5 Great Google Drive Extensions for Teachers
After we have seen how to use Google Drive to collaborate work among various participants, we are sharing with you this collection of handy Chrome extensions to use with your Google Drive. You can use them to enhance your productivity and facilitate your workflow.
Feb 23 10:48PM Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Building an Immersive VR Streaming Solution on AWS
This post was contributed by: With the explosion in virtual reality (VR) technologies over the past few years, we've had an increasing number of customers ask us for advice and best practices around deploying their VR-based products and service offerings on the AWS Cloud. It soon became apparent that while the VR ecosystem is large in both scope and depth of types of workloads (gaming, e-medicine, security analytics, live streaming events, etc.
Feb 23 9:52PM Amazon Web Services

Cortana Catches up on Smart Home with IFTTT
Night mode San Francisco, US, February 16, 2018 Microsoft keeps pushing their assistant AI Cortana, in competition to Siri, Alexa, the Google Assistant, and works together with IFTTT to reach more devices and users. Cortana might be the forgotten contender from the voice assistant wars, as Microsoft-powered mobile devices fall into oblivion.
Feb 23 9:25PM TechAcute

2 Ways to Speed Up Your Website and Get More Traffic From Search Results
If you ask ecommerce website developers and site managers what is currently keeping them up at night, many will tell you it's the need to reduce the microseconds it takes for their web pages to load on a shopper's phone or laptop. While slow page loads (the time it takes for a website to render on a customer's screen) have never been great for keeping customers, Google is increasingly penalizing slower sites with lower ranking in search results.
Feb 23 8:57PM Inc.com

Augmented Reality will be given focus by Google at the MWC 2018
It's happening. The Mobile World Congress 2018 is almost upon us.
Feb 23 5:00PM Android Community

PHP Google Geocode Example
In this example we will explain Google Map Geocoding, what it means and how we can manipulate the Google Map Geocoding API. For this example we will need: A computer with PHP >= 5.
Feb 23 3:01PM Web Code Geeks

Ref.: RE-12369 Brussels, Leuven, Heusden Permanent > 2 years experience Bachelor (3 years) Senior Front End Web Developer / Architect Mission description As Senior Front End Web Developer / Architect, you will design and develop new web solutions together with Gfi's clients and our teams.
Feb 23 2:30PM ictjob.be

Light Dims Are the Perfect Solution to Blindingly Bright Gadget LEDs
Whether you have a few or a few dozen gadgets in your house there's one thing that's a practical guarantee: at least one or more of them will have an LED indicator light that's four times brighter than the sun. Light Dims are a super simple solution to that problem.
Feb 23 2:04PM reviewgeek.com

Drupal patches critical CMS vulnerabilities
Drupal has patched multiple vulnerabilities in the CMS platform, some of which are deemed critical. Earlier this week, the open-source content management system (CMS) provider issued a security advisory detailing a series of bugs which have now been resolved.
Feb 23 11:56AM ZDNet

How IoT and connected devices could be affected by net neutrality
When the FCC voted to end net neutrality, removing the rules preventing Internet Service Providers from blocking or slowing traffic, many people took it as a wake up call and then promptly forgot about it. Stories at the start talked often about how mobile carriers, television and Internet will be affected.
Feb 23 10:51AM Gearbrain

jQuery is Not Defined: Fixing the Common jQuery Error in WordPress
Are you feeling trapped in WordPress jquery errors? Do you want to fix the Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined in WordPress website? Then, let's see how to identify and finally, remove this error. JavaScript is used for anything from inducing interactivity into WordPress page like hovers to create animation and effects.
Feb 23 9:43AM TemplateToaster Blog

Top 10 Features Of Adobe Captivate 2017 For Responsive eLearning Development
Traditionally, the previous releases of Adobe Captivate were deemed primarily suitable for designing courses on Application Simulation. Not anymore! Besides its fully responsive design capability, the wide range of authoring capabilities in Adobe Captivate 2017 enable you to handle all types of content to meet your diverse corporate training needs.
Feb 23 9:10AM eLearning Industry

Welcome To The Era Of Self-Destructing Gadgets, From Phones To Drones
The old Mission Impossible TV series was 1960s cool. But star Peter Graves never told us how those recorded messages were able to self-destruct in five seconds.
Feb 23 5:09AM Fast Company

So You're Thinking of Decomposing Your Monolith into Microservices
Advocates for microservices tend to pitch the pattern as a remedy for bloated, messy, monolithic ailments. However, is the cost of transforming a monolith into a series of microservices worth it? There are arguments for the merits and sins of each, but what about microservices attracts so many companies and developers? The most common use case for switching to a microservice-based infrastructure is converting an existing monolith into microservices.
Feb 23 3:00AM Web Code Geeks

Institutional Firms Don't Even Know Their Software Costs
The financial services industry is behind the times but is, ever so begrudgingly, starting to catch up. This is most evident in their technological development applications.
Feb 23 12:36AM ValueWalk

Botched npm Update Crashes Linux Systems, Forces Users to Reinstall
A bug in npm (Node Package Manager), the most widely used JavaScript package manager, will change ownership of crucial Linux system folders, such as /etc, /usr, /boot. Changing ownership of these files either crashes the system, various local apps, or prevents the system from booting, according to reports from users who installed npm v5.
Feb 22 8:23PM BleepingComputer

Drupal 7 and 8 patch multiple critical vulnerabilities
Drupal patched multiple vulnerabilities in both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 including a comment reply form flaw that allows access to restricted content and an incomplete JavaScript cross-site scripting prevention flaw, both rated critical. The comment reply form vulnerability was mitigated by the fact that the comment system must be enabled and the attacker must have permission to post comments, according to a Feb.
Feb 22 7:26PM SC Media US

UV Gadgets and Virtual Docs Take On a Very Bad Flu Season
Editor's Picks Hand sanitizer just isn't cutting it this winter. Much of the US remains in the throws of its worst flu season this decade, according to federal officials.
Feb 22 3:35PM IEEE Spectrum: Technology, Engineering, and Science News

Five rapid application development tools to consider for mobile
Rapid application development tools can help organizations more easily mobilize business processes and workflows. The demand for enterprise mobile apps has never been greater, but it remains complex and expensive to build and deploy them.
Feb 22 2:23PM SearchMobileComputing

jQuery Image Map Plugin
A native JavaScript solution for creating responsive image-maps that rerender on image or viewport changes. Read More Demo Download.
Feb 22 2:15PM bestjquery.com

Apple said to debut voice-activated Siri AirPods in 2018, water-resistant model in 2019
Apple is preparing a couple of updating models of AirPods, according to Bloomberg. The popular fully wireless earbud-style headphones that Apple introduced last year are currently on track for a refresh in 2018 with the addition of a new version of the W line of chips that Apple created specifically to manage and improve Bluetooth-based connections between gadgets.
Feb 22 12:17PM TechCrunch