.
Nov 13 7:00PM Women's Running Magazine

How To Solve Achilles Tendon Pain
The Achilles tendon is extremely important to running, but it's also easily injured. Here's how to prevent and treat Achilles pain. .
Nov 13 6:00PM Women's Running Magazine

Brooks Running Gives Booster Club Grants to 25 High School Teams
Here are the 25 schools Brooks Running Company will give Booster Club grants to this year. . The post Brooks Running Gives Booster Club Grants to 25 High School Teams appeared first on Brooks Blog.
Nov 13 4:00PM Brooks Running

PPN Bites: Why should we accept acceptance? by Carin Rockind (Episode 19)
November 13, 2018By Carin Rockind - Watch on YouTube Hi, Im Carin Rockind. Welcome to PPN Bites where we give you 60-second helpings of the positive psychology news you need to know.
Nov 13 3:43PM Positive Psychololgy News

Inside My 2005 Training Log: How I Trained for Cross Country
Cross country was always my favorite season of running. Sweaty summer miles lead to fast, fall racing. What could be better? .
Nov 13 3:00PM Strength Running

3 key exercises to beat calf injury Clinical Director Mike James, an endurance specialist Physiotherapist from South Wales, provides advice on calf pain in runners The calf complex is composed of the plantaris, soleus, and gastrocnemius muscles and injuries to these structures are very common in runners. Although calf pain after acute muscle strain injury is expected and needs to be.
Nov 13 2:39PM Men's Running Magazine

Northern Ireland child post-mortem examinations to be done in England
From January 2019 post-mortem examinations on children from Northern Ireland will have to be carried out in Liverpool.
Nov 13 12:12PM BBC Health

How to Eat to Fuel Your Running Training
Running nutrition is a fundamental element of success for your training and racing. This article looks at how to properly eat to fuel your running training
Nov 12 12:25PM Running Shoes

From Low Energy to High Mileage: How Jodi Turned Her Running Around
Twelve years ago, I had a Michael Phelps moment. I was eating nearly twice as much food and still feeling famished all day (I didnt gain a pound, either). .
Nov 8 4:48PM Strength Running

Four autumn running shoes
Take a look at these four shoes in our mini-review Asics Roadhawk FF Price: 100 Weight: 245g Heel Drop: 8mm First up, this is a neutral shoe and definitely not for those who over-pronate. The Roadhawk FF weighs in at a lightweight 245g and still provides plenty of plush cushioning (thanks to the Flytefoam midsole)..
Nov 8 11:39AM Men's Running Magazine

3 Things to Expect from Brooks at Your Next Race
When we sponsor races and events, we want to show up in full force and make sure runners feel the Brooks love. . The post 3 Things to Expect from Brooks at Your Next Race appeared first on Brooks Blog.
Nov 6 10:16PM Brooks Running

Brooks Ricochet Review
The Ricochet is a new shoe line for Brooks to join the Levitate with DNA AMP cushioning. However, the bounce doesn't make up for weight and firmness issues
Nov 4 9:19AM Running Shoes

HempMeds Mexico President Raul Elizalde to Speak at 25th HIACON
Elizalde will present on the changing legal landscape for CBD and hemp in Mexico and how this affects CBD oil products like RSHO-X. HempMeds Mexico President Raul Elizalde is scheduled to speak this weekend at the 2018 Hemp Industries Association 25th Annual Conference (HIACON) in Los Angeles. HIACON will be held from November 2-5 at [] .
Nov 1 7:10PM Medical Marijuana

Wisdom @ Work (Book Review)
In his new book, Wisdom @ Work, Chip Conley invites workers of all ages to become Menterns (simultaneously mentors and interns), with intergenerational reciprocity that allows all age cohorts to learn from each other.
Nov 1 6:46PM Positive Psychololgy News

Running Repairs - New course dates for London, Germany and more!
Its official. Running Repairs has now sold out for 2018! We had one place left for our December course in Surrey but that was snapped up this week. They do fill fast! In fact at present we have just 3 places left for our January course in Leeds.
Oct 24 12:30PM Running Physio