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New Mexico could nominate the first 2018 Democratic candidate who supports abolishing ICE
On Tuesday, New Mexico voters could guarantee that at least one candidate who supports abolishing U.S.
Jun 6 3:10AM Newsweek

7 Best WordPress LMS Plugins Compared (2018)
Are you looking for a learning management system (LMS) plugin for your WordPress site? LMS plugin helps you create, manage, and sell online courses with ease. In this article, we have compared the best WordPress LMS plugins available in the market.
Jun 6 1:24AM IsItWP

Keith Ellison poised to leave Congress after filing to run for Minnesota attorney general
The first Muslim elected to Congress is poised to leave it, after filing to run for attorney general in Minnesota. Keith Ellison is also vice-chairman of the Democratic National Committee, a post he will probably have to leave.
Jun 5 9:13PM the Guardian

Genetically-modified salmon is now in Canada, but no one will say where
Perched on the coast of Prince Edward Island, in Bay Fortune, a biotechnology company breeds the world's first genetically modified fishan Atlantic salmon containing a fish gene that allows it to grow twice as fast as its non-GM cousins. In the past year, without knowing it, Canadians ate 4.
Jun 5 8:21PM

Even Without the Swimsuit Competition, Miss America Is a Horrible, Indefensible Institution
Miss America contestants will no longer compete in swimsuit and evening-gown competitions, chairwoman Gretchen Carlson announced Tuesday. On Good Morning America, Carlson, the 1989 Miss America and former Fox News host, said the pageant won't judge competitors on their physical appearance at all.
Jun 5 7:15PM Slate Magazine

5 Quick Tips for Increasing Sales Technology Adoption
BlogThere are countless technologies that have been developed to accelerate the sales process and increase revenue for sales organizations. These technologies aim to improve sales effectiveness and efficiency by automating manual processes, digitizing and organizing sales content, finding the best prospects to target, and more.
Jun 5 6:07PM Bigtincan

James Whatley: How do you make brands matter?
Do you, like Mastercard, decide to only give money to starving children when overpaid international footballers put one over the line? Do you, like Lush, stick up for your long-held beliefs and standards and raise awareness about the hardly-heard-about Spy Cops enquiry? Or do you, like Poundland, take umbrage at a poorly-performing brand taking your own perfectly fine operation and using it as a benchmark of poor standards - and rightly call it out? The answer is yes and no to all the above. In Shakespeare's Hamlet, Ophelia's father, Polonius, with his dying breath, turns to his son and says, 'this above all: to thine own self be true'.
Jun 5 4:10PM The Drum

Doug Ford calls allegations in sister-in-law's lawsuit 'false and without merit
Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford is calling the lawsuit filed by his late brother Rob's widow "heartbreaking," and says claims he and his brother Randy have mismanaged finances at the Ford family companies are "false and without merit." On Tuesday, the former Toronto city councillor faced the media for the first time since news of the lawsuit became public Monday night.
Jun 5 3:58PM CBC

7 gamification hacks to reduce evergreen course refund requests
Right now is a fantastic time to create an online course and teach others. Case in point: Celebrity-taught online course platform, MasterClass, just raised $15 million You literally have 10+ awesome course platforms to pick from This e-learning industry's value is expected to exceed $25 billion by the year 2023 Chances are, you've heard that making an online course is your path towards an impressively profitable business: Derek Halpern runs Social Triggers, a 7-figure business, using online courses Copy Hackers grew into a 7-figure business when they optimized our courses This math teacher made $1,000,000/year Way back in 2014, Purna Duggirala made $1,000,000 in Excel training Denise Duffield-Thomas's courses form the bulk of her million dollar business You can transform lives with an online course: your students lives, and yours.
Jun 5 3:10PM Copywriting for startups and marketers

TJ interviews: Clark Quinn
Interviews Conor Gilligan interviews Clark Quinn about his recent book. We follow your work in L&D and have found your blog, Learnlets, to be extremely informative.
Jun 5 2:29PM Training Journal

LTEN 2018: Here Are the Top 8 Sessions to Attend
We're big fans of the Life Science Trainer and Educators Network (LTEN) annual conference. LTEN is the largest professional development organization for life science trainers, and they offer a wide range of educational programming to further the profession.
Jun 5 2:16PM Bottom-Line Performance

What if questions were valued as much as knowledge?
The people with the most smarts win! There are rewards to be reaped for the most knowledgeable people in our society and our organizations. Imagine what might happen if we also rewarded those who are smart AND ask great questions.
Jun 5 12:34PM Aspire-CS

Companies will move towards private blockchains as GDPR gains ground
Who actually owns a cryptocurrency? Can blockchains be GDPR compliant? How can London secure its place as a digital hub after Brexit? The answers to these questions are, not surprisingly, still unclear. Dave Michels, a researcher at Queen Mary University and the Cloud Legal Project (funded by Microsoft) is one of the experts working to find answers.
Jun 5 9:00AM

Jared Levy: We Could Make 52% From Cisco In 7 Months Or Less
Source I remember buying a 56k modem in 1996 and thinking that my life had just been changed. I could download a high-res photo in about 10 to 20 seconds, and boy! It was that amazing.
Jun 5 8:00AM the internet of things

How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is Shaping the Enterprise
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are among the most disruptive technologies when it comes to reshaping the enterprise. New capabilities and applications of AI and ML are being realised every day and will permeate the workforce sooner than we think.
Jun 5 4:49AM TechNative

How Is Patient-Centric Application Development Different?
Whether it's patient medication adherence or counting the number of calories consumed, technology can potentially make us all live healthier lives and improve our experience at health institutions. In the consumer health and wellness space, wearables like Fitbit have become the norm.
Jun 4 9:33PM Welcome to Intersog - Your App Development Partner in Chicago

Healthcare RoundupTrump promises 'massive' drug price cuts are coming 'soon
Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis.
Jun 4 9:05PM FierceHealthcare

Global lawmakers should follow Australia's lead on cigarette packaging
Lawmakers in South East Asia should follow Australia's lead and stomp out glamorous cigarette packaging, says a QUT law academic, Professor Matthew Rimmer, following World No Tobacco Day. In 2012, Australia became the first country in the world to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes a move that aimed to kill the glamour, make smoking less appealing to all ages, limit misleading packaging, and provide more obvious health warnings.
Jun 4 3:19AM Michael West

Time alone won't fix gender imbalances
The Irish agri-food industry needs to embrace diversity, particularly at board level, a meeting of agri-business professionals in Naas this week, heard. The panel discussion was organised by Ceres, the new women in agri-food leadership network.
Jun 2 12:37PM Agriland

Sweets to be BANNED from the checkout, in crackdown on child obesity
Sweets and chocolates will be removed from supermarket check-outs and stores will be banned from offering two-for-one deals on junk food, it was reported last night. So-called 'guilt lanes' are set to be axed over concerns that they provoke children to pester parents for sweets as they prepare to pay.
Jun 2 7:26AM Mail Online