Film Review: 'The King' is guilty of an Elvis crime- excess
It's usually a bad sign when critics start questioning your film before it's even finished. But director Eugene Jarecki had to endure worse. While making the documentary "The King," he actually got gruff from a member of his own film crew.
Jun 19 9:10PM AP

The Anomaly' slowly simmers as story groundwork is set up
The Anomaly: a Novel" (Grand Central Publishing), by Michael Rutger
Jun 18 5:20PM AP

Review: 'Jurassic World 2' leans on nostalgia, contrivances
Here's the good news: "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom " is more fun than "Jurassic World." It's not exactly a high bar, but still a welcome surprise. In the hands of a new director, J.
Jun 18 2:23PM AP

You Were Made for This' explores marriage and parenting
You Were Made for This" (Little, Brown), by Michelle Sacks
Jun 18 1:26PM AP

An Anthology Series Based on Dolly Parton's Songs Is Coming to Netflix
arrow entertainment Though she may be best known for her music career, Dolly Parton is a Hollywood powerhouse. In addition to starring in more than a few contemporary classics, from 9 to 5 to Steel Magnolias, she's also been partly responsible for some of your favorite TV series.
Jun 5 9:22PM mentalfloss.com

Does 'Empire' reign? Is 'Jedi' supreme? Ranking all of the Star Wars movies
As long as there's been a Star Wars franchise, fans have been ranking the films, arranging the installments in their own personal hierarchies, and arguing about who's right and who is utterly wrong. Ranking the Star Wars movies is a time-honored tradition, and with 10 big-screen features (not to mention a few made-for-television movies) released so far, there have been plenty of opportunities to revisit those rankings over the years.
Jun 5 9:09PM Digital Trends

Meet the Adobe I/O Team: PM Carmen Sutter on Exploring Developer Solutions
Carmen Sutter is a senior product manager for Adobe I/O Events and has nearly two decades of expertise in developing, executing, and analyzing digital strategies. Her experience spans social media, B2B tech, SaaS, media and entertainment.
Jun 5 7:19PM Medium

Get to know Canada's new Indigenous think tank
Ever since it was voted into federal government in 2015, the Liberal Party has produced a consistent stream of new policy changes and funding announcements for First Nations, Inuit, and Mtis communities across the country. It got to the point where there was so much happening the amount of new legislations, the MOUs, agreements in principle, says Hayden King, currently Indigenous education adviser to Ryerson University's Faculty of Arts dean.
Jun 5 4:32PM TVO

How We Told a Story from Six POVs in Only 14 Minutes
For his comedic short film Trip, Nick Borenstein took a 'Rashomon' like approach to depicting a wild family road trip. Family vacations are stressful.
Jun 5 2:13PM No Film School

The most exciting VR trends from TNW2018: Sexy headsets, The Mesh, and more
Virtual reality and augmented reality are hot topics right now. As we start to see the lines blur between real and virtual worlds, the possibilities become endless.
Jun 5 1:27PM The Next Web

Sky takeover: Murdoch must offload Sky News to get green light
The UK government has cleared the way for Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox to buy Sky on the condition it sells Sky News to another organisation. It also approved a rival bid for the British broadcaster from US media giant Comcast, setting up a multibillion-pound bidding war.
Jun 5 1:23PM the Guardian

Kodak shows off the first test photos shot on its new Ektachrome film
Five years after ditching its Ektachrome 100 film, Kodak is making final preparations for its relaunch. The iconic photography company has been working on the production of Ektachrome for more than a year, and has just shown off some of the first images shot with it.
Jun 5 8:34AM Digital Trends

Sex robots may do more harm than good
Is the advent of sex robots reason for excitement, or should we be wary of the effects they may have on sexual and mental health? Gone are the times of the inflatable sex doll; the past few years have seen the development and improvement of sexbots. These are extremely realistic dolls that you can have custom made to satisfy every need or desire.
Jun 5 7:10AM Medical News Today

Waking Up Podcast #128 - Transformations of Mind
In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Geoffrey Miller about evolutionary psychology. They discuss sexual selection, virtue signaling, social media, public shaming, monogamy and polyamory, taboo topics in science, genetic engineering, gender differences and the Google memo, moral psychology, existential risk, AI, and other topics.
Jun 5 12:57AM Sam Harris

SaaS platform
The average subscriber pays for 206 channels, but only watches 15. News covers the same biased stories repeatedly leading to a decline in views.
Jun 4 10:12PM Alpha Networks

Things We Saw Today: The Disney Princesses Are Ready to Rumble in the Wreck-It Ralph 2 Trailer
The first official trailer for Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 dropped today, and it already looks like a good time. The film takes Ralph and Vanellope to the big busy world of the internet, where they get chased by Stormtroopers, pestered by a nerdy search engine, and meet Eeyore.
Jun 4 9:45PM themarysue.com

The Best Movies of 2018 So Far
In the first half of 2018, compelling stories have played out not just on the big screen, but also in the real world of Hollywood, as the entertainment industry has navigated a newly upset balance of power. Meanwhile, the movies themselves are received in a world that was difficult to imagine when the films were conceived years ago whether that means audiences are starved for the lightness of a hapless CGI bear or emboldened by all-female sci-fi narratives.
Jun 4 8:30PM Time