Patrick Brown Files Notice Of Libel Against CTV News
TORONTO Patrick Brown has filed notice of libel to CTV News, which last month reported allegations of sexual misconduct that he has categorically denied. The Barrie, Ont.
Feb 24 2:35PM HuffPost Canada

Many Popular Smart TVs Have Serious Vulnerabilities
Consumer Reports from publisher Consumers Union is a magazine that's been dedicated to providing consumers with unbiased information about products and services since 1930. So basically, they've been doing what they're known for longer than most of us have been alive.
Feb 24 2:34PM

When It Comes to the Fake News Scourge, Russia Doesn't Hold a Candle to U.S. Conservative Media
No serious discussion of fake news can possibly discount the role this homegrown disinformation campaign has played in subverting U.S.
Feb 24 2:41AM

An anti-Marxist, pro-free speech YouTuber is gaining a following in China
Of all the conservative commentators to rise to prominence after Trump's election, few are more polarizing than Jordan B. Peterson, a Canadian psychologist and author with a large following on YouTube.
Feb 23 11:48PM Quartz

How We Can Have Clean Elections If we Listen to Mimi Kennedy & John Roberts Brakey
Do you think it's possible for America to have clean elections without the influence of the Koch Brothers, or the Morbidly Rich, Alt Right, Mimi Kennedy and John Roberts Brakey do! SUPPORT THE PROGRAM? Join us on Patreon: http://www.patreon.
Feb 23 10:30PM YouTube

Friday's Best Deals: Breville Smart Ovens, Standing Desk, Discounted iPhones, and More
Our readers' favorite toaster ovens, an adjustable standing desk, discounted iPhones, and more are all part of today's best deals. Bookmark Kinja Deals and follow us on Twitter to never miss a deal.
Feb 23 10:13PM Kinja Deals

Gun Control Advocates Unveil $1 Million Plan to Oust Pro-Gun Members of Congress This November
Shares 135In the wake of the Valentine's Day shooting in Parkland, Florida last week, students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have emerged as fierce advocates on gun safety, speaking out and organizing on the issue where adults have clearly failed. Many now see high school students as a sleeping giant that has been awakened by this tragedy, and now billionaire progressive activist Tom Steyer just announced his plan to mobilize them nationally this November with a $1 million voter registration drive.
Feb 23 9:53PM Second Nexus

Bold Thinking, Not Tinkering - What is the Hackathon's purpose?
The Hackathon brings together multiple streams of entrepreneurial activity (internationally) and taps into a global community of individuals and organizations with a passion for innovation via legal technology. Given that it is competitive, the goal for participants is not only to have fun, but to also win! David Kinnear, incoming president of the NYC ACEDS chapter and founder of High Performance Counsel (@HipCounsel), was able to answer a few questions regarding the Hackathon: Mary Mack: How does the mission of HPC align? David Kinnear: HPC reflects the face and the voice of the modern legal industry - and where it is heading over the next ten years.
Feb 23 8:51PM JD Supra

The best smart speakers for music fans
If you're a music fan, the first wave of smart speakers was probably a disappointment. While Alexa and Google Assistant have definitively proven they have a place in the home, the first Echo and Google Home devices were unimpressive when it came to actually playing music.
Feb 23 8:09PM Engadget

this smart air quality monitor wants to help.
Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission.
Feb 23 7:23PM Mashable

Prepare your company for the future of Learning & Development
The Learning & Development industry is more challenging today than ever before, especially as many disruptive technologies are emerging. This is precisely why companies need to focus on their L&D programs, constantly evolving them in order to stay ahead of the competition.
Feb 23 3:00PM Inspired Business Media

Weekend reading: Effects of Industrial agriculture on health and the environment
I reviewed an earlier draft of this report, and was impressed by its comprehensiveness and attention to detail. If you are interested in understanding how our current agricultural system came about, what problems it causes, and what to do about them, this report is an excellent place to start.
Feb 23 2:41PM Food Politics by Marion Nestle

Jim Hightower: What Essential Social Program Will the Trump Mob Try to Kill Next?
Presidential budgets aren't just numbers, they're statements of a president's moral principles. Breaking news: Trump & Company are a murderous mob! From the start of his White House tenure, the Trumpsters have plotted, stalked and serially killed vibrant members of the English Language.
Feb 23 11:48AM Alternet

Follow The Leader", Featuring Annette Franz
Call Center Weekly By Diana Aviles In my career so far, I've probably listened to a gazillion calls (or so it seems) in which the first 90 seconds consists of a spirited rant about the IVR. Brad Cleveland Consider these numbers: Word of mouth drives 20-50% of all purchase decisions.
Feb 22 6:49PM Customer Contact Central

The Heart of Educational Game Design
Four key areas to consider when designing and evaluating gamification efficacy. GUEST COLUMN | by Natalie F.
Feb 22 11:30AM

Unified and open source skill-validation protocol and token
Open-source, public, blockchain-based and distributed skill-validation platform to showcase, track and boost our talents across applications. Get notified of news and updates about the Skyllz project SUBSCRIBE NOW! CHECK OUR WORKING PLATFORM Day(s) : Hour(s) : Minute(s) : Second(s) SKT Total Token Issuance SKT Token Sale SKT/ETH Conversion Skyllz standardizes and unifies the validation of every skill (professional or not) you acquire, apply or improve on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Feb 21 11:44PM Skyllz

How to Flip Faculty Development in Higher Education
The 'flipped classroom' is a phenomenon that college professors often use to vary and to enhance their students' learning experience. It involves asking students to engage with content such as a video or an online article before the class, rather than (as is traditionally the case) introducing these learning materials in the class itself, and then using the class solely as discussion time for analyzing these digital materials.
Feb 21 11:36PM The Tech Edvocate

Jos Andrs Named 2018 Humanitarian of the Year
The James Beard Foundation is thrilled to announce Jos Andrs, multiple James Beard Award-winning chef, owner of ThinkFoodGroup, food and anti-hunger advocate, and founder of World Central Kitchen as the recipient of its 2018 Humanitarian of the Year award. Andrs will accept the Beard medallion at the James Beard Awards on Monday, May 7, at Lyric Opera of Chicago.
Feb 21 4:04PM

Why Comparing Trump's Food Stamp Harvest Boxes to Blue Apron Is so Unappetizing
Last week, the Trump administration proposed an overhaul to the food stamps program so miserly that it made Scrooge's aversion to the poor seem positively cuddly. Currently, food stamp recipients have their monthly benefit deposited on an EBT card that functions as a debit card, but with restrictionsfor example, you can't use it to buy prepared food like rotisserie chicken or nonfood items like vitamins.
Feb 21 3:57PM Slate Magazine

Trump's Blue Apron plan for SNAP: real or a smokescreen?
I vote for smokescreen. Let's take this one step at a time, starting with the FY 2019 Budget announced last week.
Feb 20 2:02PM Food Politics by Marion Nestle