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Sophie on Madonna: 'Her work is so vast - there's a reference for any situation'
The electronic music producer, DJ and musician on Madonna's continuing musical influence Thurston Moore on Madonna: 'She had credibility, she was really ahead of the game' In my mind, Madonna created the blueprint for modern pop stars. Her creativity has gone further, wider and longer than anyone else I can think of; I feel like her songs have been consistently memorable and meaningful. I have loved all of Madonna's different phases at different points, but I think the Bedtime Stories era [1994] is really intriguing, especially the production - it has a unique feeling.
Jul 15 7:00AM Guardian-Music opened on 07/15/18

The best foods for easy beach snacking
Spending the day on the beach is fun, but eventually you to come out of the water to eat and that can be difficult.
Jul 12 2:31PM Healthy Eating opened on 07/15/18

Getting Ahead
It's Time to Reconsider 'Best Time to Post on Social Media' Studies. Here's What to Do Instead.
If you are a social media manager, youve likely looked at best time to post on social media studies to come up with several posting times for your brand. I know I have. But now, I believe its time to reconsider these studies.
Jul 10 4:05AM Bufferap opened on 07/15/18

Being Informed
The Observer view on the west's duty to step in and help the victims of Assad | Observer editorial
Two million people have fled to Idlib, the tyrant's next target Bashar al-Assad did not expect to become Syria's leader and it would have been better for all concerned if he had not. His elder brother, Bassel, was the preferred successor of their father, Hafez al-Assad, a three-time coup leader who had seized sole power in the corrective revolution of 1970. But Bassel was killed in a car crash in 1994 and Bashar was recalled from medical studies in London.
Jul 15 5:00AM Guardian-MiddleEast opened on 07/15/18