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The One Question You Must Answer for a Life Full of Happiness and Fulfillment
When you see very passionate people in business, education, or religious life you may wonder where that level of passion comes from. They can rant across the stage and we all, in rapt attention, follow their every movement and take notes on every word they say.
Jun 5 9:48PM addicted2success.com

7 pieces of wisdom ancient philosophies share that can help you be happier
Buddhism and Stoicism may be ancient philosophies, but many of their timeless teachings can provide us with wisdom today to help us live happier lives. Both philosophies believe the world is what it is and everything that happens is up to our interpretation we can change our feelings if we so choose.
Jun 5 9:14PM Business Insider

Expert Advice for Entrepreneurs Who Need More Happiness in Life
As an entrepreneur, you've likely had a conversation with yourself or with a partner that sounds something like this: "Why am I doing this? The ambiguity is killing me." We all wrestle with some version of these questions.
Jun 5 5:25PM Inc.com

The Bold New Face of Textiles
<< BackArash Kasebi and his classmates at NC State's College of Textiles have heard the questions. Why would anyone go to college to study textiles? Isn't that industry dead? Haven't the jobs moved overseas? Kasebi's mom wondered why he wanted to make jeans for a living.
Jun 5 5:01PM alumni.ncsu.edu

How To Design Your Own Happy by Renee Pedro of @crashpaddesigns
by Renee Pedro | Featured Contributor Are you happy? That shouldn't be hard to answer, but for some of us of it is. Many of us measure our happiness based on outside factors.
Jun 5 4:10PM She Owns It

Guy Moorhouse
Design, prototyping and digital branding for Joto a new internet connected drawing machine. 2016 - 2017 Design and development of a bespoke, content managed website and online shop for a graphic artist.
Jun 5 1:23PM futurefabric.co

Mongolia's millennial monks
Buddhism is one of the world's oldest religions, but its fate in Mongolia now rests on very young shoulders. The country's monasteries are increasingly run by millennial monks, the first generation to come of age after decades of religious repression under the Soviet system wiped out almost all Buddhist clergy.
Jun 5 11:45AM The Wider Image

17 Essential Mindfulness Quotes to Inspire and Motivate You
Want to live a happier, healthier, and more efficient life? Follow in the footsteps of Steve Jobs and try practicing mindfulness. The wisdom of mindfulness can be found in daily meditation, regular spiritual learning, and even in the words of famous spiritual masters.
Jun 5 10:29AM Inc.com

Mindfulness: 17 Simple Ways to Do It
What do you love to do? What activity makes time melt away? Whatever it is, it's not a luxury; it's a way to practice mindfulness a kind of relaxation you need for good health..
Jun 5 9:01AM Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic

Does Buddhist detachment allow for a healthier togetherness? - Lisa Feldman Barrett & John Dunne
Humans are social animals. We live in groups.
Jun 4 10:01PM Aeon

WWDC 2018 Wrap-up: Everything Apple announced today, made simple
Today we're wrapping up Apple's main WWDC 2018 keynote in as simple a fashion as possible. With what this article explains, I'll touch on the main topics and will offer an expanded look at each topic as it pops up, if you do so wish.
Jun 4 9:01PM SlashGear

It's that time of year when many new and soon-to-be graduates come to dread a certain question. Every person you meet will ask you what are you doing, what are your next steps, what are your plans for right after, said Leigh Johnston, 22, a newly minted Smith College graduate.
Jun 4 8:35PM Washington Post

Catch your happiness
The information in this course was helpful for me in the first place. When I started to put them in real action, I noticed a huge change in ME and then my life and the way I live it.
Jun 4 8:30PM

Anxiety: What it is, what to do
While anxiety symptoms vary widely, odds are good that at some point you've experienced occasional physical and emotional distress signals such as panicky breathing, your heart pounding in your chest, trouble sleeping, feelings of dread, or even loops of worry. That's normal.
Jun 4 6:30PM Harvard Health Blog

The CEO of Aetna was considering suicide before he found meditation
Whatever else we expect of our big deal company leaders, we don't expect to be privy to the history of their darkest days. But Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini, speaking at an Asia Society event on the topic of Buddhism and Business, was candid about a day several years ago when he contemplated suicide.
Jun 4 5:55PM Quartz at Work

Is Complaining About Work The Key To Happiness At Work?
It's well known that the modern employee is often a stressed employee. Indeed, official government stats suggest that 40% of workers believe their job is extremely stressful, with 25% regarding it as the main stressor in their lives.
Jun 4 1:52PM The Horizons Tracker

Canada's $300 Million Smart City Challenge Finalists Unveiled
One of the largest smart city challenges ever undertaken has announced its finalists. The government of Canada has unveiled the 20 finalists for their $300 million Smart Cities Challenge, a community-level competition that looks to foster data-driven and connected technology solutions.
Jun 2 12:33AM Techvibes

HIMSS weighs in on FDA software pre-cert program
The FDA's software precertification program aims to take a new approach to regulation for a health technology space that's evolving at dizzying speed. It's meant to offer a voluntary pathway that can keep tabs on the safety and efficacy of new software and devices without stifling innovation or hindering patient access.
Jun 1 10:55PM Healthcare IT News

What's New at Wanderlust Stratton 2018
There is something comforting and reassuring when you are in an environment surrounded by like-minded individuals. There is a sense of joy, security, and connectedness when you realize that there are other people out there that share the same frustrations, questions, interests, and values that you do.
Jun 1 9:07PM Getting Balance

What Are Adaptogens?
Advertisement When Alison Wu attended a plant-medicine workshop about something called adaptogens at the Spirit Weaver Festival in 2016 with a few friends, she was just there for fun. But after a weekend spent with various medicinal mushrooms, herbs and roots, she was hooked and began sharing her favorite brands and blends on Instagram.
Jun 1 5:27PM nytimes.com