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Another test of loyalty looms over Trump's Minnesota visit
ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) President Donald Trump's campaign trip Wednesday to Minnesota could signal whether he'll wade into the GOP's primary for governor between a former two-term governor who once called him "unhinged" and an underdog who is an avowed supporter.
Jun 20 5:37AM AP

DC Mayor Bowser wins; voters OK pay shift for tipped workers
WASHINGTON (AP) Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser easily secured the Democratic Party nomination Tuesday night as she seeks a second term in office.
Jun 20 2:36AM AP

Here are 10 historical 'facts' only a right-winger would believe
As you may have noticed by following their writings, conservatives are not sticklers for historical accuracy, especially when they have a point to defend and not a lot of evidence to support it. Get a load, for example, of John Podhoretz explaining how the pro-choice Rudy Giuliani reduced abortions in New York City (though, um, not really) because he cut crime, which is one of the spiritual causes of abortion.
Jun 6 3:04PM Raw Story

Fashion world mourns Kate Spade
The Council of Fashion Designers of America has paid tribute to Kate Spade, who died on Tuesday, calling her "a great talent who had an immeasurable impact on American fashion". Spade, a handbag and fashion designer, was found dead in her New York home.
Jun 6 3:30AM BBC News

New Mexico could nominate the first 2018 Democratic candidate who supports abolishing ICE
On Tuesday, New Mexico voters could guarantee that at least one candidate who supports abolishing U.S.
Jun 6 3:10AM Newsweek

U.N. Issues Sharp Rebuke to Trump Administration's 'Unlawful' Family Separations
The use of immigration detention and family separation as a deterrent runs counter to human rights standards and principles." The United Nations Human Rights Office has rebuked the U.
Jun 6 2:30AM Alternet

Nikki Haley Slams UN 'Hypocrisy' Over Criticism of US Immigration Policy
Jun 5 11:46PM Townhall

ICE Arrests 114 People In Ohio Immigration Raid
Jun 5 10:26PM

Trump Uses Flags, Military Troops to Make a Political Point
President Donald Trump speaks at a "Celebration of America" event at the White House that replaced an event with the NFL Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles and returned to one of his favorite topics: the national anthem. (Sarah Silbiger/CQ Roll Call) President Donald Trump on Tuesday brought his feud with the NFL and some of its players over national anthem protests to his backdoor literally.
Jun 5 10:23PM Roll Call

Media Only Hold Bill Clinton Accountable When It No Longer Matters
If Hillary were president today, which would make Bill Clinton First Gentleman, no one in the media would be asking him about any of this. No.
Jun 5 9:14PM Breitbart

Keith Ellison poised to leave Congress after filing to run for Minnesota attorney general
The first Muslim elected to Congress is poised to leave it, after filing to run for attorney general in Minnesota. Keith Ellison is also vice-chairman of the Democratic National Committee, a post he will probably have to leave.
Jun 5 9:13PM the Guardian

IHOP announces mysterious name change
Flip the pancakes. IHOP says it's changing its name to IHOb, and it will explain why on Monday.
Jun 5 8:06PM New York Post

Even Without the Swimsuit Competition, Miss America Is a Horrible, Indefensible Institution
Miss America contestants will no longer compete in swimsuit and evening-gown competitions, chairwoman Gretchen Carlson announced Tuesday. On Good Morning America, Carlson, the 1989 Miss America and former Fox News host, said the pageant won't judge competitors on their physical appearance at all.
Jun 5 7:15PM Slate Magazine

Matt Murray Named Editor-in-Chief of The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones Newswires; Gerard Baker To Become Editor-at-Large; Will Host WSJ Conferences and a new WSJ Program on Fox Business Network
Matt Murray Named Editor-in-Chief of The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones Newswires Gerard Baker To Become Editor-at-Large; Will Host WSJ Conferences and a new WSJ Program on Fox Business Network NEW YORK (June 5, 2018) - Matt Murray has been named Editor-in-Chief of The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones Newswires, succeeding Gerard Baker, who is to take up a new position as the Journal's Editor-at-Large, which will include regular writing, hosting the paper's expanding network of conferences and events, and television presenting. Mr.
Jun 5 6:43PM News Corp

The Fun Formula Explains How To Work Your Life And Enjoy It Too
When Apple opened its App Store in 2008, the world didn't quite know what to expect. Until then, the iPhone had come with little more than a dozen in-built apps, including Stocks, Notes and Calculator.
Jun 5 6:29PM GritDaily

Empowering 28 Artists & Change-Makers #LostPicasso
This project will be match funded by the Arts Council England. So, every 1 donated will be doubled, up to the value of 5,000! Just take a moment to think about this.
Jun 5 6:00PM Chuffed

Background Checking Candidates with Social Media
June 5, 2018 - Increasing numbers of search firms and employers are using social media and Internet searches to screen candidates before hiring, according to a recent poll. While drug testing and credit checks used to be the biggest factors that could disqualify an otherwise great candidate, formal social media evaluations are now being added to the list, according to the 2018 MRINetwork 'Reputation Management Study.
Jun 5 5:35PM Hunt Scanlon Media

David Koch is stepping back from his political causes
David Koch, one half of the conservative oligarch pair of brothers known for their influential political spending, is apparently retiring from both his businesses and his political organizing. His older brother, Charles Koch, announced the news in a letter to Koch Industries employees on Tuesday, according to several news outlets that obtained copies of the letter.
Jun 5 5:24PM Mother Jones

Kim Dotcom asks Snowden, Assange to help create secure social media platform
Get short URL Kim Dotcom has invited Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and members of Europe's largest association of hackers to create a secure social media platform to replace "deep state conspirators" Twitter and Facebook. On Monday the internet entrepreneur put the concept to the WikiLeaks founder and famous whistleblower on Twitter, writing: After years of betrayal it's time for something better.
Jun 5 4:25PM RT International

James Whatley: How do you make brands matter?
Do you, like Mastercard, decide to only give money to starving children when overpaid international footballers put one over the line? Do you, like Lush, stick up for your long-held beliefs and standards and raise awareness about the hardly-heard-about Spy Cops enquiry? Or do you, like Poundland, take umbrage at a poorly-performing brand taking your own perfectly fine operation and using it as a benchmark of poor standards - and rightly call it out? The answer is yes and no to all the above. In Shakespeare's Hamlet, Ophelia's father, Polonius, with his dying breath, turns to his son and says, 'this above all: to thine own self be true'.
Jun 5 4:10PM The Drum

ioModel Machine Learning Research Platform
comments By Matt Hogan, twintechlabs. In the past, scientific researchers who strove to innovate have had to either learn the discipline of writing code or rely on computer or data scientists for complex model development and the integration of the models that were developed.
Jun 5 3:31PM Open Source

Pulitzer Prize awarded to Washington Post, New York Times for publishing FAKE news
(Natural News) In exactly the same way that Barack Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize in advance of bombing developing nations, the New York Times and Washington Post have just been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for publishing utterly fake news. The Pulitzer which is now has about as much integrity remaining as James Comey, the serial liar of the FBI has collapsed into a complete joke of shoddy journalism.
Jun 5 3:14PM

Saudi Arabia's once-powerful conservatives silenced by reforms and repression
Long a swaggering force, these conservatives now tiptoe on social media outlets like Twitter. In mosques and at community gatherings, they reluctantly criticize recent changes they stridently oppose, such as the easing of social boundaries between men and women.
Jun 5 1:29PM Washington Post