World Citizen - Europe {NYT} (1)
Secret Tunnel in Berlin Is an Echo From the Cold War
Researchers found the entrance to a passage under the Berlin Wall intended to help reunite a family in the 1960s.
Jan 12 5:06PM
World Citizen - The Americas {NYT} (2)
Where Has This Treat Been All Your Life? Canada
With its flaky pastry, caramelized crust and bracingly sweet filling, the butter tart has it all.
Jan 12 5:01PM
World Citizen - The Americas {NYT} (3)
Toronto Suddenly Has a New Craving: Syrian Food
This already diverse city has welcomed thousands of Syrians and their cooking, supporting a small boom in food businesses.
Jan 12 3:56PM
World Citizen - Europe {NYT} (4)
Merkel Takes Step Toward New Government for Germany
In marathon talks, the chancellor and the leaders of the other two main establishment parties settled the outlines of a renewed grand coalition.
Jan 12 3:22PM
World Citizen - Asia Pacific {NYT} (5)
Japan Balks at Calls for New Apology to South Korea Over Comfort Women
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe could miss the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics as tensions with Seoul flare anew over World War II-era sex slaves.
Jan 12 12:56PM
World Citizen - Asia Pacific {NYT} (6)
Why Is South Korea Spooking the Global Bitcoin Market?
The government says it is looking at banning virtual currency trades. But it isnt clear whether, or how quickly, it will follow through.
Jan 12 12:13PM
World Citizen - A Better World (7)
As Gay Australians Hear Wedding Bells, Vendors See Dollar Signs
One analyst estimates that same-sex marriage could provide a 650 million Australian dollar boost to the economy in 12 months.
Jan 12 9:43AM
World Citizen - Asia Pacific {NYT} (8)
Chinese Police Dynamite Christian Megachurch
Paramilitary officers used explosives and heavy machinery to destroy the church, reflecting tensions between Christians and the Communist Party.
Jan 12 9:32AM
World Citizen - Europe {NYT} (9)
Trump Says He Will Not Go to London for Embassy Opening
The president said he disapproved of the new U.S. Embassys location.
Jan 12 9:18AM
World Citizen - Europe {NYT} (10)
Europe Edition: Brexit, Facebook, Julian Assange: Your Friday Briefing
Heres what you need to know to start your day.
Jan 12 6:11AM
World Citizen - The Americas {NYT} (11)
From Norway to Haiti, Trumps Comments Stir Fresh Outrage
In a meeting with lawmakers, President Trump said the United States needed more immigrants from places like Norway and fewer from Haiti and African countries.
Jan 12 5:20AM
World Citizen - Asia Pacific {NYT} (12)
Gajah Makmur Journal: Wildlife Detectives Pursue the Case of Dwindling Elephants in Indonesia
Advocacy groups are going undercover to help the police track down poachers and using unconventional means to save the animals.
Jan 12 5:10AM
World Citizen - Middle East (13)
Fighting Rages in Syrias Last Major Insurgent Stronghold
The United Nations said assaults by Russian-backed Syrian forces in Idlib Province had put tens of thousands of civilians at risk.
Jan 12 5:04AM
World Citizen - World In Crisis {NYT} (14)
A Blue Sky in Beijing? Its Not a Fluke, Says Greenpeace
The advocacy group says air quality has drastically improved in several northeastern Chinese cities, but regions far from the capital have not seen the same results.
Jan 12 3:01AM
World Citizen - A Better World (15)
Ecuador Gives Assange Citizenship, Worsening Standoff With Britain
Ecuador wants the WikiLeaks founder to leave its London embassy, but Whitehall insists that he face justice, which could include extradition to the United States.
Jan 12 2:57AM
World Citizen - The Americas {NYT} (16)
Plastics Pile Up as China Refuses to Take the Wests Recycling
Since Jan. 1, China has banned imports of 24 kinds of waste, including materials used in plastic bottles, in a campaign against foreign garbage.
Jan 12 2:45AM
World Citizen - World In Crisis {NYT} (17)
California, Walmart, Eric Greitens: Your Thursday Evening Briefing
Heres what you need to know at the end of the day.
Jan 11 11:13PM
World Citizen - A Better World (18)
Letter 40: Weve Made it Home
This weeks Australia Letter considers what it means to be home for those who move all over the world.
Jan 11 10:43PM
World Citizen - World In Crisis {NYT} (19)
Gulag Historian Ordered to Undergo Psychiatric Testing in Russia
Yuri A. Dmitriev was charged with possessing child pornography, but his real crime seems to have been documenting Stalins crimes.
Jan 11 7:32PM
World Citizen - A Better World (20)
Same-Sex Spouses Should Have E.U. Residency Rights, Court Is Told
All married couples should be allowed to live and work across the European Union, regardless of member countries laws on same-sex unions, the blocs top court was advised.
Jan 11 4:27PM
World Citizen - World In Crisis {NYT} (21)
The New Normal in Pakistan: a Journalist on the Run From Gunmen
Taha Siddiqui, a reporter and frequent critic of Pakistans military, escaped an attack by a dozen men who diverted his car just outside the capital.
Jan 11 11:24AM
World Citizen - Middle East (22)
Egypt Opens Criminal Inquiry Over New York Times Article
The Times reported on a secret effort by Egyptian intelligence to sway public opinion on Jerusalem. Officials say the article hurt national security.
Jan 11 1:26AM
World Citizen - Middle East (23)
ISIS Declares War on Hamas, and Gaza Families Disown Sons in Sinai
A shocking video from Islamic States Sinai branch showed one former Gazan instructing another to kill a man accused of smuggling weapons to Hamas
Jan 10 4:49PM
World Citizen - Middle East (24)
Iran Eases Death Penalty for Drug Crimes, Saving Potentially Thousands of Lives
A rare overhaul by Irans hard-line dominated judiciary came amid domestic and international pressure to reduce its executions, which are second only to Chinas.
Jan 10 4:22PM