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Be Informed Business Edge
Economic Scene: Unemployment Is So 2009: Labor Shortage Gives Workers an Edge
Earnings are rising at a pace not seen in almost two decades. Will it be enough to draw more people off the bench and into the job market?

Sep 20, 2017 12:32AM - NYTimes - Business
Be Informed People Watcher
Suspect In Slayings Of 2 Black Men Reportedly Had Hitler Speech At Home
Kenneth Gleason, 23, faces two counts of first-degree murder in the Baton Rouge shootings.

Sep 19, 2017 10:23PM - Crime Watch
Issa Raes Unapologetic Support Of Black Stars At The Emmys Is A Mood
Im rooting for everybody black.

Sep 18, 2017 2:24PM - Black Voices
NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks with Gene Giacomelli of the University of Arizona about working with NASA to develop a kind of greenhouse where astronauts can grow crops while in space.
Sep 17, 2017 11:59AM - NPR-Space
Be Informed World Citizen
A video showed rockets exploding in a parking lot, damaging a truck and nearly killing a bystander.
Sep 19, 2017 8:43PM - NYTimes - Europe
Make a Difference Nest Builder
Looking to keep your kids (ages 4 to 10) entertained while also using their imagination? Check out the new storytelling Circle Round podcast.
Sep 19, 2017 11:39AM - Alpha Mom Advice
A $25 million apartment tower in Flushing, Queens, was among the recent transactions in New York.
Sep 19, 2017 4:25PM - NYTimes - Real Estate News
I look so in love and confident. Every person should be able to see themselves in that light.
Sep 20, 2017 12:15AM - Weddings
Make a Difference Positive Futures
3 Examples Of Game-Based Learning: Actual Stories From The Classroom by Ryan L. Schaaf There is adifference between gamification and game-based learning. Game-based learning is, in short, learning through games.
Sep 13, 2017 8:01AM - TeachThought (
That closes the chapter on the exploration of Saturn for probably a decade or longer. Still, there is much left for scientists to study and decipher. Cassinis most surprising discovery was an ocean of water beneath the icy exterior of Enceladus.
Sep 14, 2017 7:15PM - (
Channel Zero turns to another creepy internet story for its second installment. And Kristen Bell returns to the so-called good place with plenty of questions.
Sep 20, 2017 5:00AM - NYTimes - Arts & Entertainment
Enjoy Life Entertain Me
Kirsten Dunst stars in the hallucinatory first feature from the founders of Rodarte, Kate and Laura Mulleavy.
Sep 19, 2017 8:40PM - NYTimes - Movies
Enjoy Life Food Lover
Although we know there isn't one right way to lose weight, we can't help but ask what the most effective path to weight loss is. Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott, the fitness gurus behind Tone It Up, an online community that has over 1 million followers on Instagram, have worked with countless women who are trying to get in shape, so they know firsthand what it takes to get the results you want. I recently had the chance to chat with Karena and Katrina at the Tone It Up Tour in San Francisco, so I asked them what they thought was better for weight loss: more reps or heavier weights? Their answer was pretty simple.
Sep 19, 2017 12:56AM - POPSUGAR Fitness (
Which 'Challenge' competitor will win the war: Aneesa or Tori?
Sep 20, 2017 3:00AM - MTV
Locals do the last thing many would expect embrace outsiders
Sep 19, 2017 7:22PM - BBC Travel
We can never be the kind of community that we want to be until we have the minority firms have a much larger piece of the pie.
Sep 18, 2017 9:45AM - Small Business Advice
This week, the recovery from devastating Hurricane Irma continues in Florida. Small businesses remain closed or are struggling to re-open. And small business owners are faced with no electricity, limited cell service, damaged or destroyed properties, and limited resources to do anything about it.
Sep 19, 2017 4:00PM - Small Business Trends (
Chinese media is reporting executives of crypto exchanges have been ordered to not leave the country with a very rough translation stating: A number of informed sources say the executives of special currency trading platforms are not allowed to leave Beijing to cooperate with the investigation. In accordance with regulatory requirements, trading platform shareholders, the actual controller, executives and financial executives need to fully cooperate with the relevant work in the clean-up period in Beijing. Australias Financial Review (AFR)says the above has been confirmed with them by a source close to one of the biggest exchanges, Huobi, which told them its founder, Li Lin, was required to report to the authorities and cooperate with their work at any time.
Sep 19, 2017 8:32PM - Trustnodes (
Neural networks powers of prediction have fueled the recent AI boom, but it can be hard to explain how they reach their decisions. A new technique aimed at uncovering the inner workings of language processing networks is just the latest effort to shed some light on these black boxes. Its probably not surprising that we find neural networks so inscrutable, seeing as they are broadly based on the human brain, which were also struggling to decipher.
Sep 19, 2017 2:02PM - Singularity Hub (
Apples upcoming iMessage-based mobile payments service, powered by Apple Pay, wont arrive tomorrow with the release of the new operating system for Apples mobile devices, iOS 11. According to an announcement released today by the company, the service will instead ship in a later release to iOS 11 and watchOS 4, due this fall. Apple didnt give an exact time frame for that launch, but it was already expected that the feature would not be included in the updated OS tomorrow, given that Apples website had already flagged the Apple Pay service as coming this fall, as MacRumors haspointed out.
Sep 18, 2017 5:36PM - TechCrunch (
The tech investor dives into the lawsuit that thrust her into the national spotlight and the workplace conditions that prompted it. She says firms are largely applying "tepid diversity solutions.
Sep 19, 2017 9:21AM - NPR-Digital Culture
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Sep 6, 2017 9:05PM - (
Be My Best Good Looker
Tommy Hilfiger staged his fashion rock circus at the legendary London music venue, the Roundhouse.
Sep 19, 2017 10:44PM - Fashion Shows
Coach and counselor Stephanie Kangs clients experience self-doubt in all sorts of ways. For instance, theyre hesitant to speak up and feel like their work isnt good enough. They shoot down their own ideas, dismissing them as unrealistic or something theyre not capable of executing anyway.
Sep 17, 2017 11:01PM - Psych (
Biblical literalists affirm in The Sign that Sept. 23 is the day the end comes as prophesied in Revelation. Fortunately, the film doesn't only present this version of the story, says Marcelo Gleiser.
Sep 13, 2017 5:49PM - NPR-Religion
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