Concussions in the Elderly
Most people know about concussions in athletes, active children and young adults. But concussions aren't limited by age or physical activity. Increasingly, older adults are being diagnosed with concussions and other brain injuries typically due to falls.
Jun 18 3:25PM Rethink Concussions

How an App Helps First Responders Save Lives
Rail transportation in the United States consists primarily of freight shipments, while passenger service, once a large and vital part of the nation's passenger transportation network, plays a limited role as compared to transportation patterns in many other countries. Yet it's an area where technology is quietly transforming the industry and those that work within it.
Jun 7 7:57AM

How IoT Benefits the Sharing Economy
From Cars and Bikes to Umbrellas The benefits of IoT and M2M connectivity are plentiful when it comes to the sharing economy. Portable items that can be reused by the community have become very popular over the last few years and have become a key element in the drive towards smart cities.
Jun 6 6:44PM

recipe to eliminate your diseases and enjoy good health
If you are suffer from anxiety, depression, Obesity , colon pain, And nervousness, And did not find the right solution for healing? some scientific studies show that many of the diseases that affect us in our lives is because of the lack of a healthy diet, in this course I will give you healthy recipe to help you eliminate these diseases, Which will make you feel very comfortable in your stomach and therefore will work to eliminate the diseases that suffer from it, in addition, this recipe is good for you even if not suffering from these diseases and can be used, for example, athletes, fitness men and can be used by any person to get good health. and It work on:Help eliminate depressionHelps Eliminates anxiety Helps slimmingStrengthens the immune systemReduce cholesterol and treat the heartCure for cancer and delayed agingLaxative and soothing colonTreatment of high sugar and pressurewe meet in the course, bye.
Jun 6 11:13AM

If we want to get women riding bikes, this has to change
I'd love to dust off my desperately underutilised bike and cycle to work. The idea of flying past morning traffic, getting incidental exercise, and looking as stylish as a Dane appeals to me.
Jun 5 9:03PM The Age

Urban commuters can get a pedal boost with two new ebikes from VanMoof
Bike manufacturer VanMoof has earned itself a loyal customer base thanks to its laser focus on bike commuting in urban settings. The company prides itself on creating products specifically made for riding in cities, offering unique designs, a wide variety of features, and a sustainable approach that is good for the environment.
Jun 5 7:46PM Digital Trends

On-demand scooter startups Lime and Bird reportedly raising $450M
The on-demand transportation market is slowly but surely expanding beyond traditional ride-hailing to other modes of travel. One of the most promising new frontiers is app-based scooter sharing, a new but already fiercely competitive segment.
Jun 5 6:33PM SiliconANGLE

International Olympic Committee Makes 'Biggest Commitment Ever' to Fight Plastic Pollution
Popular The world of sport is not immune to the problem of plastic pollution. Stadiums and arenas can become filled with discarded cups, bottles and straws after sporting events.
Jun 5 6:03PM EcoWatch

Singapore to require geofencing for bike-share operators
Singapore's ?Land Transport Authority will require that all bike-share services apply for a license by July 7 to continue operations, and that all services to have a geofencing feature by the end of this year, according to the South China Morning Post. The geofencing technology will use GPS and radio frequency identification technology (RFID) to require riders to leave their bikes in designated parking areas.
Jun 5 2:45PM Smart Cities Dive

Ikea's bike was good-but now they're all being recalled
When Ikea launched a bicycle in 2016, it had lofty goals about solving problems in urban transportation. We started off actually designing a new transport system, the company's head of design told Fast Company at the time.
Jun 5 11:33AM Fast Company

ReTyre zips new tread, even winter spikes over your tires in seconds
ReTyre's concept is simple - everyday we wear different shoes based on where we go, so why do everyday bikes get tires that almost never change until worn out? The issue is the hassle, so their zip-on reTyre system makes it fast & easy to zip the perfect tread onto the bike for every ride - no need to even take the wheel off the bike.This small Norwegian company has spent the past few years refining their modular base tire + zip-on skin concept.
Jun 5 11:32AM Bikerumor

Explaining the obesity paradox: It's muscle mass, not fat, that helps you live longer
(Natural News) According to the obesity paradox, people who are obese or overweight tend to have a lower risk of dying during a specific time period, compared to individuals with a normal weight. However, a study indicates that the obesity paradox can somehow be explained by one factor.
Jun 5 8:00AM

Fruit juice to be axed in school meals overhaul
Have your say Fruit juices and smoothies are set to be banned from lunch menus, while children will be given a minimum of two portions of vegetables a day under a major shake up of the food provided in Scotland's schools. The Scottish Government also wants to introduce lower sugar limits on foods such as cereal and yoghurts and limits on processed meat such as ham, as part of efforts to tackle childhood obesity and health.
Jun 5 7:05AM

Gastric balloons now linked to 12 deaths, FDA says
Five additional deaths were reported by the FDA Monday In four reports, death was preceded by a hole in the stomach wall (CNN)An additional five patients have died in association with intragastric balloons for the treatment of obesity, bringing the total number of deaths to 12 worldwide since 2016, the US Food and Drug Administration said in an alert Monday. The intragastric balloon systems are weight-loss systems that function by taking up space in a patient's stomach, according to the FDA.
Jun 4 11:00PM CNN

Planning the Perfect Quebec City Winter Getaway
The city is transformed as the seasons change. The residents of Quebec City embrace the winter and the cold.
Jun 1 8:45AM Justin Plus Lauren

Dr. Julie Gralow Honored for Empowering Patients Globally
Disparities Dr. Gralow earned her undergraduate degree from Stanford University and her medical degree from the University of Southern California.
May 31 9:40PM ASCO Annual Meeting

Embracing Adversity - My Brain and I
What do you do when your brain stops working properly and you have to relearn the daily processes that we all do, literally without thinking? In this very personal talk for TEDxBristol Kim examines the moment her life changed when she contracted Weil's Disease Encephalitis, and explores how we can all deal with fear, adversity and life's inevitable speed humps with great gusto.This talk is from TEDxBristol 2015 Great Expectations: looking towards a future we can dare to expect more from.
May 30 9:50PM YouTube