How a litter picking movement went viral
Martin Dorey started picking up litter every time he surfed. Soon, his habit spread across a nation and #2MinuteBeachClean was born.
Feb 24 3:29PM Mother Nature

Patrick Brown Files Notice Of Libel Against CTV News
TORONTO Patrick Brown has filed notice of libel to CTV News, which last month reported allegations of sexual misconduct that he has categorically denied. The Barrie, Ont.
Feb 24 2:35PM HuffPost Canada

Modern Dad on HomePod: It's only for the Apple Faithful
Subscribe to Modern Dad on YouTube I love me some connected speakers. I've got almost every speaker Sonos has released spread throughout my home.
Feb 24 2:00PM iMore

London's Best Pizza Restaurants
Updated: June 2016 Officially rated the world's most popular food, there's something pretty impressive about pizza, but it's all too often relegated to the realms of drunken dinners and fast food. Following in the path of burgers and hotdogs, London has seen a boom in gourmet pizza restaurants of late, and the city now has no shortage of people taking it very seriously indeed.
Feb 24 12:05PM Londonist

How to Spot the Fossils Hiding in Plain Sight
Some of the most arresting evidence of prehistoric life is enshrined in museums: fossils, hoisted onto pedestals, interpreted with placards, illuminated by spotlights. But fossils can be anywhereyou likely pass some every day.
Feb 24 9:01AM Atlas Obscura

Opportunity rover notches up 5,000 days on Mars and counting
It was only meant to last about three months, but NASA's Opportunity Mars rover has officially clocked up 5,000 Martian days exploring the Red Planet. That's a little over 5,151 Earth days in which the robotic geologist has traversed a record 28 mi (45 km) across the surface of Mars to unlock the secrets of the planet's history and geology - and it's not done yet.
Feb 24 8:46AM

Internet Of Things Paving Way For Smart Construction Industry
The construction industry for decades has been known for its lethal combination of hazardous work culture and cutting-edge technology. But it is also an indicator of economic development and is one of the most booming industries across the world.
Feb 24 8:00AM

Jaw-Dropping Fossils Discovered In Bears Ears Where Trump Just Gutted Protections
Fossils face another extinction courtesy of the president.
Feb 24 7:06AM Environmental Issues

When It Comes to the Fake News Scourge, Russia Doesn't Hold a Candle to U.S. Conservative Media
No serious discussion of fake news can possibly discount the role this homegrown disinformation campaign has played in subverting U.S.
Feb 24 2:41AM

Covanta, Advanced Disposal Announce Fourth Quarter and Full Year Earnings
Both companies posted year-over-year revenue increases and discussed guidance for 2018.
Feb 23 10:10PM Recycling

Bad news: the Amazon might be past the point of saving
In Brief The Amazon Rainforest isn't just dwindling it's approaching a crisis point. A new study has laid out how the combination of deforestation, climate change, and other factors could push the rainforest beyond the point of no return.
Feb 23 9:28PM Futurism

New Fitness Trend 'Plogging' Keeps Both Humans And Mother Earth Healthy
What's grosser? Not picking up trash or not taking responsiblity for it?
Feb 23 9:03PM Environmental Issues

National Skip the Straw Day Inspires Recycling Initiatives, Paper Alternatives
Organizations, restaurants and citizens are joining forces to reduce ocean pollution.
Feb 23 7:20PM Recycling

10 of the world's most wondrous natural arches
Carved from nothing more than the weathering hand of time and Earth's own forces, here are some of the world's most wondrous natural arches.
Feb 23 7:03PM Mother Nature

Here's everything coming to
Netflix has released its list of what's staying and what's leaving in the month of March 2018. There are highly-anticipated new titles officially streaming on the service, as well as old favorites making their exits this month.
Feb 23 4:36PM Business Insider

Germany Awards 900 Megawatts In Wind & Solar Tenders In Year's First Auctions
Google+ February 23rd, 2018 by Joshua S Hill Germany's Federal Network Agency announced the winners this week from its first onshore wind and solar auctions for 2018, awarding more than 900 megawatts to over 100 separate projects. On Tuesday, the Bundesnetzagentur (Germany's Federal Network Agency) revealed the winners of two separate tender auctions wind energy and solar energy unconnected but announced at the same time.
Feb 23 3:07PM CleanTechnica

Weekend reading: Effects of Industrial agriculture on health and the environment
I reviewed an earlier draft of this report, and was impressed by its comprehensiveness and attention to detail. If you are interested in understanding how our current agricultural system came about, what problems it causes, and what to do about them, this report is an excellent place to start.
Feb 23 2:41PM Food Politics by Marion Nestle

Van Dyk Recycling Solutions installs first MRF in Mexico
Company says Mexico's first MRF is recovering 72 percent of incoming MSW.
Feb 23 1:18PM Recycling Today

Peru designates 2 million acres of rainforest as a national park
Continuing a South American trend, the new Yaguas National Park protects wildlife, the environment and Indigenous people alike.
Feb 23 1:17PM Nature Lover

Jim Hightower: What Essential Social Program Will the Trump Mob Try to Kill Next?
Presidential budgets aren't just numbers, they're statements of a president's moral principles. Breaking news: Trump & Company are a murderous mob! From the start of his White House tenure, the Trumpsters have plotted, stalked and serially killed vibrant members of the English Language.
Feb 23 11:48AM Alternet

Daniel Burrus' Top 20 Technology Hard Trends Shaping 2017
There has never been a shortage of trends, and it's predictable that, as we near the end of every year, a new batch of trends will be published. The real problem for you is figuring out which ones will happen.
Feb 23 10:08AM Daniel Burrus

Organic Farming Gets a Boost from Kashi's Innovative Certification Program
Kashi's latest cereal ventures into new ground for the company: In an attempt to increase the number of organic farmers in its supply chain, the company says, it's developed a new certified line of products: transitional organic. But will it whet the taste buds of conventional organic consumers? What it does do, is significantly up the potential for more organic production in the future.
Feb 23 10:06AM Environmental News

Lloyds Banking Group Strives to Help the UK Prosper
Lloyds Banking Group's corporate social responsibility efforts offer a template for how banks can leverage their core competencies to help build a better society.
Feb 23 9:30AM Environmental News

Scrap imports drop in China in early 2018
January 2018 sees 27 percent drop in copper scrap imported compared to January 2017.
Feb 23 7:32AM Recycling Today

New York Offshore Wind Alliance Applauds Gov. Cuomo's Offshore Wind Master Plan
Unique Coalition of Business, Labor and Environmental Groups Calls Cuomo Plan The Nation's Best Clean, Emission-Free Technology Could Power More Than 1.25 million Homes, Create Thousands of New Jobs ALBANY, NY - The New York Offshore Wind Alliance today applauded Governor Cuomo's Offshore Wind Master Plan, which explores all facets of the burgeoning offshore wind energy industry from workforce needs, to port development to environmental conditions.
Feb 23 2:12AM Electric Car Expert, Guru

Southern Company announces Smart Neighborhood initiative
Southern Company and its Alabama Power and Georgia Power subsidiaries have announced Smart Neighborhood initiatives in Atlanta and suburban Birmingham, Alabama.
Feb 22 7:18PM Nature Lover

Installation begins on Jeff Bezo's 10,000-year clock
The clock is "designed to be a symbol, an icon for long-term thinking.
Feb 21 4:51PM Mother Earth Network

For a quick lesson on gene editing or blockchain, there's Five Levels of Difficulty
Wired's video series, 'Five Levels of Difficulty,' challenges an expert to explain a complicated concept to people at five levels of expertise and it's cool.
Feb 20 10:21PM Mother Earth Network

Trump Administration Mutes Your Feedback on Offshore Drilling Plan
Trump Administration Mutes Your Feedback on Offshore Drilling Plan . By law, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management must collect public input before enacting its five-year offshore leasing plan. But don't expect an actual human being to listen to your testimony.
Feb 20 6:57PM Earth Justice

We Asked Your Child's Favorite Dinosaur Expert Why Grand Staircase Is Worth Defending
We Asked Your Child's Favorite Dinosaur Expert Why Grand Staircase Is Worth Defending . Dr. Scott Sampson tells what it's like to discover dinosaur fossils in a national monument that Trump is trying to gut.
Feb 16 8:10PM Earth Justice